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The meaning behind the Color

The flag's main colors (Black, Blue, Green, White, and Gold) stand for:

Black: Determination.
We have a firm, or fixed, purpose. That purpose is to unite our people, and become a great Kingdom with power, as well as compassion. To be the best we can be, to achieve equality and order, to be honest, to be true, and to serve not ourselves, but our people.

Blue: Perseverance.
Despite persecution, rebellion, and general trials or hardships, we will continue to strive for what we believe in.

Green: Agriculture.
Our food is our survival. Work is something we all must do to maintain our health and life, as well as the health and lives and our fellow man. If all work together to serve each other, the work and toil will be reduced, and the result more fruitful. All the same, humans need food. And we believe strongly in that.

White: Peace.
Harsh words, wars, and violence is not how one should obtain what they desire. We will be free, and if we must, we will fight for it, but it is not in our best interest to slaughter our fellow man. We wish to be on friendly terms with all people. Please do not be surprised if we ask you over for a cup of tea so we can talk over negotiations, problems, and your understandable hatred toward us in a civilized environment, in peaceable words, and on friendly terms.

Gold: Justice.
This may seem a contradiction to peace, but it is not. If one were to make a mistake, they would receive the consequences for that mistake, whether the mistake of the consequences are small or large the result is still the same. Everyone will receive his due, with practical conformity to the laws and principles of this nation. Every individual has their rights, and each man has his free agency. You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of that choice, whether good or bad.
We will deal justly with one another, with honesty and compassion, but one will still receive what is due to him or her.

The Nation of Rykirys