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The World, 2023.

America, you cannot be found, America, where are you bound?

It's been a while, America, we need to talk, Everything's changed.

The world and you, 2023.

The world, as of 2023, is in a total state of war between six major factions, the weary United States of America and the enthusiastic Russian Federation prepare to join the war full-time, with the brave Pacific Peace Alliance Pacific Front, colloquially known as the Japanese Pacific Front backing their war effort, opposing them are the fascistic European Union, which claims to fight for the good of Europe, but is in reality a revival of fascism, the imperialist Sino-Asia-Africa Hegemony, led by the People's Republic of China which seeks to control the world as its own playground, and the terroristic Global Liberation Army, who claim to fight for freedom, but wage a campaign of terror.

However, not all are warlords, however, there are secondary powers which have formed in the wake of World War Three, who put their differences aside when word spread of the GLA's conquest of Africa, the Middle East, and Kazakhstan, alongside the EU invasion of North Africa, and the Chinese invasion of South Africa, such as the surrounded African Defense Alliance, which is being engaged by GLA, EU, and Chinese forces, the paranoid Latin American Confederacy, which keeps itself on guard through paranoid measures, the angered South American Pact, who desire to take the fight to the EU and GLA after 2013, the amicable Indian Continental Union, who wait for an attack from Chinese and GLA forces, and the valiant Asia-Pacific Front, which is an ad-hoc alliance formed to combat the growing Chinese SAAH.

We will talk about the six major factions below, especially about their ideologies, leaders, and military.

The United States of America

Government: One-Party Junta
Capital: Washington D.C.
Population: 328,239,523
Leader: James Townes
Color: American Navy

The United States of America (Russian: Соединенные Штаты Америки, Spanish: Estados Unidos de América) is a one-party emergency junta operated by General James Townes and his associates in the United States Army, it is considered the "figurehead" of the PPA, due to its relevancy even to nations who heard nothing of the USA post-Townes, the United States of America is widely recognized for its high technology, rivalling the JAF Cryogenics and PPA-PF Solar Weapons Division. The United States has a rather diverse culture, ranging from Native American to even French, despite the hatred of European Nations by its citizens, it is still called a "melting pot" of cultures, even by the GLA, who see this as a way to covertly infiltrate. The USA has had a history of alienating its former allies, an example of this would be the EC after the Shitstick Wars of 1980, where the USA saw it as a manipulative old man council, and has also made friends with the most unlikely of entities, such as China in 2009, the USSR in 1989 before its dissolution, and Russia before 2012, the United States has a cold relationship with its neighbors and non-European allies during the War on Terror, but soon re-established its friendliness in the 2020s after being introduced to the PPA.

During the Second World War, America was the first Allied nation to adopt the "Base-to-Base" warfare doctrine that was only exclusive to Germany until 1940, and saw massive usage of this during the Pacific War, rapidly setting up supply bases throughout the Pacific that could not be cut off due to them being able to manufacture their own supplies, and caught the Japanese off-guard many times due to the rapid repairs of the USN brought upon by the Base-to-Base doctrine, sinking the mighty Yamato in 1942 by the USS Enterprise after rapid repairs due to this doctrine, soon after everyone in the Allies followed the United States, both the USA and Germany are credited for the origin of base-to-base warfare.

The Russian Federation

Government: Two-Party Stratocracy
Capital: Moscow
Population: 186,788,290
Leader: Nikolai Abramovich Suvorov
Color: Russian Red

The Pacific Peace Alliance Pacific Front

Government: Semi-Unitary Alliance
Capital: Tokyo
Population: 297,461,293
Leader: Kanata Anatol'evna Yamami-Romanova
Color: Japanese Cyan

The European Union

Government: Presidential Falangist Stratocratic Autocracy
Capital: Berlin
Population: 447,706,209
Leader: Norman Jean-Louis Fitzgerald
Color: European Navy

The Sino-Asian-African Hegemony

Government: Communist Despotist Autocratic State
Capital: Beijing Xi'an
Population: 1,000,000,000+
Leader: Leiong Leang
Color: SAAH Crimson

The Global Liberation Army

Government: Anarchic Non-State Actor
Capital: Akmola
Population: Unknown
Leader: Mahmud Al Huchum
Color: GLA Green