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Ru is made up of a number of regions/provinces that vary greatly geographically, culturally, and historically. Therefore, the traditional dishes of these regions tend to vary as well. Below I tried to list some of the main elements of Ruvian dishes by region:

Northern Lakes: pasta based dishes, pizza, heavy use of tomato and cheese sauces, black pepper, oregano, spicy sausages, garlic, onions, pumpkin, apples, meatballs, tomato soups, wine and vodka, lobsters, clams and chowders

Western Hills: seafood, wine and cheeses, olives and olive oil, grapes, melted cheese sauces, sour cream, ground beef and shredded chicken, corn and flour tortillas, garlic, onions, rice and white breads

Grainlands: spicy slow cooked BBQ, briskets, pulled pork, steaks, fried chicken, lots of cooked and green vegetables, butter, honey, garlic, onions, hot wings, apples white and corn breads, eggs, beer, seafood (especially crabs, clams, and oysters)

Sunstone: heavy use of red and green chili peppers, fajita beef, onions, rice, avocado, corn and flour tortillas, ground beef and shredded chicken, Much hotter and spicier versions of several Western Hills dishes, tequila

Moonlight Shores: sweet sauce slow cooked BBQ on the mainland, rice based seafood dishes, citrus fruits, tropical fruits, seafood gumbo, hot sauce, rum and whiskey

Misty Valley: fries, baked potatoes, potato soups, carrots, beef stews, eggs, roast beef, corned beef, sour cream, sauerkraut, onions, sausages, mustard and black pepper, fried chicken, beer, vodka, and whiskey

Greenwood: very spicy rice and chicken curries, tomato sauces, tropical fruits, rice stir fries, naan style bread, eggs, wine and vodka, potato and tomato soups, rice and sauce based dishes, garlic, onions, spices (such as cumin, corriander, paprika), sichuan pepper

In general Ruvian cuisine features very heavy dishes and large portions, and in most regions there is a strong tendency toward spiciness (the Western Hills shares many culinary traditions with Sunstone but their dishes are distinguished as being fattier and alot more mild, The Misty Valley forgoes spiciness in favor of sour flavors.) As a result of the heaviness of traditional Ruvian food our obesity rates are a little bit higher then the average for other countries, especially among humans. Because our dominant species (Drailens) have slightly higher calorie and fat requirements then humans do, humans living in or visiting Ru need to be a bit more mindful of how much they are eating if they want to protect their waistline.

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