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Every Ruler of The Ruvian Empire from its Founding to the Present

Even though the ancient city of Ru has had kings and other leaders before the dynasty of House Rellinaiche, the Kingdom of Ru could only truly be considered to have been formed from Aiden's conquest. This legendary warrior would go from a mercenary company captain to creating a dynasty lasting almost entirely unbroken for over 3,000 years. (Queen Susanna being the lone exception, as she was not a Rellinaiche by blood, but rather only by marriage).

Also known as the 1,000 year conquest. This era marks Ru's antiquity, the age between Aiden's conquest and the formation of Ru's national borders as we know them today. Ruvian rulers came into power charged with conquering new peoples and territory for the realm, to realize thier ancestor's dreams of an empire mightier then the known world had ever seen before, stretching all the way to the fabled western sea.

1. King Aiden I Rellinaiche "The Conqueror"
2. King Maisen I Rellinaiche
3. King Morrisen I Rellinaiche "The Monstrous"
4. King Alto I Rellinaiche "The Wise"
5. King Maiko I Rellinaiche "The Admiral"
6. King Aiden II Rellinaiche
7. Queen Rubina I Rellinaiche "The Warrior"
8. King Heketor I Rellinaiche "The Hero"
9. King Boagerius I Rellinaiche
10. King Aurelius I Rellinaiche
11. King Korenlius I Rellinaiche "The Mad"
12. King Korrigan I Rellinaiche
13. King Heketor II Rellinaiche
14. King Antonius I Rellinaiche
15. King Bollezan I Rellinaiche "The Brave"
16. King Aiden III Rellinaiche
17. King Lesatore I Rellinaiche
18. Queen Jesseka I Rellinaiche "The Beautiful"
19. King Alto II Rellinaiche
20. King Cantavius I Rellinaiche
21. King Julian I Rellinaiche "The Strong"
22. King Kelvin I Rellinaiche
23. King Julian II Rellinaiche
24. King Maiko II Rellinaiche
25. King Amberose I Rellinaiche "The Peacemaker"
26. King Makewell I Rellinaiche "The Magnificent"
27. King Cantavius II Rellinaiche
28. King Bollezan II Rellinaiche
29. King Aurelius II Rellinaiche
30. King Sebasetion I Rellinaiche
31. King Lian I Rellinaiche "The Victorious"
32. King Heketor III Rellinaiche

Lian The Victorious ended the 1,000 year conquest when he lay claim to the western shores, but the feudal era of Ru truly began with Jaisen I's grand proclamations, dividing the new great empire into the 12 regions we knew today and granting their former kings and rulers the title of Duke and adopting the feudal system of lords sworn to greater lords which had long been practiced in the newly conquered west throughout the realm.

33. King Jaisen I Rellinaiche "The Just"
34. King Aiden IV Rellinaiche
35. King Amberose II Rellinaiche "The Islander"
36. King Niko I Rellinaiche
37. Queen Ilaine I Rellinaiche
38. King Jasopere I Rellinaiche
39. King Yiusetase I Rellinaiche "The Old"
40. King Osewallo I Rellinaiche
41. King Rian I Rellinaiche
42. King Yohan I Rellinaiche
43. King Makewell II Rellinaiche
44. King Yiusetase II Rellinaiche
45. King Alto III Rellinaiche "The Young"
46. King Simore I Rellinaiche "The Corrupt"
47. King Lian II Rellinaiche
48. King Fadius I Rellinaiche
49. King Rian II Rellinaiche

The seeds of arguably the largest and bloodiest conflict in Ru's history were planted long before the ascension of Konen I, a great schism in the Caellian faith saw thousands upon thousands of reformist Caellians demanding a renewed focus on the fundamental tenets of the holy scriptures and the earliest days of the Faith from before Aiden's conquest, and declaring that the Ruvian institution of slavery to be in direct contradiction with everything the Faith stood for: a national mortal sin that must be abolished. It was in this environment that a slave revolt led by the gladiator known as Jamie "Three Feathers" had erupted. What had started as a minor uprising in the east grew in size and severity as the gladiator continued to defeat one ambitious lord after the other in the field. When he managed to secure passage with a pirate fleet for his army to the west, he found pious great-lords who had adopted the reformation and joined their mighty hosts to the uprising. It was then that the boy-king Konen shocked the realm by siding with the reformist rebel lords and decreeing that slavery shall end in Ru, turning the other half of the empire into traitors overnight. Konen's uncle, Bollezan III, rose up to claim the thrown in response, and those determined to cling to the old way flocked to his cause. Thus began the Last Slave Revolt, otherwise known more dramatically as The War for Ru (as it was said to be a war for the soul of the Empire). Konen's victory in this war would change the Kingdom of Ru forevermore, and begin the second feudal era: a Ru without slaves.

50. King Konen I Rellinaiche "The Liberator"
51. King Jaimessen I Rellinaiche
52. King Lian III Rellinaiche
53. King Aiden V Rellinaiche "The Unworthy"
54. King Osewallo II Rellinaiche
55. King Alto IV Rellinaiche
56. King Farainkollen I Rellinaiche
57. King Konen II Rellinaiche
58. King Denes I Rellinaiche "The Diligent"
59. King Heketor III Rellinaiche
60. King Jaisen II Rellinaiche
61. King Makewell III Rellinaiche
62. King Sebasetion II Rellinaiche
63. King Rabarete I Rellinaiche
64. King Ellessen I Rellinaiche
65. King Tomase I Rellinaiche
66. Queen Maibella I Rellinaiche
67. Queen Susanna I Rellinaiche
68. King Jaimesen II Rellinaiche "Half-Dragon"
69. King Ronen I Rellinaiche
70. King Yohan II Rellinaiche
71. Queen Abigaile I Rellinaiche
72. King Tomase II Rellinaiche "The Kind"
73. King Heketor IV Rellinaiche
74. King King Konen III Rellinaiche "The Blessed"
75. King Amberose III Rellinaiche
76. King Niko II Rellinaiche "The Clever"
77. King Jaimessen III Rellinaiche
78. King Noremane I Rellinaiche "The Virtuous"
79. King Aiden VI Rellinaiche
80. Queen Silavia I Rellinaiche
81. King Rollande I Rellinaiche

In an effort to modernize Ru and out of frustration that the nobility would act rebellious toward his grandfather Rolland in the final years of his reign, Aiden VII decided upon his ascension to the throne to put an end to it, declaring that no Ruvian should call anyone but thier king thier better from now on. A long and bloody conflict followed but the king proved victorious in the end, and thus began a new era of absolute monarchy in Ru, and while the nobility were allowed to keep a good portion of their lands and wealth, their titles became mere symbols, losing all special privileges under Ruvian law.

82. King Aiden VII Rellinaiche "The Great"
83. King Osewalllo III Rellinaiche
84. King Makewell IV Rellinaiche
85. King Konen IV Rellinaiche
86. Queen Jesseka II Rellinaiche
87. King Yiusetase III Rellinaiche
88. King Rollande II Rellinaiche
89. King Heketor V Rellinaiche
90. King Marelan I Rellinaiche
91. King Niko III Rellinaiche
92. King Jaisen III Rellinaiche
93. King Denes II Rellinaiche "The Disaster"

Denes II did not earn his epitaph without cause. The realm had already suffered 2 poor kings previously and Denes II was the worst of them and proved more then the Kingdom of Ru could bear. For this reason, and out of an overwhelming need to modernize Ru, General Norman Setareli did the unthinkable and launched a successful military coup against the palace, executing King Denes and doing likewise or exiling the vast majority of the royal family before recalling the young prince Leon a boy of 7 who was a distant cousin to the former king living away from the palace, and crowning him as Leon IV. He would author the Ruvian Constitution and make the young King sign it into law, transforming Ru from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy and introducing democracy to the nation for the first time since the oligarchy of the ancient Ruvian city-state. He would govern the nation as Leon's regent until he came of age, at which point he surprised many by stepping away from power completely after securing a royal pardon. Though forced to sign the document as a frightened child, Lian had grown to hold the new constitution and it's principles dear in his heart, and believed in it's necessity for the future of the kingdom. He would therefore spend his long reign championing it and working to stamp out opposition to the new modern Ru, earning the name "The Reformer". It is largely due to his efforts and those of his son and heir that the Ruvian Constitution has gained the sacred status it holds today, and laying the foundation for the current modern age of Ru.

94. King Lian IV Rellinaiche "The Reformer"
95. King Jaimessen III Rellinaiche
96. King Konen V Rellinaiche
97. King Amberose IV Rellinaiche
98. King Ronen II Rellinaiche
99. King Julian III Rellinaiche
100. King Aiden VIII Rellinaiche
101. King Lian V Rellinaiche
102. King Noreman II Rellinaiche "The Father of Modern Ru"
103. King Tomase III Rellinaiche
104. King Tomase IV Rellinaiche
105. King Yoshio I Rellinaiche (current)

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