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The Empire of
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Political Parties of Ru

Ru is a constitutional monarchy with very strong elements of representational democracy in it's legislative branch, executive branch, and in local governance. It is essentially a two party state, with the rival Ruvian Traditional Conservative Party (RTCP) and the Ruvian Liberal Democratic Party (RLDP) constantly vying against each other for ultimate supremacy over Ruvian politics, as well as the hearts, minds, and votes of the Ruvian public.

Ruvian Traditional Conservative Party (RTCP)
Senate Seats: 124
Leader: Imperial Hand Mani wan Karrama

One of Ru's 2 oldest political parties. In the early days of Ruvian democracy the RTCP had a long history of consistently holding the ruling party position. They had a major down period during the middle of the 20th century before making major gains in the 80s. This dominant position however was steadily chipped away over the years until now, where while they have gained the election's biggest prize in the form of the Imperial Hand, they lost the senate by a narrow margin, maintaining the split government that bedeviled his RLDP predecessor. An unenviable situation for any Hand, though wan Karrama has prided himself as a man who can reach across the aisle and get deals done with the other side. The party's current position will put that political experience to the test.

center-right party establishment, but also includes numerous fiscal conservative, libertarian, evangelical, nationalist, right-wing, and centrist members

Ruvian Liberal Democratic Party (RLDP)
Senate Seats:126
Leader: Senate Consul Lillaian wan Grafe

One of Ru's 2 oldest political parties. A longtime opposition party to the RTCP, it had only a few very seldom and brief periods in the majority until the reign of Norraman II where it achieved a dominant position for many years, before the rival RTCP stormed back in a big way during Tammani III's reign and the earliest days of Yoshio I. It is only in the most recent election that they have retaken a very slim majority. They will hope to make the most of it, though their victory came along with the bitter pill of losing the Handship which may mean that they will need to continue deferring the more ambitious goals of their progressive wing.

center-left party establishment, but also includes numerous left-wing progressive, social democrat, socialist, environmentalist, and centrist members

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