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Dominant Species

Ru is not a human only nation. The dominant species in Ru are the Drailen, but they are also commonly known by those outside the nation simply as Ruvians.

Drailens are a race of petite, dragon looking humanoids. Despite their reptilian appearance, they are technically mammals (warm blooded, give birth to live young) and share many similarities to humans. (For a visual example of a drailen, check the "current king of Ru" factbook entry).

Skin: instead of scales, drailens have smooth skin that can come in pretty much any color of the rainbow. Skin color is passed down genetically with one of the parent's color being completely dominant over the other, though in some bloodlines it is possible for certain colors to skip a generation or two. (ex. a red drailen and a blue drailen won't make a purple child. It will make a blue or red one.)

Tail: drailen tails are somewhat flexible but used mainly for balance. Drailens begin their lives with shorter tails that can grow quite long as the drarlen child approaches adulthood, making this the easiest way to tell the difference between a child and a short adult, which can otherwise be difficult for other races. Most drailens find their tails to be a nuisance more often then not and try to keep them from getting in the way, though longer then average tails are considered a visually attractive trait by members of the species. Oftentimes a drailen tail will grow even longer then the rest of its body.

Wings: drailen wings are largely vestigial and incapable of flight as they are too small to support the drailen's bodyweight, though with great effort a smaller draylin may be able to flutter a bit for a brief second to aide his or her vertical leap.

Eyes: drailen eyes come in a wide variety of colors and eye color is passed down genetically. Like humans, A drailen's sense of sight is the most powerful of his or her senses and they rely on it primarily to experience the world around them. Drailen eyes are distinctive for their large sizes and brilliant multi-shaded irises and color tinted pupils. In some individuals, different parts of an eye might contain multiple colors (such as green and red)

Hands: drailens have a primate's opposable thumbs, they have fingernails rather then a dragon's claws.

Snout: a drailen's smallish snout is largely inefficient as despite it's presence, a drailen's sense of smell is only marginally better then a human. The difference is almost completely negligible.

Hair: drailens are mostly completely hairless, the notable exception being the tops of their heads. Facial hair is possible but uncommon in many bloodlines. black, brown, red, and blonde are the most common hair colors but shades of blue, pink, light purple, and light green are also possible. Drailen hair turns grey with age, and for many, also falls out.

Height: On average an adult drailen stands anywhere from 4-5 to 6 feet tall. The growth rate for drailen children is quite slow resulting in a smaller difference between the size of drailen children and drailen adults compared to human size differences. There is a somewhat uncommon inheritable genetic abnormality that results in healthy but especially large sized drailen that can grow upwards to 7ft. tall. In the past, these were most often knights and Ru's legendary warriors. Many of these individuals end up at least considering a professional career in sports, such as basketball or Ruvian 5s Soccer.

Drailens, despite having a different biological ancestor, are similar enough to humans genetically that inter-breeding is possible. Hybrids between humans and Drailens share physical traits of both races in their first generation. (Drailen colors, larger human size, no wings or tail) However when a hybrid breeds with a Drailen or a human, the child of that pair will take on the partner's race. Inter-breeding between these species has been apparently so extensive over the millennia of Ruvian history (Ru's ancient slave trade brought countless humans into the region as servants) that humans native to the region can be distinguished by their peers by the Drailen's distinctive eye coloration, a trait that all native Ruvian humans possess. On the Drailen's side, there does not appear to be any permanent inherited human visual trait, but many experts speculate that this is simply because the "pure blooded" Drailen simply inter-bred itself out of existence centuries ago and replaced by the modern Drailen appearance as we understand it today, so there simply isn't anything we can compare the current Drailen to, unlike with pure-blooded humans that can be found easily in the far flung corners of the modern world.

note: as there were a couple of human owned noble houses (notably the duchy level House Fratello and it's vassals). There have been a few 1st generation hybrid Monarchs in the long Relliniache royal dynasty.

Drailen posses no special magical or physical abilities to set them apart from ordinary humans other then their appearance and extra appendages. Contrary to popular belief they do not, in fact, breathe fire.

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