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Current Emperor of Ru

Full Formal Title: His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Yoshio Tammani wan Auslisse, first of his name, Dragon-Emperor of Ru, Divine Prince, Supreme Lord of the Rising and Setting Sun, Unifier of the Great Dragon Cities, King of The Lands of the Moon, The Sharnese Steppes, The Meadows, The Lakes, The Hills, The Rainwood, The Flower Tropics, the Sunstones, and the Storm Isles. Commander in Chief of the Ruvian Armed Forces, Steward of the Constitution, Son of Kael, Keeper of the Flame, Shield of the Faith, and Protector of the Realm.

Emperor Yoshio became the Crown Prince of Ru at the age of 3, following the death of his father, the Crown Prince Jaimissen wan Auslisse due to a tragic accident. His grandfather, the ruling Emperor Tammani III, had to scramble to prepare Yoshio as the for the throne, but would himself die of natural causes only a few years later, resulting in the young prince being crowned and coronated as Emperor Yoshio I wan Auslisse at the tender age of 6. Now, 2 years into his reign, The "Little Emperor" enjoys an incredibly high popularity rating, most likely due entirely to the fact that he is a child, and thus is not yet held responsible for the decisions of the Ruvian government. Due to his age, he does not actually rule the country (yet) but rather has the democratically elected Imperial Hand, Mashwell Marrakesh of the Ruvian Traditional Conservative Party, ruling the realm in his name as Lord Regent. Though Emperor Yoshio does perform the ceremonial, diplomatic, and symbolic duties expected of the Emperor of Ru.

Emperor Yoshio is an extreme child prodigy, a trait that has been known to occasionally pop up in the long history of the imperial royal family: the famous boy-emperors Konan I and Niko II being the most notable well documented examples. Yoshio has recorded an IQ score of 160, the highest mark on the test, but experts believe his intelligence to be even higher. He is fluent in 2 languages (Drailaek and English) and has demonstrated at least mild proficiency in several more including French, Spanish, German, and Japanese. His vocabulary is very advanced as well and he easily displays the social skills of a child more then twice his age. Currently he is attempting to study Ruvian law at an advanced level since he has repeatedly expressed the ambition to formally end his regency early and rule in his own right within the next few years, as Konan and Niko both had (they were 10 and 9, respectively.) which will require the permission of the Ruvian Supreme Court.

His personality is bright, friendly, charming, and curious with a very strong sense of humor. He frequently asks questions on all kinds of topics and loves to surrond himself with people he believes are highly intelligent in areas that he has a high degree of interest in. But even more then that he loves publicity and attention, diving eagerly into the more modern ideas of the emperor being highly visible to the Ruvian public. He is a great lover of travel and meeting with foreign dignitaries and though he is dutiful, hardworking, and consistently polite, it has been noted that he sometimes struggle with the expectation for the Emperor to be a figure of stoic formality who keeps their emotions close to the chest, with several notable instances where he had gotten so excited or upset that he either forgets this or can't maintain it, and ended up making his true feelings were very evident. These have greatly amused the public, which seems to highly appreciate the injection of a youthful exuberance into the Ruvian monarchy but it remains to be seen if this is a quirk he will grow out of with age, or is simply who he is. To the delight of many Ruvians he is also quite religious, being a strong advocate and believer of Kaelity, as befits his dual status as a prominent religious figure (at least in the more orthodox sect of the Faith) and taking it a little personally when it or religion in general is attacked.

Politically, it is somewhat difficult to determine his exact positioning both due to his young age and because tradition and the constitution demand that the Emperor make a concerted effort to remain a political independant and nonpartisan. Most agree however that he is likely a neoliberal at heart, already leaning slightly toward the center-left on economic issues, but believing that Ru should take a strong and active role in foreign affairs and the global community. He has expressed a surprisingly libertarian view on free speech, civil liberties, and other social issues compared previous monarchs. It is also noted the strong interest in politics and the frequency in which he shares his thoughts on such topics, suggesting that he will become an "activist" emperor like his grandfather and great-grandfather had been. (contrasted with the "traditional" post-constitution emperors which believed highly in restraint and that engaging in politics in any form was generally below the dignity of the supreme sovereign) With all that said, he does appear to be a consistent centrist for the most part, demonstrating impatience and even disgust with extremists and radical movements on all sides.

The Emperor in a modern, everyday outfit:

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