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The Empire of
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Notes on a Major Conflict

The War of the Two Dragons: The two equal branchs of the founding Gold Dragon Emperors, Aiden I's direct descendants, would fatally clash in a war that saw Prince Rian the Red Dragon, the younger son of Aidoni I, defeat Emperor Maisen I. With that branch of the Imperial family wiped out, the prince became Emperor Rian I. His line would be known as the Red Dragon Emperors, as he refused to take the colors of Maisen I, his disdain toward his half-uncle exceeding his desire to call back to Aiden I.

note: this is something i cooked up for a forum post i never finished. leaving it here temporarily as it contains some critically useful information i will need for my rewrite of my factbook on the history of the Emperors that i do not want to forget. will likely delete this once i can move it somewhere else.

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