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Ruvian Soccer 5s League

Ruvian Soccer 5s League

The Ruvian Soccer 5s league is one of the biggest and perhaps most profitable professional sports league in Ru. Founded with 8 teams in 1900 not too long after Ru was introduced to the sport of football. The league has persisted, slowly expanding and becoming more prominent over it's now 107 year history. It now sports 32 teams, superstar athletes signing multi million crown contracts, and with the team values of some of the most prominent ball clubs valuing in the billions of Crowns. The Ruvian version of the game differs from federation football in a great many significant respect, both in it's rules and in it's league structure.

In comparison to federation football, the Ruvian rules game features a smaller version of the football pitch, and each team has only five members on the field at one time (including the goalkeeper, instead of the usual eleven-a-side rule. Teams are also allowed unlimited substitutions, able to bring in players off the bench at any "dead ball" (after a goal, during a timeout, after a foul is called, or at the end of a period or half.) The field is surrounded by a clear barrier to prevent the ball from going out of bounds, and there are no draws: time running out with the score tied will result in a "sudden death" overtime, where the first team to score will be the team that wins. Overall the Ruvian game places an emphasis on constant forward attacking and frantic physical defense. As a natural consequence of the small number of players on the field, games tend to be more high scoring then in international football.

There is only 1 league tier, and therefore no promotion or relegation. Mostly due to team owners' unwillingness to allow a system that results in an inability to guarantee that a team's value, marketability, and media market will remain reasonably consistent for potential buyers. Instead, the league is divided into two geographical conferences of 16 teams, that have 2 divisions of 8 teams each. Seasons last for 62 matches, with each team in the league playing each other twice (1 home, and 1 away). After the conclusion of the regular season, there is a playoff consisting of 12 teams. (the winners of the 4 divisions, and the remaining top 8 teams in the league, based on overall record.)

playoffs: The division winners are granted seeds 1-4 based on record. These seeds are given a first round bye in the playoffs. The remaining 8 "wildcard" teams are seeded based on record and face off in single elimination game with the higher seed hosting. Upon conclusion of this round, the teams are reseeded based on record and paired with the division winners accordingly, playing a single elimination game with the division winners hosting. After this is the semi finals, and then the Commissioner's Cup final match.

The draft: After the season a draft is held for new rookie players. Any domestic or international player under age 19 or lacking at least 3 years of professional experience who wishes to play in the league must register for the draft instead of entering into free agency with the clubs. The draft order is mostly set in reverse order of record, with the teams with the lower win totals having the higher picks. However, due to the nature of the Ruvian version of the game allowing a truly great individual player to dominate the game in a way that simply doesn't occur in sports that allow more players on the field at once, (and the late season almost-intentional losing that this may otherwise cause). A draft lottery is held for the top 4 picks.

Lottery: every non playoff team is entered into a drawing for the top 4 picks. The worse a team's record was, the more chances they will get. (Ex. team with worst record has 25% chance to get the #1 pick, team with 14th worst record is given a less then 1% chance.) once the owners of the top 4 picks are determined, the rest of the picks are given to the remaining teams according to their record as normal.


Eastern Conference

-Northeast Division-

____Boreas Hunters_________________________

Previous Season: 3rd place
Champion's Cups: 12, 64, 65, 66, 68, 87 (6)
Stadium: Deepwood Colosseum
Manager: TBD

Regular Starters
MF Mathias Birdo (Sharna)
FW Donka Kang (Mulwalli)
FW Benny Ribbeck (Ru)
DF Patrick Theriault (Dace)
GK Lars Loe (Ru)

MF Belonwu Udo (Mulwalli)
MF Danny Madsen (Ru)
FW Emeka Chinweuba (Mulwalli)
FW Felix Sloth (Ru)
FW Darriel Gamble (Ru)
FW Carl Brule (Ru)
DF Aiden Poveromo (Ru)
DF Julian Laruna (Ru)
GK Damien Delporte (Ru)
GK Phil Stelzner (Ru)

____Creon Cats______________________________

Previous Season: 7th place
Champion's Cups: 38, 58, 72, 75 (4)
Stadium: Bank of Yohannes Stadium
Manager: Cyril Braunlich (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Conan Denorfia (Ru)
FW Aiden Coffey (Ru)
FW Eric Milton (Ru)
DF Rowan Ponson (Ru)
GK Willy Carmen Jr. (Ru)

MF Kenny Weathers (Ru)
MF Christian Shackelford (Tolloran)
FW Geoff Borchard (Ru)
FW Aaron Perez (Ru)
FW Neal Rowand (Ru)
FW Bobby Hermanson (Ru)
DF Timo Casanova (Strawbai)
DF Willie Widger (Ru)
GK Maxwell Everett (Ru)
GK Kevin McCarthy (Ru)

____Grecia Whalers_________________________

Previous Season: 1st place, Playoff Divisional Round
Champion's Cups: 28, 29, 92 (3)
Stadium: TBD
Manager: Bobby MacLeod (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Tsimon Karski (Belarus)
FW Tommy Baldelli (Ru)
FW Karlo Crawford (Ru)
DF Mourad Raihani (Morocco)
GK Nick Raabe (Ru)

MF Doug Waechter (Tolloran)
MF Earl Brazelton (Ru)
FW Gary Greypoole (Ru)
FW Jorge Lugo (Cuba)
FW Alex Switzer (Ru)
FW Seth McClung (Ru)
DF Shawn Kazmir (Ru)
DF Travis Gathright (Ru)
GK Joshua Fossum (Ru)
GK Toby Harper (Ru)

____Kanossa Phantoms_____________________

Previous Season: 8th Place
Champion's Cups: 0
Stadium: TBD
Manager: TBD

Regular Starters
MF Casey McDowell (Tolloran)
FW Satyendra Himanshu (Norpal)
FW Damian Gallagher (Ru)
DF Stellio Kantos (Sharna)
GK D.D. Dickerson (Ru)

MF Benny Nash (Ru)
MF Earnell Jones (Ru)
FW Deins Krauze (Tayatska)
FW Aiden Trevino (Ru)
FW Roman Summers (Ru)
FW Jaxton Reid (Ru)
DF Sacid Gari Abtidoon (Mulwalli)
DF Billy Wolf (Ru)
GK Jimmy Riggs (Ru)
GK Vinny Malta (Ru)

____New Ru Imperials______________________

Previous Season: 6th Place
Champion's Cups: 88 (1)
Stadium: Rellinaiche Civic Garden
Manager: TBD

Regular Starters
MF Doug Pappas (Ru)
FW Mike Peach (Tolloran)
FW Rayyan Saadi (Algeria)
DF Francis Crowder (Ru)
GK Blake Holland (Ru)

MF Dillon Abernathy (Ru)
MF Amare Michaels (Ru)
FW Placido Padilla (Nicaragua)
FW Cory Victorino (Ru)
FW Tolis Rellas (Sharna)
FW Gavin Tejeda (Ru)
DF Rob Telemaco (Strawbai)
DF Bud Randall (Ru)
GK Cleavon McBride (Ru)
GK Eugene Flower (Ru)

____Riverton Rapids________________________

Previous Season: 2nd Place, Playoff Wild Card Round
Champion's Cups: 45, 47, 49, 67, 69 (5)
Stadium: Kraeger Field
Manager: Melvin Markakis (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Ricky Lahey (Ru)
FW Vernon Zaun (Ru)
FW Yaro Van Den Berg (South Africa)
DF Noel Latour (Dace)
GK Billy Dautrieve (Dace)

MF Beauford Kilroy (Ru)
MF Noah Henzler (Ru)
FW Akachi Izuchukwu (Mulwalli)
FW Xavier Zorita (Honduras)
FW Alto Montella (Ru)
FW Grady Sibelius (Ru)
DF Nel Mirt (Tayatska)
DF Aaron Bard (Ru)
GK Lennart Lehto (Finland)
GK Casey Tallet (Ru)

____Shailon Skylarks_______________________

Previous Season: 5th Place
Champion's Cups: 0
Stadium: TBD
Manager: Red Brooks (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Julian Palau (Panama)
FW Esteban Castilla (Mexico)
FW Torii Huerter (Ru)
DF Ambrose Huff (Ru)
GK Gio Solano (Colombia)

MF Preston Stanton (Ru)
MF Ryan Horgan (Ru)
FW Bruce Merchant (Ru)
FW Darrell Rauch (Ru)
FW Terrmel Schneider (Ru)
FW Kenny Hughes (Ru)
DF Claude Watson (Ru)
DF Aiden Halama (Ru)
GK Hector Sledge (Ru)
GK Conan Spivey (Ru)

____Wansai Bandits________________________

Previous Season: 4th Place
Champion's Cups: 0
Stadium: TBD
Manager: Del Howell (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Samson Lemarquis (Dace)
FW Sonny Day (Ru)
FW Arif Zakaria (Algeria)
DF Paul Majewitz (Ru)
GK Rafael Franco (Panama)

MF Grady Caldwell (Ru)
MF Dion Redmond (Ru)
FW Cyrus Surhoff (Ru)
FW Darius Stone (Ru)
FW Andrew Sapp (Ru)
FW Dustin Raymond (Ru)
DF Felix Andino (Honduras)
DF Jacob Sinopoli (Ru)
GK Niko Maffei (Ru)
GK Dhir Dhital (Norpal)

-Southeast Division-

____Dalmachia Cranes_____________________

Previous Season: 3rd Place, Playoff Division Round
Champion's Cups: 0
Stadium: TBD
Manager: TBD

Regular Starters
MF Norman Samuel (Ru)
FW Lance Clayton (Ru)
FW Ulvi Boz (Turkey)
DF Nerlens Landry (Dace)
GK Troy Estes (Ru)

MF Mako Huffter (Ru)
MF Ray Spamoni (Ru)
FW Niko Koskie (Ru)
FW Atulya Nagarkoti (Norpal)
FW Ivan Kirk (Ru)
FW Ardoon Ashkani (Pakistan)
DF Youssouf Sinaceur (Morocco)
DF Kahlil Oliver (Ru)
GK Kavion Hardy (Ru)
GK Reno Mortan (Ru)

____Old Ru Dragons_______________________

Previous Season: 2nd Place, Playoff Wildcard Round
Champion's Cups: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 30, 31, 86, 115 (9)
Stadium: The Palace Grounds
Manager: Delmon Rhodes (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Rian Ludwick (Ru)
FW Mario Antonelli (Ru)
FW Mason Hood (Ru)
DF Rolland Love (Ru)
GK Francis Tilly (Ru)

MF Jeno Maragos (Sharna)
MF Wade McIntosh (Ru)
FW Plutus Kallis (Sharna)
FW Lloyd Hayden (Ru)
FW Dwayne Duke (Ru)
FW Gary Compton (Ru)
DF Joey Carney (Ru)
DF Gugun Buqatai (Mongolia)
GK Maxwell Dixon (Ru)
GK Jasper Dermont (Ru)

____Pargo Gladiators______________________

Previous Season: 5th Place
Champion's Cups: 21, 41, 46, 79, 108 (5)
Stadium: Blue Star Colosseum
Manager: Tucker Carmichael (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Negasi Dula (Mulwalli)
FW Luis Rincon (Venezuela)
FW Kyle Mays (Ru)
DF Carl Nappa (Ru)
GK Johnny Lecroy (Ru)

MF Justin Putz (Ru)
MF Jesse Ford (Ru)
FW Shannon Silva (Ru)
FW Glenn Ridley (Ru)
FW Orlando Lane (Ru)
FW Roy Everret (Ru)
DF Adam Qualls (Ru)
DF Bayar Bala (Mongolia)
GK Eric Lidge (Ru)
GK Jon Zevnik (Tayatska)

____Roxalani Scouts_______________________

Previous Season: 7th Place
Champion's Cups: 90 (1)
Stadium: Dramoon Industrial Park
Manager: Nenzi-Upuln Tla (Qusmo)

Regular Starters
MF Zuro Chikovani (Sharna)
FW Jamie Bajenaru (Ru)
FW Calvin Pickering (Ru)
DF Andy Sweeney (Ru)
GK Austin Gray (Ru)

MF Eli McEwing (Ru)
MF Jermaine Teahen (Ru)
FW Jose Lima (Strawbai)
FW J.P. Gobble (Ru)
FW Laramie Garreau (Ru)
FW Nate Sisco (Ru)
DF Jonah Ambres (Ru)
DF Terrence Bayliss (Ru)
GK Marcus Pachulia (Sharna)
GK Zack Buck (Ru)

____Syllerath Cobras______________________

Previous Season: 4th Place, Playoff Wild Card Round
Champion's Cups: 16, 18, 25, 33, 37, 39, 48, 53, 60, 63, 98, 100, 102, 104, 107, 114 (16)
Stadium: TBD
Manager: Casey Hull (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Manny Maxwell (Strawbai)
FW Odalis Navarro (Chile)
FW Derek Drew (Ru)
DF Wally Warnewski (Ru)
GK Leon Kearns (Ru)

MF Corey Bolling (Ru)
MF D.J. Cruz (Ru)
FW Jayson Myrow (Ru)
FW Edwin Rose (Ru)
FW Eddy Cook (Ru)
FW Jay Sullivan (Ru)
DF Juan Robles (Panama)
DF Ozioma Agu (Mulwalli)
GK Giovanni Gagne (Ru)
GK Garret Francis (Ru)

____Urda Wild Hogs_______________________

Previous Season: 1st Place, League Champions, Eastern Conference Champions
Champion's Cups: 10, 13, 56, 61, 82, 84, 85, 99, 118 (9)
Stadium: Urda Sky Dome
Manager: Curt Blankenship (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Sammy Cerviche (Ru)
FW Patrick Daisy (Ru)
FW Brett Fletcher (Ru)
DF Chad King (Ru)
GK Eddie Tokoro (Ru)

MF Octavio Delgado (Mexico)
MF Baron Zepplief (Ru)
FW Callum Grimshaw (Ru)
FW Paulie Dengar (Tolloran)
FW Toby Hall (Ru)
FW Guy Mayo (Ru)
DF Eli Easley (Tolloran)
DF Freddy Frazelli (Ru)
GK Nick Gaudain (Ru)
GK Ozzie Manuel (Venezuela)

____Xandraia Mystics_____________________

Previous Season: 8th Place
Champion's Cups: 0
Stadium: Riverfront Field
Manager: TBD

Regular Starters
MF Ryan Grudzielanek (Ru)
FW Jody Bartosh (Ru)
FW Glendon Wilson (Ru)
DF Babacar Agbo (Mulwalli)
GK Cliff Borowski (Ru)

MF Conan Theriot (Ru)
MF Jerry Wellemeyer (Ru)
FW Mike Lawson (Tolloran)
FW Ramon Aurilia (Strawbai)
FW Jayson Randa (Ru)
FW Danny Sardinha (Ru)
DF Ricky Wilson (Ru)
DF Aiden Romano (Ru)
GK Elizardo Encarnacion (Strawbai)
GK Josh Graves (Ru)

____Zamettar Griffins_____________________

Previous Season: 6th Place
Champion's Cups: 22, 26, 89, 91 (4)
Stadium: Omnicorp Stadium
Manager: TBD

Regular Starters
MF Thaddeus Nix (Ru)
FW Hector Pagano (Ru)
FW Ogbonnia Obasee (Mulwalli)
DF Skyler Gurley (Ru)
GK Rueban Marrero (Cuba)

MF Aiden Gallo (Ru)
MF Craig Mahomes (Ru)
FW Patrick Tillman (Ru)
FW Kenan Trevillian (England)
FW Ralphie Pickett (Ru)
FW David Lopez (Strawbai)
DF Ruben Dalton (Ru)
DF Lazlo Andrews (Ru)
GK Luke Bahir (Ru)
GK Max Marion (Ru)

Western Conference

-Northwest Division-

____Dragonroost Roughnecks____________

Previous Season: 2nd Place, Playoffs Divisional Round
Champion's Cups: 0
Stadium: AMW Stadium
Manager: Grant Shuey

Regular Starters
MF Ponpon Flower (Ru)
FW Lloyd Mulligan (Ru)
FW Gilbert Lapierre (Dace)
DF Jayson Hendriks (Ru)
GK Herman Dušek (Czech Republic)

MF Milan Nankov (Bulgaria)
MF Julian Kent (Ru)
FW Javier Gonzalez (Mexico)
FW Kelly Stinnett (Ru)
FW Buddy Tracy (Ru)
FW Stephen Webster (England)
DF Chris Gloom (Ru)
DF Scott Glaus (Tolloran)
GK Paulie Lyon (Ru)
GK Leon Terrero (Ru)

____Grancel Falcons______________________

Previous Season: 7th Place
Champion's Cups: 0
Stadium: TBD
Manager: Charlie Farwell (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Hugo Castilla (Strawbai)
FW Silas Rocca (Ru)
FW Jean Rene Jerome (Haiti)
DF Jeremy Baerga (Ru)
GK Francis Viola (Ru)

MF Clint Santini (Ru)
MF Geoff Belcher (Ru)
FW Aljosa Kovacic (Tayatska)
FW Niko Dreschner (Ru)
FW Buck Morgenstern (Tolloran)
FW Caelan Lake (Ru)
DF Marlin Douglas (Ru)
DF Vazha Gelashvili (Sharna)
GK Eric Dirksen (Ru)
GK Bernie Saller (Ru)

____Harrowton Volts_____________________

Previous Season: 6th Place
Champion's Cups: 3, 5, 8, 36, 59, 62, 81, 103 (8)
Stadium: Ru Electrical Field
Manager: J.B. Beckman (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Nkechi Jelaney (Mulwalli)
FW Trevor Lewis (Ru)
FW Jan Jeppesen (Denmark)
DF Diego Reyes (Mexico)
GK Lance Evans (USA)

MF Leon Palazzo (Ru)
MF Keith Reed (Ru)
FW Adrian Silvia (Ru)
FW Joe Norton (Ru)
FW Xavier Hoffman (Ru)
FW Adam Klesko (Ru)
DF Norman Vaan (Ru)
DF Sal Guigliazza (Ru)
GK Woody Oxspring (Ru)
GK Jake Stauffer (Ru)

____Heartford Kingfish___________________

Previous Season: 3rd Place, Playoffs Wildcard Round
Champion's Cups: 42, 43, 44, 76, 96, 101, 105 (7)
Stadium: Pepsi Field
Manager: Victor Olesen (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Elias Salmi (Ru)
FW Kye Chanthavong (Laos)
FW Gideon Snails (Ru)
DF Merv West (Ru)
GK Ozkut Ertegun (Turkey)

MF Theo Whitney (Ru)
MF Dale Durand (Ru)
FW David Arola (Ru)
FW Cody Frost (Ru)
FW Ray Booth (Ru)
FW Wayne Washington III (USA)
DF Saul Costa (Strawbai)
DF Benito Tafalla (Strawbai)
GK Horace Cain (Ru)
GK Percy Shepard (Ru)

____Livery Foxes__________________________

Previous Season: 4th Place
Champion's Cups: 9, 19, 32, 34, 35, 52, 55 (7)
Stadium: Richard Dunn Memorial Stadium
Manager: Henry Hammer (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Danial Ezana (Mulwalli)
FW Akinori Hasegawa (Japan)
FW Naoed Debaleko (Mulwalli)
DF Jameson Telfair (Ru)
GK Will Meche (Ru)

MF Lucas Reed (Ru)
MF Randy Villone (Ru)
FW Aaron Snelling (Ru)
FW Adrian Ibanez (Bolivia)
FW Karl Winn (Ru)
FW Matt Eastman (Ru)
DF Jim Nageotte (Ru)
DF Raul Olivio (Puerto Rico)
GK Shea Holland (Ru)
GK Clint Morse (Ru)

____Oalinwoth Stags______________________

Previous Season: 5th Place
Champion's Cups: 70, 71 (2)
Stadium: TBD
Manager: Billy Carlesimo (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Mako Vendetti (Ru)
FW Florian Rosenbluth (Ru)
FW Edmund Herkenhoff (Ru)
DF Eli Osgrey (Ru)
GK Travis Patterson (Dace)

MF Peter Powell (Ru)
MF Kelly Farmer (Ru)
FW Brayan Mondesi (Costa Rica)
FW Chuck Gryboski (Ru)
FW Blaine Bowser (Ru)
FW Ozzie Washburn (Ru)
DF Gus Merloni (Ru)
DF Tommy Valetine (Strawbai)
GK Ronin Broerson (Ru)
GK Andy Martin (Ru)

____Oarbay Seagulls______________________

Previous Season: 8th Place
Champion's Cups: 77, 78, 80 (3)
Stadium: Cliffside Park
Manager: TBD

Regular Starters
MF Tommy Sallinder (Ru)
FW Marc Andre Dulocke (Dace)
FW Claus Klassen (Ru)
DF Luke Spencer (Ru)
GK Dana Kirby (Ru)

MF Keshav Basnyat (Norpal)
MF Simon Williamson (Ru)
FW Dominic Ansel (Ru)
FW Valero Chavarria (Strawbai)
FW Billy Brown (Ru)
FW Joey Grimes (Tolloran)
DF Ronan Blanchard (Ru)
DF Romeo Richard (Ru)
GK Owen Pierce (Ru)
GK Conan Howell (Ru)

____Shaile Huskies________________________

Previous Season: 1st Place, Playoffs Divisional Round
Champion's Cups: 73, 109, 110 (3)
Stadium: Imperial Motors Field
Manager: Geno Mancinelli (Italy)

Regular Starters
MF Jacob Audrich (Ru)
FW Rain Poole (Ru)
FW Frederik Vestergaard (Denmark)
DF Aiden Stairs (Ru)
GK Waldo Kotsay (Ru)

MF Max Bellotti (Ru)
MF Anteros Perros (Sharna)
FW Hugo Authement (Dace)
FW Isidoro Barrios (Panama)
FW Rowan Garko (Ru)
FW Scottie Sauerbeck (Ru)
DF Jeremy Hafner (Ru)
DF Jayson Elarton (Ru)
GK Gerald Millwood (Ru)
GK Hector Lyles (Ru)

-Southwest Division-

____Bose Stallions________________________

Previous Season: 7th Place
Champion's Cups: 111 (1)
Stadium: Ruvian Airlines Center
Manager: Avery Jones (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Denys Seaver Jr. (Ru)
FW Ruslan Petrovic (Tayatska)
FW Wes Bertrand (Ru)
DF Calvin Abreu (Ru)
GK Makena Okafor (Mulwalli)

MF Temo Andreas (Sharna)
MF Jay Brunson (Ru)
FW Dirk Rusiecki (Dace)
FW Devin Valerian (Ru)
FW Sven Metzger (Ru)
FW Sylvester Beaumont (Ru)
DF Mikhail Bolkvadze (Sharna)
DF Emmanuel Stone (Ru)
GK Aiden Penny (Ru)
GK Josh Larson (Tolloran)

____Grant City Anvils_____________________

Previous Season: 2nd Place, Playoff Semifinals
Champion's Cups: 116 (1)
Stadium: Love Media Field
Manager: Don Kauffman (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Malcolm Moon (Ru)
FW Hideo Akagi (Japan)
FW Aleksi Alatalo (Finland)
DF Kyle Mohr (Ru)
GK Arlan Wickman (Ru)

MF Simon Perkins (Ru)
MF Dario Cali (Ru)
FW Colby Rutledge (England)
FW Jake Knight (Ru)
FW Matías Reyes (Ecuador)
FW Julian Suppan (Ru)
DF Jimmy Gall (Ru)
DF Eric Roiland (Ru)
GK Gabe Seabol (Ru)
GK Reggie Mahoney (Ru)

____Oceanside Tritons____________________

Previous Season: 5th Place
Champion's Cups: 11, 17, 20, 40, 54, 57, 74, 93, 94, 95, 97 (11)
Stadium: Brandt Steel Colosseum
Manager: Byron Wise (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Doug Looper (Ru)
FW Donny Hamulack (Ru)
FW Austin Tavish (Ru)
DF Walt Warro (Ru)
GK Georgios Dido (Sharna)

MF Royce Castro (Strawbai)
MF Victor Jacobs (Ru)
FW Mike Floyd (Ru)
FW Heath Dejean (Ru)
FW Gerald Valent (Ru)
FW Carlos Ayala (Mexico)
DF Ty Church (Ru)
DF John Wilkerson (Ru)
GK Ramon Hernandez (Puerto Rico)
GK David Woodward (Ru)

____Rougeport Rockers___________________

Previous Season: 6th Place
Champion's Cups: 23, 24, 27 (3)
Stadium: TBD
Manager: Ronnie Hannawald (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Billy Ray Bodean (Ru)
FW Aubrey Fisher (Ru)
FW Scopas Palameras (Sharna)
DF Luc Fils Aime (Haiti)
GK Lars Anderson (Ru)

MF Niko Walsh (Ru)
MF Quincey Marsh (Ru)
FW Steven McCool (Tolloran)
FW Myles Long (Tolloran)
FW Jessie Hampton (Ru)
FW Leon Shields (Ru)
DF Guy McMillan (Ru)
DF Rusty Wheeler (Ru)
GK Gunards Romanovskis (Tayatska)
GK Bryson Goff (Ru)

____Selgi Manta Rays_____________________

Previous Season: 1st Place, Playoff Semifinals, Western Conference Champions
Champion's Cups: 117 (1)
Stadium: TBD
Manager: Dorian Papagiannis (Sharna)

Regular Starters
MF Conan Ellison (Ru)
FW Gideon Bohannon (Ru)
FW Noé Ramus (France)
DF Sven Gotay (Ru)
GK Hideaki Otsuka (Japan)

MF Calvin Jarvis (Ru)
MF Magglio Ledezma (Bolivia)
FW Abarran Duna (Mulwalli)
FW Jamie Trailliger (Ru)
FW Antonio Markive (Strawbai)
FW Joseph Amupanda (Mulwalli)
DF Faraji Nkosi (Mulwalli)
DF Eli Marquis (Ru)
GK Edward Butler (England)
GK LaTroy Rusch (Ru)

____Sunpoint Comets_____________________

Previous Season: 8th Place
Champion's Cups: 14, 15, 50, 51, 83 (5)
Stadium: TBD
Manager: TBD

Regular Starters
MF Elvis Sexton (Ru)
FW Alexis Floros (Sharna)
FW Declan McCrae (Ru)
DF Luis Sierra (Puerto Rico)
GK Deandre Johnson (Ru)

MF Neil Glass (Ru)
MF Leo Hummel (Ru)
FW Ayanda Maina (Mulwalli)
FW Finn Esposito (Ru)
FW Lothar Lafrenz (Ru)
FW Duncan Munroe (Ru)
DF Vasco Salvaggi (Strawbai)
DF Aiden Rossini (Ru)
GK Samnang Keo (Norpal)
GK Reese Bowan (Ru)

____Tellos Aztecs_________________________

Previous Season: 3rd Place, Playoff Champion's Cup Final
Champion's Cups: 0
Stadium: Estadio Ortega Telecom
Manager: Nelson Fogg (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Milko Draganov (Bulgaria)
FW Santiago Estrada (Colombia)
FW Tony Benes (Ru)
DF Darius Ruskin (Ru)
GK Al Percival (Tolloran)

MF Francesco Pesaro (Ru)
MF Rolland Maigin (Ru)
FW Freeman Norwood (Ru)
FW Porter Millard (England)
FW Silver Kinsley (Ru)
FW Earl Royce (Ru)
DF Ndidi Afolabi (Mulwalli)
DF Yannis Spiros (Sharna)
GK Morgan Fox (Ru)
GK Jace Snyder (Ru)

____Tortuna Tropics______________________

Previous Season: 4th Place
Champion's Cups: 106, 112, 113 (3)
Stadium: Amazon Field
Manager: Eric Moe (Ru)

Regular Starters
MF Gary Pallone (Ru)
FW Miguel Campillo (Mexico)
FW Robert Maillet (Dace)
DF Conan Bubela (Ru)
GK Larry Olynyk (Ru)

MF Masahiro Machi (Japan)
MF Ronin Platko (Ru)
FW Dmitry Asatiani (Sharna)
FW Rudy Perisho (Ru)
FW Logan Leiter (Ru)
FW Lenny Bentz (Ru)
DF Travis Pugh (Ru)
DF Carlos Kensing (Strawbai)
GK Chad Conine (Ru)
GK Jayson Smith (Ru)


____Ruvian National Team_______________
(Federation Football, 11 man)

FW Lloyd Mulligan (Dragonroost Roughnecks)
FW Trevor Lewis (Harrowton Volts)
FW Tommy Baldelli (Grecia Whalers)

FW Mario Antonelli (Old Ru Dragons)
FW Patrick Daisy (Urda Wild Hogs)
FW Aubrey Fisher (Rougeport Rockers)

FW Tony Benes (Tellos Aztecs)
FW Jamie Bajenaru (Roxalani Scouts)
FW Hector Pagano (Zamettar Griffins)

MF Conan Ellison (Selgi Manta Rays)
MF Joey Fasano (Grecia Whalers)
MF Thaddeus Nix (Zamettar Griffins)

MF Sammy Cerviche (Urda Wild Hogs)
MF Norman Samuel (Dalmachia Cranes)
MF Mako Vendetti (Oalinwoth Stags)

MF Jacob Audrich (Shaile Huskies)
MF Ricky Lahey (Riverton Rapids)
MF Gary Pallone (Tortuna Tropics)

Def Merv West (Heartford Kingfish)
Def Sven Gotay (Selgi Manta Rays)
Def Ambrose Huff (Shailon Skylarks)

Def Aiden Stairs (Shaile Huskies)
Def Paul Majewitz (Wansai Bandits)
Def Jayson Hendricks (Dragonroost Roughnecks)

Def Carl Nappa (Pargo Gladiators)
Def Walt Warro (Oceanside Tritons)
Def Jameson Telfair (Livery Foxes)

Def Wally Warnewski (Syllerath Cobras)
Def Kyle Mohr (Grant City Anvils)
Def Rowan Ponson (Creon Cats)

GK Austin Gray (Roxalani Scouts)
GK Eddie Tokoro (Urda Wild Hogs)
GK Leon Kearns (Syllerath Cobras)

Manger: Tucker Carmichael (Pargo Gladiators)

____2018 Draft Stars Team______________

MF Tommy Sallinder (Ru) (Oarbay) (Pick 5)
FW Ruslan Petrovic (Tayatska) (Bose) (Pick 3)
FW Rayyan Saadi (Algeria) (New Ru) (Pick 8)
DF Jeremy Baerga (Ru) (Grancel) (Pick 2)
GK Deandre Johnson (Ru) (Sunpoint) (Pick 1)
MF Aiden Gallo (Ru) (Zamettar) (Pick 11)
MF Julian Palau (Panama) (Shailon) (Pick 14)
FW Laramie Garreau (Ru) (Roxalani) (Pick 9)
FW Myles Long (Tolloran) (Rougeport) (Pick 10)
FW Austin Tavish (Ru) (Oceanside) (Pick 13)
FW Dustin Raymond (Ru) (Wansai) (Pick 16)
DF Babacar Agbo (Mulwalli) (Xandraia) (Pick 6)
DF Norman Vaan (Ru) (Harrowton) (Pick 12)
GK D.D. Dickerson (Ru) (Kanossa) (Pick 4)
GK Willy Carmen Jr. (Ru) (Creon) (Pick 7)

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