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Areal vehicles

Areal vehicles

A-Class Fighters

A-Class Fighters, or A fighters, fight at low planetary orbit, or deep space, having high speeds and are highly agile. They are armored and can fire high blasts of lasers, and proton missiles (More on those later). A-Class fighters are capable of taking down Destroyers and Cruiser class ships. Missiles can be fitted on, cluster missiles, jammers, and other types of missiles are in the arsenal of A Fighters.

B-Class Stealth Fighters
B-Class Stealth Fighters, or "Stealthies" for short, are practically invisible to enemy Radar. Added with Cloaking technology, they could be anywhere, and everywhere. These were used in the Rothellan-Saudi war, when Rothella introduced this game changing fighter in space. Stealthies can deliver a payload of bombs and missiles that can render Battle cruisers useless. Most Stealthies are used in space, during an offensive campaign, usually in ship to ship support.

V-Class Fighters
V-Class fighters are practically invisible, and are called "Hunters" they are deployed behind enemy lines, with onboard FTL capabilities, these can hit bases and leave. V-Class fighters have not been properly introduced yet and could play a major role in future wars. THe onboard warp drives allow the ship to warp in and out of systems with relative ease. It's a relatively large fighter, and is armed with 2 Missile launchers, 4 las-cannons, and has bomb ordinance capabilities (maximum of 2/3). Despite it's size the fighter boasts high speeds, but is much slower in the atmosphere of planets because of it's areodynamics. (basically it has to slow down by 30-40% because of it's shape and size).

F-Class Fighters "Fireflies"
The F-Class fighter is an incredibly fast, maneuverable starfighter, that can deliver heavy damage. This fighter has HAMMER turrets, (Plasma turrets that fire at a high rate, and temperature, of speed). Not only can they deliver bombs to provide air support, they can also light themselves on fire. When they "Light themselves on fire" it's actually a thin coat of plasma, that enables the fighter to ram other fighters safely, giving a golden glow to them, hence, "Firefly"

F class "Firefly" (F7B)
F-7B "Fireflies" are an improved version of the standard Fireflies (F-7A). F-7B fighters are slightly faster and more agile than F-7A Fireflies. Upon the discovery of stealth Derikan fighters, calls for refitting the "Firefly swarm" with gravitatic sensors were made. However, the hundreds of thousands of Firefly fighters proved to be too many to handle, so a new fighter had to be made. Armed with 12 missile launchers, 2 Fireburst guns, and a small EMP cannon located on the nose of the fighter. The Fireburst guns utilize it's 6 chambers (each) to fire plasma bursts in a fashion similar to chainguns. It's small EMP cannon is used to take out fighter/light bomber starcraft, and is capable of heavily damaging heavy bombers and medium sized enemy turrets (Depending on how defended the target is against EMP's of course). F-7B's are commonly referred to as the, "Attack Fireflies" and rightfully so.

X-Class Bombers
X-Class Bombers are much slower than the fighters, however can deliver much more damage, and are heavily armored. X-Class bombers can take out Dreadnoughts, with obvious proper support, from Ship and fighters, it takes about 4 Direct hits on average, full payload, to take out Main nation dreadnoughts.

Y-Class Stealth Bombers
Y-Class Stealth bombers, or "Wreckers" are just like Stealthies, only much more slower and heavily armored. These have anti-fighter turrets, and a crew of 3, Pilot, and gunners. The Turrets fire Lasers at a high rate of speed, and are capable of 360 degree firing. These, like most bombers, can take out dreadnoughts, with proper support.

S-10 Stealth Bomber

The S-10 Stealth bomber is a jet that has nearly a hundred-foot wingspan, has a crew, and multiple pilots, in a command room. The pilots have sleeping chambers, and its' bomb bay has over 200 concussion bombs. Rothellan Concussion bombs, have a blast radius of 20 feet, and launch blasts of radiation and shrapnel into buildings and or people.-We take our wars seriously, and we're prepared for one, at any time.

E-22 Fighter Jet

The E-22 Fighter Jet has onboard computer systems, that can detect missiles, and has an impressive radar, a radar with a 60-mile radius. Fighter compatible H-E guns that can fire 80 rounds in a span of five seconds, requires a two-second cooldown, its' maneuverability in the air makes it keen in production, its' speeds reach up to nearly Five hundred and sixty mph, and can almost ram into other planes, and still make it back to the Airfield, or carrier, in need of repair of course. Its' altitude height can reach over 70,000 feet

"Screaming Eagle"
After the horrific losses of HAT gunships in the ALF campaign, the Rothellan military sought to make a better troop transport ship capable of withstanding SAMs' or any other enemy Anti-air projectile. With two rotational rocket thrusters on each wing the TT-37 is able to travel in almost any direction. Pressurized gas blasts allow the ship to maneuver excellently in Outer-Space combat scenarios. Armed with 4 thirty mm autocannons, two rotary missile launchers, and a rear thirty mm autocannon to fire at enemy fighters. The hull holds a rather impressive armor, capable of withstanding a regular SAM (some instances during trials if the AI pilot was maneuverable enough, the ship could take two hits). The transport is capable of dropping a platoon of marines, or two APCs. However, due to its armored hull, the ship is slower than average.