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The Commonwealth of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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Rothellan-Owned Planets/territories

Lunar Colony
Roana (Rothellan Capital)
Renwald (Industrial Hub, produces military weapons as well)
Verent (Cloning facility/ military base)
Roe (A water world with large floating cities in the planet's oceans)
Sino (A water world consisting of many Archipelagos and a major continent in the northern hemisphere with light colonies)
Dern (A lava planet that holds a massive amount of metals that has an orbital mining station)
Aren (A savannah planet)
Exoni (A Rothellan protectorate)
And Wren (A mountainous planet capable of terraforming)

The great Flame of Rothella, the Pride of the Commonwealth, Amasa is expectation citizens of Rothella hold for each planet. It's cities are full of rich economic trade centers, it's ports both space and naval are full of commerce and its naval trade routes are protected by the finest of Rothella's guard.

Amasa was discovered innitialy in 2154, Greek astronomers were puzzled by it's rich blue skies, and wondered if it held life. 50 years later, a probe was sent and found a wide variety of Flora, yet no fauna that was known. Colonization efforts began in late 2209, with a massive overhaul in technology, construction, and the hard work of Rothellans, the Planet soon became a bustling harbor of economic profit and opportunity. It's expanding population has tripled in the past three years, with a huge intake of immigration and births. It's sleek white skyscrapers pierce the clouds, and several citizens classify them as, "Skybreakers" instead of the traditional term. With it's explosive economic boom, the planet had to expand its' small spaceport, and construction of a newer and much larger one began as early as late 2232.

The fruit of Prosperity, the Great Life-giver, Rothella's seed of the future. Dwarka is home to millions of kilometers of farms, it's rich fertile soil allows for fast production of common earth grains, vegetables, and other agricultural plants. It's massive spaceport allows for easy transport of Rothellan food. The initial colony was founded in 2178 during the "Great Panic of 2175" which had resulted in a famine and a crippled economy. Robotic servants were sent to the planet, and had begun to set up farms across the entirety of the world. Expansion of farms was easy, as the only biome and terrain the planet exhibited was simple Grassland. And aside from the mountainous poles, the planet was relatively flat. On the North pole of the planet, it holds much ore that fuels the Rothellan economy. While in the south, conductive and valuable metals such as Gold, Silver, and Palladium are numerous. Astronomers speculate this has something to do with the magnetic poles, and a high concentration of gravity at the poles of the planet. No one knows why it causes this, and this puzzled physicists across Rothella. However, with the discovery of an ancient Interstellar ship, it is thought that there may be some alien technology below the mountains, one of which could propel Rothella into an era of technological and economic Prosperity.
(Sad thing tho is that it'll be at the expense of the planet, if the current leader wants to do it at least, and that's decades ahead of where I am now.

The Martian and Lunar colonies
Rothellan territory on the Moon and Mars were the first of many colonies the nation would form. With the moonbase propelling the Rothellan expansion into Mars, and soon out of hte solar system. The colonies only serve now as military bases, with some as diplomatic areas as to ensure easy diplomatic talks between Rothella and Solar nations.

The Sphere of Renewal, the Great World of Justice, the Hearth of the Commonwealth. Roana serves as the capital of the New Commonwealth (More on that later, i'm working on it atm, basically it's a series of reforms that makes Rothella stronger). With a primary focus of becoming an industry sector, the planets economy is in a state of booming. Materials sent from Wren and other mining worlds help ensure easy manufacturing and numerous goods flowing into the Rothellan markets. Nearly a quarter of the planet is a city, its "Cloud Breakers" fit nearly a billion of people. (The total population is 1.5 Billion) The thick forests of the planet help the Timber industry, however, it slows the growth of the planet. Environmentalists call for a halting of the Great City's growth, and the deforestation of the planet has slowly grounded to a halt. Farms on the outskirts of the city ensure near entire agricultural self-sufficiency, however, in the case of Famine the Planet stockpiles the goods that its farmers make, and use mostly Dwarkan imports.

The Warrior's Paradise, The Great Forge of Rothella, Renwald was once a penal colony, its inhabitants brought there for crimes against the Rothellan crown, and much later the Commonwealth. THe inhabitants had little to no law, and typically governed themselves in the stature similar to feudal lords. After generations of rule, the Commonwealth decided to crack down onto the Planet, sending military forces to exercise their authority over the Colony. However, this would prompt several protests and minor skirmishes, as debates of revolution began to heat up amongst the Penal citizens. When word of this talks were held, the seizure of the lords of Renwald, commonly referred on Amasa and Dwarka as the "Apprehensions of the Clowns," was enacted, and hundreds of the kings and queens of the "noble" theocracies were arrested. With the annexation of these kingdoms by neighboring states, the much larger states would organize a formal resistance, dubbing the "Raven King" as leader of the confederation. A small war started between the Commonwealth and the Confederation of Renwald, with the Rothellan military seemingly giving the enemy victories, the King would declare victory after Rothella retreated.

He was wrong. The Confederation was a puppet in Arenguards' hands, used only for an easy way out of conflict with Derika. With Renwald used as a buffer state between the Derikan systems, Rothella ensured safer borders. A brief period of time passed, (Around a year) and Renwald would be annexed during the Algan War. DUring this time, the Raven King had made sure Renwald would remain protected, fortifying the system and building hundreds, if not, thousands of defense platforms in the system. Forts spanned across the planet, and mining colonies of other planets held a fort in each planet just to prevent Rothellan annexation.

Ironically, the massive spending and upkeep would result in Renwalds annexation, and Rothella gained and upgraded the platforms and forts, closing several as to save money. The massive monopolies of Renwald, known as the Loose 13 would quickly align with Rothella, and become the main providers of weapons to the Rotehllan military. However, after the nationalization of the arms industry, the monopolists were not content, and now seek out means to gain their businesses back.

The planet's terrain is mostly desert/savannah, with a rich forest region near the planetary poles. It's resource rich, and is the industrial hub of Rothella.

The Serpents nest, The Aerie of Soldiers, Verent. Verent is a desert planet found in the Orrichon system. The planet is large, and is home to several large cloning facilities. These clones are made for the purpose of fighting, and are given high quality conditions during and after service. On the harsh, unforgiving planet, military installations dot across the sandy horizons. It's ring reflects light in the night and provides a full area of vision, nullifying much of the darkness.

The light of progress, Rothella's beacon of knowledge, the torch of the Commonwealth. Roe is an ocean planet full of medium sized archipelagos. Despite the numerous landing sights, the islands of the ocean world are too small for dedicated cities, as a result, artificial islands are created made out of metal alloys. Floating cities dot all across the ocean, stabilized to the ground by reinforced beams capable of withstanding the most eartquakes and tsunamis. Cities are made by floating pads, magnetically connected for easy attaching and detaching. Because of the magnetically sealed portions, in the event of a disaster that would damage the city, the sections can detach and easily float in teh water.

Hundreds of labratories dot across the planet. Some are in cities, some on uninhabited islands, some on their own individual research stations of the water, and some under the water, residing underground to hide military secrets.

The great Producer, the Fabricator of man, Rothella's generator. Cornith is home to hundreds of manufacturing plants. As the Commonwealth's major manufacturer, it dedicates itself to mass producing it's goods to maintain profits and exports. Cornith is a center for much of the civilian shipbuilding, and it's orbital space stations are massive harbors for exports and imports. Cornith is nearly a planetary metropolis, with urban centers covering nearly 45% of the massive planet's surface. Millions of workers toil endlessly in the hostile conditions of their workplaces, massive factories cover miles of land. Cornith is a widely known ally of Pilos, but always sides itself to the commonwealth if Pilos differs from it.

The current site for clone production. The newly-relocated forces of Rothella are now garrisoning the mountain planet. Elysium is home to a small native population of underwater creatures located in the northern frozen waters of Khione. The CDA knows little of these forces and has engaged in small skirmishes multiple times despite Rothellan attempts at diplomacy. Their acidic weapons prove to be fatal if any protective armor is not removed before the acid melts through.