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The Commonwealth of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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The Commonwealth Defense Army


For decades the people of Rothella have found themselves under the daggers of foreign threat. Powers such as the Derikan Empire and the fractured, but still dangerous, Eliksni states await in the shadows, hoping for the day the Commonwealth falls Day after day, the fear of collapse from external forces once plagued the thought of every citizen within the Commonwealth. Time and time again foreign powers have sought to invade the Commonwealth and terrorize its citizens, and time and time again they have been repelled from back to whence they came.

The Commonwealth Defense Army ensures the safety, freedom, and well-being of each citizen from within Rothella. Millions of soldiers answer the call of war, willing to protect the Commonwealth to the last man.

Composition of Clone Units

Rothellan tactical groups usually numbering 5 men
(1) Squad leader
(4) Regulars

Heavy Squads
Heavy units usually numbering 5 men, all armed in executioner class armor
Squad leader(1)
Armored Cavalier(4)

Rothellan tactical groups with 5 squads under command.
25 soldiers

Rothellan Tactical Groups with 250 men (10 Platoons)

Rothellan battlegroup of 2,500 men (10 Battalions)

Rothellan group of 15,000 men (6 regiments)

150,000 (10 brigades)

Army Group
1,500,000 men, (10 Armies)

Battle Group
5,250,000 men (5 Army groups).