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The Empire of
Corporate Police State

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Emperor Diego (WIP)

Diego Scorpius

Emperor Diego at a diplomatic Summit


In office:

Preceded by: Emperor Alexander Creve from 1860 to 1900

Brigadier General in Romextlian Army

In office:

Preceded by: Major General Alvarez
Succeeded by: Major General Publius

Personal Details
Born: 7/20/1980 (age 40)
Ciudad de Roma, Romextly


Political Party:Conservative

Spouse(s):Nicole (Missing, presumed dead)

Children:Maximilian Scorpius (23 years old), Scorpio Scorpius (19 years old), Sophia Scorpius (16 years old), Carlos Scorpius (14 years old), Antony Scorpius (2 years old), Valentina Scorpius (Daughter-in-law/ spouse of Max)

Education: South Point Academy
- Major in Defense and Strategic Studies

- Minor in Grand Strategy


Served in: Romextlian Imperial Army (2002-2011), (2018)
Khmer Guard (2011-2018)

Fought in:2nd Romextlian Civil
3rd Romextlian Civil War
War in Afghanistan
4th Romextlian Civil War

"Belli in pace, et regnabit Dominus"
- Emperor Diego, Coronation in 2018

Emperor Diego, born April 7th, 1980, is the Emperor of the Empire of Romextly and former Colonel in the Romextlian Army who served valiantly in multiple wars. Born in Ciudad de Roma, and entered the military early on entering South Point and studying Engineering. During this time, the 2nd Civil War was still raging and he entered the war,serving with distinction and capturing many towns. He then served honorably in the 3rd Civil War as then a Lieutenant-Colonel and destroying an entire flank of the SA. He was then posted to Afghanistan to help in the war on terror where he helped the Americans pivotally near the mountains. And finally at the Rank of Major General, he pulled off a ruse, gathering the army behind him and completely took the power of Romextly and established a monarchy. Many international critics seethe at this, but the people of Romextly after a while have become extremely pro-Diego due to his leaderships in multiple wars and increasing Romextlian Prestige around the world.

Early Life

Diego Maximilian Scorpius was born April 7th, 1980 to Luisa Scorpius and Julius Scorpius in Ciudad de Roma. His mother was in the lower middle class and his father was a lowly Captain in the Republican Guard. Diego had an older brother (Jeremias) and sister (Sarahi). He attended Escuela 23 for elementary school, however his high grades there got him into the prestigious Hernandez Middle School. There he met some friends including a communist friend by the name Jose and a Social Democrat called a liberal named Leonardo. These friends bonded over their fascination of the world wars in the other world and of their civil war, though they constantly debated. And in middle school was where he saw his first crush, Nicole Dives, the American-Roman daughter of the higher middle class. They both loved soccer and joined the school team, so they managed to see each other regularly. They became close, however Diego's parents assigned him to a private Catholic High School. He got top grades there as well and got an internship at a Senators office, with whom he befriended. After he graduated, that Senator got him into South Point and in 2002 he graduated South Point at top in his class and top in his class in Engineering. He then entered on the side of the Imperialist as a Lieutenant. One day, he led his platoon over through a small village when he got information of a large tank battalion to attack the exposed flank of the Northern Army. So with 60 men, he struck at over 400 men, taking many of them prisoner and capturing 20 tanks. He was then given temporary command and promoted to Captain Major. Even though he had never used tanks, using spare knowledge, he commanded them to land a crushing defeat at forces as the rest of the army arrived, winning them three cities. He was then promoted to Colonel at 2010, just as the war ended.

After the king had died, using his newfound prestige, he gathered around 1,000 men to go on a rapid attack. However, the roads were destroyed and lives were lost not in battle, but in disease. However, when they finally arrived, they had a complete view of the headquarters of the SA right flank. They drove in and captured the Major General of the SA who happened to be Jose. Surprised, but now no longer friends, they fought fiercely, but at one point someone's pistol fired and Jose fell back dead. Suddenly, Diego fell to the ground and carried Jose's lifeless body begging him not to die. After this, he was promoted to Brigadier general, but it was also the start of his drinking career as well. He was then ordered by the new government and sent with 1,000 men to help out America in the war on terror. His personality won over informants who managed to tell the Coalition where terrorists were. After two years, he returned to Romextly and was given a new rank of Major General.

Rise in Politics

After the end of the Second Romextlian Civil War, he made connections to former military officers, now politicians and powerful Ministers. He gained a large support among many of the younger officers, though he managed to gain a powerful ally in the Lieutenant General Lexius. His popular support among the people as one of them was a national faze of the in touch modern officer. The large victory in the 3rd civil war played into his hands of gaining him massive popular support, especially among the Italyans and Romans, especially after his spouse garnered support He also still had strong support among the Mexicali. The victory at Afghanistan no matter how unpopular the war was, got him support and Marti less. The final coffin was at a secret conference of all his allies including the Minister of Health Leonardo, his friend from middle school, all said they would support his coup d'etat. Finally he declared himself a descendant of Prince Dargus, thus beginning the 4th Civil War, which he won. He then managed and cut down possible enemies, but allowed Leonardo to stay, despite his liberal beliefs.


After the coup of 2018, things went crazy. He maintained a strong control and brought Romextly out of their isolationist hole they've been in for 120 years. He put massive amounts of cash into rebuilding business and lowering taxes. He also massively increased the Army, which became useful against a new war with Scanhort. His economic plan pulled out king and his military won a sound victory over Scanhort. But still, until August 2020, Romextly was still not a major player in the world stage. However, in November of 2019, the first major ally outside of the roman league, Kazakah, became allies and to this day have an extremely close relationship. And in 2020, Romextly became on of the first nation of an alliance named SETA with Langenia, thus becoming an extremely close ally to Langenia. SETA became a success until it had become to unwieldy, thus triggering a type of Conservative-Leftist Cold War between the powers and Romextly became involved in many wars. Many of the current events were due to Diego forging strong alliance with Amedeus III and Nicholas Furia and building support in international relationship.

Nationally, Romextly looked very different than before 2018. And economic miracle had happened as most factories in Northern Territory was untouched and with the new Free Market economy, they flourished in quality and low cost. There was no minimum wage, yet almost all romextlians at least earned 16 NSD per hour. The military had gone technologically forward, surpassing even the US in creating the 6th and 7th Gen fighter leaving the US's F-35 5th Gen in the dust. And in 2019, the Senate and Casa di Representative were re enacted, thus allowing more political freedom. And finally in 2021, the first national election for Primo Representative came about. Nowadays, Romextly goes around like a big brother, occasionally freeing a nation from being occupied.

  • Economic Restart bill
    Gave money that was by cutting taxes and cutting politicians off, freed up more money. The government invested it into the economy to jumpstart it and create jobs. Resulted in 25 million new jobs

  • Deportation of Traitors
    Basically made Communism, LGBTQ, and Violetism illegal

  • Reinstatement of Senate
    Well, reinstated the Senate

For & Against

  • For: Life, capitalism, welfare, religion, catholic

  • Against: Communism, forcing of ideology on others, LGBTQ, Atheists, Violetism

Personal Information

Diego married Nicole Dive, of the new Upper Echelon of business in 2001. They met in Mid-1990s as they were in Middle School and remained close, even as Diego entered South Point. However, his first son, Maximilian (23), was born in 1999 after the only one night stint in Diego's life. Maximilian was left at his door and he was forced to have friends to take care of him, but regularly visited when he could get time off. Scipio was born in 2000, with Nicole and Diego as the parents. While Diego finished up South Point and his deployment shifts in the second civil war, Max and Scipio stayed with their new mother Nicole. However, for most of the war, he managed to have posts near his family to see them. He then had a daughter of the name of Sofia in 2004. And then Carlos was born in 2006. They have two palaces now, but they mostly live in their Winter Palace as it is closer to the government. Sadly, in 2018, soon after he came into power, rebels managed to past the guards while Nicole was walking around the park pregnant, she was taken and after missing for over 2 years, she has been presumed dead, condemning Diego in the drunk life.

As of currently, he has good relationship with almost all his kids, except for Carlos due to his more extravagant personality, however he is a major share member of Fox Arms due to Nicole's shares given to her by her parents. Diego is usually a calm person who can convince others due o his oratory speeches as proven in Romextly. However, he loves a good fight, be it a debate or physical fight. If you want to be run in with a sabre, and shot 16 times in the face and having your ashes spread in the ocean without anyone knowing where you are, just mention that he couldn't protect Nicole.
Personal Trivia

  • The Emperor has been rumored to have powers, but only the closest of allies know what they are... But what others do know is that he can turn very powerful




“War is only won by diplomacy? Hang on, I need to get my army.”

"It is the most moral evil to live in a world filled to the brim with the liars and brainwashed."

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