by Max Barry

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The Empire of
Corporate Police State

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My planning for a possible RPs

Redwall RP

Romtsian Empire: Ruled by squirrels. Armies are like romans
Damousian Empire: Ruled by Mice. Armies are like greek
Redwall: (Had to)a neutral ground.
Otterasu: Ruled by otters
Salamandastron: Ruled by Badger Lord. Fighters are Hares
Marshtlonts: Ruled by Stoats
Land of Ice and Snow: Ruled by Wolverine. Fighters are Wolves
Sucemetia: Ruled by lizards
GUOSIB: The lands that roving Shrews use
Pitate: Ruled by rouge Pirate captain
Dawnville: Isolated land with an elected Mole leader
Toadlands: Ruled and mostly populated by toads
Kotir: Ruled by (wildcat) and the (unknown) army
Wolfbade: Ruled by exiled wolves
Stone: Ruled by a Sable and the army
Juskabor: Ruled by a fox
Green Peninsula: Ruled by (wildcat) and the (unknown) army
Hator:Ruled by (wildcat) and the (unknown) army
South Coast: Populated by mostly dormice
Hapertir: Ruled by a Ferret warlord
Riverhead: ruled by voles
Northeast lands: ruled and populated by hedgehogs
Sampetra:ruled by Pine Marten warlord
Jaskuth: Ruled by Weasel Warlord

Plastagaia RP

LinkThe notes for this