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Romextly overview (WIP)

Empire of romextly


Motto: In Pace Sumus, Belli Imperium


Population:1.2 billion

Capital:Ciudad de Roma
Largest City:Ciudad de Roma

Official Language:Latin, Italian, spanish

National Language:Latin


- Emperor: Diego Maximilian
- Grand Duke: Julio Ceaser
- Speaker of the House: Juan Guin
- Chief Justice: John Cena

- Upper House:Senate
-Lower House: Tabula

Establishment: from (Rome)
Independence: 100 A.D.

Land Area: mile˛
Water Area: km˛
Water %:

Highest Point:
Lowest Point:

GDP (nominal):180,979,888,000,000
GDP (nominal) per capita:$61,874.95

Human Development Index (NS Version):


Time Zone:

Drives on the:left

Calling code:

Internet TLD:


The Empire of Romextly, more often called Romextly, is a new type of constitutional monarchy. It is bordered by Indochinea on the far west, Fornce on the North-West, Nihonjan to the North and the Atlantis ocean to the east. Romextly has a estimated population of over 3 billion. Romextly is an Empire compromising of many ethincities.

Romextly was first started on the river Tiberias at 500 B.C.. A splinter of their group, The Roman Empire conquered them. After nearly 300 years, they got their independence and started to grow bigger and absorb more people and grew into the empire as it is today with the allies they have today.

Romextly is a developed country with a GDP of 424 trillion Pesos. The Per Capita is a high 35,720.05 pesos. Romextly is a balanced income equality with the Rich getting a at the most 5 times more than the poorest. Romextly is on a trading boom as they have rare metals and large deposits of resources. The workers are highly spirited and work as hard as they can. There is a free market economy and even though civil rights are low, it is the correct rights that are unbothered.

The name of Romextly is derived as a compromise between the 3 largest ethnic groups. Ro(m) for Romans, (m)ex for the Mexicali and tly for the Italians.

A standard way to refer to a citizen of Romextly is Romextlyians.

The history of Romextly starts with the people of the start, The Romans started to splinter in to the democratic faction (The romans that you heard of) and the monarchic faction (Romextly). The democratic faction won and for hundreds of years the Romextlian Romans were disgraced and pushed to the lower part of society.

After 300 years of brutal rule, a man called Felix Reprix led the Romextlians to revolt against the rule and succeeded in 50 A.D. At this point Felix was made King Felix and since most Romextlian were christian, the national religion was Christianity. They then conquered lands and were flexing their muscles. In 250 A.D., King Cicero IV ordered the attack on the Italians who fell into their dominion. At this point, the Reprix family became arrogant and snotty and began to waste the treasury.

In 997 A.D., a influential family staged a coup and took over. The new king was named Marcellus Darix. He started to expand the economy and empire by recreating the army and putting in conscription.

In 1590 A.D., as Protestantism grew, the king Rakan the III stopped it's growth in Romextly and proclaimed his support for the pope. He allowed the counter-reformation and strengthened the faith of his people by his own faith.

In 1794 A.D., the king, Italus proclaimed himself Emperor. In 1804 he conquered the Mexicali and controlled huge amount of territory. He was not finished as he then conquered Fornce. He was christened Italus the great. The army grew larger and so did the riches. His son Italus the colonizer conquered a piece of a island and named it Cicily.

During 1898, in which a Prince Regent Dargus was forced to take over the role of his ailing father and order the containment of 50% of the population, the Mexicali. The Mexicali responded by forming a militia of 65,000 men and invading the bases. They ravaged the Italian countryside and had the Italian militia of 30,000 men joined the Royal Army of 29,000 men. The two armies met at the town of Milli. It was a decisive victory for the coalition as they caused 28,000 casualties. But after the battle, the coalition fell apart and started a 3-way civil war.For almost 50 years the war raged. During 1946, the entire royal family was found dead. The Mexicali then took the capitol and took over thus ending the 1st Romextlian civil war.

The president was Javier Hernandez and peace reigned. Until a drought and famine came in 1968.
The Italians started blaming the famine on the government as a way to control the population. The accounts have never been proven. But that didn't stop 50,000 Italians and 12,000 Romans to form a army to contest the 35,000 strong national army. On the island of Cicily, the better armed National Army beat them off the island. They were also kicked out on the island of Crate and were beaten in battle near Barn. But a nation to the north, Nihonjan gave supplies and training to the rebels. The Rebels then won the battle for Bugpest and took over the island of Cyprus. Then in a highly unlikely event, President Javier Hernandez died of old age. Some theorists believe that in reality he was assassinated by possibly his own cabinet but most likely a rebel spy. Romextly then turned to a Empire again after 37 years of war.

The new emperor was Emperor Mussolini. After only a year of reign, in 2011 he died by mysterious causes. There are many guesses but what ever the reason, it caused another civil war. There were 3 factions. There was the Northern Alliance led by former General Cargi Marcio. There was the Southern Alliance led by redneck Karmi Paul. Then there was the Khmer Republic led by Former Marti. The NA and SA met at Caro in 2013. They did raids and feints. Finally the 31,000 strong SA attacked the 20,000 strong NA. In this giant battle, the SA proved victorious. Half of the remaining NA fled to Fornce while the other half joined the SA. The SA then attacked the Khmer Republic at Buka. During this battle, a sniper killed Karmi Paul. Some of the SA fled to Fornce where they began a guerilla campaign. Former Marti was sworn in as president on September 11, 2014. After enduring a year of guerilla warfare, Marti gave Fornce autonomous and later independence.

The new government had lowered takes to very little. These weak laws did not help a debt ridden country. Soon a bright Colonel claimed lineage to Prince Dargus. His name was Diego Maximilian. He formed a army of 39,000 men to fight the 41,000 strong National Army. He cornered 9,000 men up in a siege at Sanal, defeated 12,000 men at the holy city of Jaden and beat them both. Soon he was close to becoming emperor. All that was between him and Ciudad de Roma was Tuloni garrisoned by 10,000 men. He just sidestepped it and attacked and unprepared Ciudad de Roma. It was 20,000 men versus 20,000 men. But the surprise was to great and he conquered the city. He then crowned himself.

After returning the glory to Romextly, things went fine until 2019. During the cold winter, 20,000 rebels of RSSR suddenly attacked Cicilia and took it in 10 days. Emperor Diego set upon mobilizing troops found that the rebels now had 2 million troops along with 500,000 Ultra violetist supporting them. they conquered the region of Liberal, Aygept, Olgers, and Marracas in a matter of days. Soon the rebels and Ultra Violetist together had 7 million along with a LGBTQ militia of 100,000 people. Some 1 million rebels confronted some 2 million troops. The rebels were on the verge of being over run when Carla Winkersen led some extra 3 million men to attack in the battle of Esral. Suddenly the remaining 4 million troops were attacked in a pincer movement by some 9 million army and 2 million militia men of HSOR (Homophobic society of Romextly) and 1 million of the DOF (Defenders of Constitution) attacked with Emperor Diego leading them himself during the battle of Quadpoli. The enemy was routed and remaining socialist were routed in the battle of Jaden, in which they took 2 million casualties and surrendered. The remaining 655,000 Ultra Violetist fought in the battle of Ajerbakan during which they took 350,000 casualties and escaped to the mountains. The remaining Liberals (40,000 troops) took on some 7 million troops and took 39,460 casualties. Some 500 troops fought against 750,000 HSOR troops and were massacred. RSSR took 4 million casualties, Ultra Violetist took 2.1 million casualties, and Gays took 115,000 casualties. The Romextlian military took 2.5 million casualties, HSOR took 1 million casualties and DOF took 200,000 casualties. After this revolt, Diego made homosexuality illegal.

After 4 months of hiding in the Antoq region, the Ultra violetist struck. 200,000 militants entered 5 towns and killed thousands of Yellowists. The amounts range from 23,000 to 47,000 dead. In investigations after the revolt showed that the violetists had corrupted and infiltrated the military in the Pavo region. The Yellowists then formed the Defense Of the Yellowist Belief, or DOYB. They raised 15,000 men and held out in Antoq along with 500 uncorrupted guards. In the attacks, The UV took 15,000 casualties, some due to an unexpected air strike. The DOYB took 1,800 casualties. During this Emperor Diego was deposed by an international UV effort. The UV at Antoq retreated and the DOYB rebuilt their army to 35,000 men. Diego got 25 million troops to follow him the HSOR with 1.1 million, DOF with 1 million and the CRA with 3 million militia men. A total of 28 million men opposed them but Diego soon won.

Romextly and the rest of the league of Rome are on earth. They are on the technical inside of earth, though it has been theorized that they are actually not on earth and the connection is actually a portal. They do however have alsmost everything from Earth, (including the SCP foundation) and transportation is possible.

The estimated population is over 1.4 billion people. The birthrate is 46 per 1000 people and the growth rate is 1.2%. The largest ancestry groups are Mexicali, Italians, Roman and Forncean. 20% of the population is Mexicali, 20% is Italian, 10% is Roman, 4% is French and 46% are many other minorities.

There are 3 major languages. 39% have spanish as their 1st language, 24% speak italian, 8% speak Latin and 16% speak english and 13% speak other languages as their primary language.

The majority of Romextly is christian. 46% are Catholic, 12% protestants, 21% muslim, 8% agnostic, and 13% other religions.


The Empire of Romextly is a new form of constitutional monarchy. It has a powerful monarch with more power than the british and has the Senate and Tabula to work on minor issues. The citizens are subject to three levels of government: local, state and imperial.

Local: funds police, fire fighters, and protects private property

State: responsible for infrastructure, education and taxation

Imperial: national defense, international policy and big stuff

Foreign relations and military
Romextly has a strong military presence. Our armed forces service members are 28 million people. We have the Army, Air force, Navy, Homeland Defense, storm troopers and SP. Romextly has been in battles for more than half of it's existence.

The Budget for the military is 376.54 billion Pesos, 28.1% of the Government budget. The Romextlian military is highly trained and motivated earning that earned them a score of 8-8-9 in the military quality index.

Romextly's main allies are Kazakah, Langenia,Nihonjan,Fornce,Districto, and Aussie and Zeal.


Romextly operates under a system of mixed economy. The exchange rate for the peso is 1 Pesos = $1.9891. Romextly's GDP is $148,770,161,451,149.00. The Private sector makes up 63%, the state owned makes up 5% and the government 31.7%. Unemployment is at 2%.

Economic Indicators

Fiscal Year:1 October-30 Semptember

GDP (nominal):$148,770,161,451,149.00
GDP (nominal) per capita:$61,874.95
Labor Force:402,000,000

The largest Employer is the civil government with 84 million employees, or 6% of the work force. Next is Fox motors with 56 million employees or 4%, FOXCOM with 35 million employees or 2.5%, and the military, Lopez-Tienda and Calkamul each with about 28 million employees or 2%.