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Monarchy of Romanovskaya


Zephyrine I
Princess of Romanovskaya


16 May 2009 – Present


Xenia II

Heir Apparent

Anna I

Personal Information


6 December 1988 (age 31)
Vyborg, Romanovskaya


Prince Hendrik


Anna Romanoff
Maria Romanoff
Vsevolod Romanoff

Full name

Zephyrine Irina Romanoff




Prince Louis


Xenia II


Eastern Orthodox

"Just love eachother." - Zephyrine I
Quote taken from an interview with the Romanovskaya Gazette

Zephyrine I (Russian: Зефирин I Рома́нов, tr. Zephyrine I Romanoff; born 6 December 1988) is the reigning Princess of Romanovskaya. She is the daughter and only child of Xenia II, Princess of Romanovskaya (1942-2009) and her husband Prince Louis Leclerc (1939). On 14 May 2009, she married her long term partner Hendrik Jääger, just 1 day before the death of her mother. Zephyrine I is one of the wealthiest monarchs in Europe.

Early life

She was born on 6 December 1988 in Vyborg, Romanovskaya as the only child to Princess Xenia II and Prince Louis Leclerc of Romanovskaya. Her grandmother, great grandmother and great-great grandmother were all monarchs of Romanovskaya.

Zephyrine grew up with her parents in Vyborg where she spent the all of her childhood, being educated at a private school. At the age of 18 she attented Tallinn University, Estonia where she graduated with a masters degree in music criticism. While attending university, she met her future husband, Hendrik Jääger. Music was always a major passion for Zephyrine. She is a very well acclaimed singer as well as a violinist and pianist. She performed quite regularly at shows during her time in Tallinn.

Zephyrine completed her degree in 2008 and stayed for a shorty while in Tallinn with her partner. Later that year he proposed to her and they were engaged to be married with the wedding to take place in May 2009. The couple got married on 14th of May in Vyborg, Romanovskaya. It was a big occasion for the Principality as thousands of people lined the streets to send their good wishes. Zephyrine's parents were both in attendance, which as it would turn out would be the last public appearance of Princess Xenia II.

Princess Zephyrine prior to ascending
to the throne. 2007

The next day, on 15 May 2009, Princess Xenia II would pass away in her sleep, which transpired to be a stroke. In a rare interview made a few years after, Zephyrine would go onto say how it was an incredibly difficult time in her life. Not only mourning the loss of her mother, but taking on the responsibility of being the head of state of a country. She became the youngest head of state in the world, a title she still holds to the current day. (As of 19 March 2019)


The first part of Princess Zephyrine I's enthronement as ruler of the Principality was on 11 August 2009, after the end of the three-month mourning period for her mother. A morning Mass at the Church of the Saviour on the Water which formally marked the beginning of her reign. Afterward Zephyrine I returned to the princely palace to host a garden party for 7,000 Romanovans born in the principality. In the courtyard, the Princess was presented with two keys of the city of Vyborg as a symbol of her investiture and she made a speech. The evening ended with a spectacular fireworks display on the waterfront.

The first challenge of her reign came about in 2012 when a group of Deputies in the Imperial Duma proposed an amendment to curtail the power of the princely family, including removing the right to veto referendums. Despite an almost year-long campaign by those who proposed the changes, 76% of those voting in a referendum supported the Princess's power to veto the outcome of future referendums. Zephyrine I responded to the result the following day saying: "It is with joy and gratitude that the Princely House of Romanovskaya has taken note that a large majority of the population would like to continue the hitherto so successful partnership between the people and the Princely House."

Prince Zephyrine I is involved with a number of charities, one being a charity based within Romanovskaya to support emerging artists in theatre, dance, and film and music. She is also involved with international charities which cater to animal rights. Zephyrine I herself owns 2 pet terriers and is often spotted walking them outside the palace grounds.

Personal wealth

Zephyrine I is a named major shareholder in the RGT Group and has a substantial family fortune which she inherited. The exact figures behind her wealth is not known as Romanovan law stipulates that citizens have the right to keep their finances secret. She is a known collector of antique intruments, with the princely palace decorated with many grand piano's and harpsichords in particular. She is also known to own an original Stradivarius violin.

Official Residence
Princely Palace

State Plane
Dassault Falcon 7X

State Car
2012 ZiL 4112R

Personal life

Princess Zephyrine I and Prince Hendrik
posing for a photograph in 2016

Zephyrine I descends in the direct female line from the previous four Princesess's of Romanovskaya.

On 14 March 2009 she married partner and Estonian national, Hendrik Jääger, who upon his wife's ascension to the throne, became His Serene Highness, Prince Hendrik of Romanovskaya

They have three children:

• Hereditary Princess Anna Romanoff of Romanovskaya (b. Vyborg, 10 July 2010)
• Princess Maria Romanoff of Romanovskaya (b. Vyborg, 31 August 2015)
• Prince Vsevolod Romanoff of Romanovskaya (b. Vyborg, 17 May 2018)

Viewpoints and beliefs

Zephyrine I has previously written about the role of the state in the modern world. She argues for the continued importance of the nation-state as a political actor. She makes the case for democracy as the best form of government, which she sees many third world countries as being in transition towards although the path will be difficult for these nations. She also declared her role in a princely family as something that has legitimacy only from the assent of the people. She stated that government should be limited to a small set of tasks and abilities, writing that people "have to free the state from all the unnecessary tasks and burdens with which it has been loaded during the last hundred years, which have distracted it from its two main tasks: maintenance of the rule of law and foreign policy".

In an interview, recorded in November 2010, Zephyrine said that she saw certain problems with aspects of western democracies, such as the lack of direct democracy.

The Princely family are known to have offered major contributions to groups who advocate for self-determination, direct-democracy and libertarianism.

Titles and honours

• 6 December 1988 – 15 May 2009: Her Serene Highness Zephyrine I The Hereditary Princess of Romanovskaya
• 16 May 2009 – Present: Her Serene Highness Zephyrine I The Princess of Romanovskaya

The official title for the monarch is "Princess of Romanovskaya and Sovereign of the house of Romanoff" (Russian: Княгиня Романовская и Государыня дома Романовых)

Honours and awards
Romanovskaya: Imperial Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle the First-Called
Romanovskaya: Imperial Order of Saint Catherine
Romanovskaya: Imperial Insignia of Saint Olga




Reign Start

Reign End




Xenia I

06 Apr 1875 - 20
Apr 1960
(Aged 85)

21 September 1898

20 April 1960
(61 years, 7 months)

Eldest Daughter of Emperor Alexander III


Irina I

15 Jul 1895 - 26
Feb 1970
(Aged 74)

21 April 1960

26 February 1970
(9 years, 10 months, 6 days)

Eldest Child of Xenia I


Irina II

21 Mar 1915 - 30
Aug 1983
(Aged 68)

27 February 1970

30 August 1983
(13 years, 6 monts, 4 days)

Only Child of Irina I


Xenia II

1 Mar 1942 - 15
May 2009
(Aged 67)

31 August 1983

15 May 2009
(25 years, 8 months, 16 days)

Only Child of Irina II


Zephryine I

6 December 1988
(Age 31)

16 May 2009


Only Child of Xenia II


Records for Romanovan Monarchs

• The longest living Monarch was Princess Xenia I who lived to the age of 85.
• The shortest living Monarch was Princess Xenia II who lived to the age of 67

Age to become Monarch:
• The oldest Monarch to ascend to the throne was Princess Irina I at the age of 64.
• The youngest Monarch to ascend to the throne was Princess Zephyrine I at the age of 20.

Length of Reign:
• The longest reigning Monarch was Princess Xenia I who reigned for 61 years.
• The shortest reigning Monarch was Princess Irina I who reigned for 9 years.