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The Senate

the Senate

Coat of Arms

Speaker of the Senate:
Eustratios Mauros
(People's freedom party)


Supreme Legislative body

The supreme legislative authority of the state body is the Senate

Senate - the unicameral parliament of the Roman Empire,
consisting of members elected by proportional representation for four years.
The Senate is headed by the Speaker.
It is the supreme representative and legislative body of the Roman Empire.

In the Senate, there are 15 parliamentary committees:

Speaker of the Senate - Eustratios Mauros

Eustratios Mauros (People's freedom party)

Evangelos Papaioannis (Liberal)
Manolis Sevras (People's freedom party)
Nikolaos Arestis (National Union)
Maria Domenikou (United Left)
Alexandros Renos (Labour)
Sophia Minou (Libertarian)

Social Affairs Committee - Sophia Laskarou (Labour)
Committee on the Constitution - Mihail Karalis (Liberal)
Cultural Affairs Committee - Andreos Staurakos (People's freedom party)
Defence Committee - Panagiotis Priskos (National union)
Education Committee - Ioannis Leonardos (People's freedom party)
Committee on Environment and Agriculture - Prokopiy Vernadskiy (Liberal)
Financial Committee - Dimitros Meliton (Libertarian)
Foreign Policy Committee - Georgios Augistinos (People's freedom party)
Health Committee - Anastasia Livistrou (Labour)
Industry and Trade Committee - Eugenios Theotokos (Libertarian)
Justice Committee - Alexandros Panonis (Liberal)
Labour market comittee - Nika Staurianou (United Left)
Social Security Committee - Konstantinos Vrettos (United Left)
Taxes and Dues Committee - Phillippos Artemios (Libertarian)
Oceano Union integration and standartisation Committee - Stephanos Lavras (People's freedom party)

Regular elections are held by universal direct secret ballot every four years,
the second Sunday of November. On the same day the elections are held in the meeting of regional authorities and local municipalities.
The right to vote in the elections are citizens who have reached the time of their 18 years.


United Left Movement - 32 seats

Communism, socialism, marxism.
Green Movement - 8 seats

Environtalism, green democracy, direct democracy, pacifism.
Labour Party - 12 seats

Social-democracy, democratic socialism.
Liberal Party - 68 seats

Liberalism, environtalism, human rights, pacifism, free-market.
People's Freedom Party - 100 seats

Conservatism, christian democracy, neo-conservatism, anti-communism.
National Union - 76 seats

Nationalism, anti-globalism, anti-communism.
Libertarian Party - 54 seats

Libertarianism, laissez-faire, free-market.
Res Publica block - 100 seats

Republicanism, anti-monarchism, liberalism.
2016 Elections


Passed the Senate:
People's freedom party - 27%
Liberal party - 24%
National union party - 17%
United Left party - 14%
Libertarian party - 13%
Labour party - 5%

The other parties did not pass the minimum percent threshold

During the elections 7 parties were registered for the elections:

1. Agrarian party of Romaia
2. Libertarian party of Romaia
3. People's freedom party
4. United Left party
5. Labour party of Romaia
6. Liberal party of Romaia
7. National Union party

The Imperia of Romaian