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Our Planet

The Planet of Arkonos

Calendar:337 Days in 1 Year
12 Months Per Year
28 Days are in each month, and one day in which we are not in the previous year or the next.
7 Days per week.
26 Hours in a day

Months and Seasons:

Arkonos is the name of planet to which the all events in the world happen. The term Arkonos comes from the old Kostuan word Ark-Which means cradle, and Onos, which means life. As far as explorers know, there is only two continents on the planet, which are known as Sokos and Tylos. The word in Kostuan simply now means "planet".

Arkonos is the name of the planet itself. and is currently divided into two continents. To the far west, there is Tylos, and to the East there is Sokos. Tylos and Sokos both have a wide range of nations and cultures that can be read about here. Both continents have a long history that stretches back for thousands of years.

The continent of is a mish mash of various cultures and states. The continent has a clear divide between north and south, with the Kostuan land bridge participating as the effective dividing line. It has a significant amount of various cultures and sub cultures that divide the populations of each nation. Sokos is the home to various races, being Aithérios, Dsen, Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Khemakh and Monsu. Tylos is home to various other races such as the Avernians, Gorrin, Ikori, Lopexians and of course the Savoset.

Tylos is has many more variations of climate than Sokos, mainly due to the nature of its size and ability to cross over every type of biome. The highest mountain in the Tylos is Mount Ōkina Yama, while in Sokos it lies in the Eternals mountain range.

In Sokos, Kostua Sol was an all consuming Empire, which once conquered and ruled over most of Sokos. The Kostuan Empire existed for several centuries, introducing a shared language that significant amounts of the continent still understand to this day. For centuries, Kostua ruled over most Sokos, until the Emperor, Cartagia I, attempted to enter a realm of higher existence. Upon doing this, chaos was unleashed upon the world, and the Kostuan Empire, already suffering from overextension and economic instability, completely collapsed. The story of the fall of Kostua and its effects are still ongoing, however the shortened story is The Magisters of the Kostuan Empire in the year 3 BTF came to the Emperor with grave news. The Barriers which held our world and the magical one were hardening, and soon magic would disappear from the world. Magic, being so intrinsically important to the maintenance of the Kostuan Empire, would guarantee its collapse. Emperor Cartagia was notified, and believed that not only could they fix it, but by using the Crystal Tower, located now where the Black Fault is, they could enter the realm of Magic and ascend to godhood. Invincibility and the heavens would be what would lead the realm of Kostua Sol. Cartagia for time eternal.

Their arrogance would be their downfall. What followed was the ushering of the Taint. Pure magic was let into our world using the Crystal Tower, and the entire world unravelled. Fire rained from the sky, animals and people died in droves and what was left was the Taint, a disease which rotted you from the inside. The Taint, once contracted, killed anyone in a manner of days. It spread like wildfire killing 30% of Sokos' population. Cartagia disappeared, and many believed he was dead.

Seeing their chance at independence, the Dsen in Uyuti, began a revolt, declaring the first Commonwelath of Uyuti. What followed was a series of similar revolts until Rolais finally left in , declaring its own Empire and seizing control over swathes of the Imperial Highway, the main road for trade across the continent, and Kostua's greatest legacy. Kostua Sol has since retreated and stayed within its current borders. It now lies in its own decadence, hated by the Denziens of Sokos.

As for the denziens of Sokos, they have become content to run things now as they see fit, the power void of the Kostuan Empire being filled by the new states of Arkonos. Yet it is not just the interests of national powers which have shaped the face of the continent. The lasting legacy of Kostua Sol continues to dominate Sokosian Affairs. Three times now, the world has faced the repercussions for the actions of the Kostuan Empire, particularly in its final days, with various crisis's prompted by the return of long believed dead Kostuans.

In the year 303 ATF, the Rolesian Empress Marie I held a winter ball, in which it was rudely crashed by the Kostuan Magister Felixtius. The Kostuan Magister proclaimed himself as a new god. The Distikan King, Friad I was butchered in front of the scene, while an illusion of the Empress was poisoned. What followed was a series of wars until Felixtius was eventually defeated by a Kostuan intervention during the battle of the Anderfalls. Felixtius was then sealed in the Black Door, in the Anderfalls itself.

What followed was a brief period of peace on the continent, until the Rolesian Chancellor Malum Hirvio laid the groundwork for his own conquest of the world using his extensive wealth and knowledge of the world. Revealing himself to be the former Kostuan Emperor, sent back from the rift which he himself opened in the sky, he proclaimed now was his time to conquer the world. The Hunger, a Tylossian based plague was his weapon. An all consuming force of savage beasts, it plagued the continent of Sokos for almost a year. Empress Marie died during this conflict protecting the city of Lydes, and the Sokos Council. This war continued for two years until the Hive Mind was destroyed in what was Dietmaria, causing the Hunger to simply lash out at itself until it was no more. After more than a decade in hiding, Hirvio once again appeared on the Sokos political scene, causing mass disarray as his cult of religious fanatics laid waste to vast swathes of territory in almost every nation. With seemingly endless funding, they caused mass disruption, however Hirvio, being a poor tactician, failed to make any proper gains until he used the resurrected Crystal Spire to summon an army from beyond. What followed was another series of wars until Hirvio lost at the Second Battle of the Anderfalls. His unknown benefactor, from beyond, had his body and mind destroyed, permanently ending his threats to Sokos.

The continent of Tylos at the time of the rise of Kostua was ruled over by the Savoset Empire. The Savoset Empire was an extensive labyrinth of bureaucracy and governance, with the inclusion of various tributary states and minor kingdoms. The Savoset Empire was initially formed of a grouping of Minor Kingdoms that over time evolved into an Empire that far beat the Kostuan Empire in territory and resources. However like the Kostuan Empire, it faced a crisis that brought their whole world to their knees. An ancient all consuming hive mind, known as The Hunger, was discovered deep in the heart of the old ruins of an ancient Spire. What ensued was a apocalyptic cataclysm that crippled the Savoset Empire, which was unable to resist the mass independence of various breakaway states and the loss of its tributaries.

The world now is much different than the world back then. The various new states that have arise dominate the affairs of the world andact in their own self interest. The world is ripe for more states to rise, but the question remains, is there more storms on the horizon?