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Races of Arkonos

Sokos Races (Sokos only)


Average Lifespan: 70 Years
Average height: 1.5m-2m
Aitheros (Plural: Aitherioi) originated from the death of the undead god and pulse from the spire and are susceptible to taint which kills them in a few hours. These creatures are magic which have gained sentience with the death of this undead god, transforming from spirits to being brittle but agile Humanoids. They do not eat like other species, however, and are able to defend themselves by draining the life force of those that threaten them. Their young is also summoned by way of a magical ritual and no live birth takes place. These Young are born fully adult, quickly learning the knowledge needed for statehood or war.

As years go on however, the Aitheros slowly begin to wither, their ashy skin leaving patches leading only to an azure colored void. When they die, the Aitheros collapses into a pile of ash, with a small mist of the void remaining before finally dissipating. It is assumed the Aitheros continues on back where they once came, acting as they always were: Magical spirits, to one day be resummoned from the void.


Average Lifespan: 65 Years
Average Height: 2.5-2.8m
The Dsen, are a strong race originating on the northern half of the continent of Sokos. The Dsen are massive, physically robust humanoids with great horns on their head. Most Dsen originate from Uyuti, a Great Empire from the far north of Sokos. The Dsen like many Sokosian races were enslaved by the Kostuan Empire, used for their physical strength to help build the great empire. The Dsen were able to come out on top against the Kostuan Empire, and reestablished what was lost to the invader over time. While being physically strong, the Dsen still have an aptitude for science and magic alike. While Dsen are great soldiers, they also make great mercenaries, and are employed in numerous armies as shock infantry.


Average Lifespan: 65 Years
Average Height: 1m-1.5m
Description: The Dwarves are a mountain people, once residing in the city of Blacklight and expanding out from there . They are an ancient people, having had an Empire older than even Kostua. Most of their cities were destroyed from the Dwarve's own trust of the Rai Clan, as well as when the Kostuans unleashed its expansionist fervor upon Sokos. The Dwarven Empire was wiped out, with many of its cities destroyed and repurposed by the Kostuan Empire. Dwarves helped build the Imperial Highway, enslaved to do the Kostuan bidding until they couldn't any longer. However, the Empire fell, and the Dwarves, liberated. Many settled in the Remnant cities near Blacklight, while many settled elsewhere. Old holds were reopened, either by the isolated Dwarves who stuck it out through the storm, or from the resettling Dwarves.


Average Lifespan: 120 Years
Average Height: 1.5m-1.8m
Description: The Elves were once an old Empire, settled on the Eternals, sharing them with the Dwarves. When the Kostuans began to form an Empire, they in their pride attempted to destroy what Humanity had begun to build. They were decimated, their Empire losing all strength to stop the tide, and wiped from existence. They helped spread the seed for Kostuan Imperialism that'd dominate the Continent for centuries. The Elves were enslaved, the first of many, turned to work for the betterment of an Empire they tried to stop.

The Elves were able to survive and break free as the Empire fell and new nations formed. their old homeland now being more Human than Elf, they moved across Sokos, forming new nations while trying to preserve their old culture, and create their own.


Average Lifespan: 70 Years
Average Height: 1.5m-2m
Humans are the dominant race of Arkonos. This is mostly due to the fact that the Kostuan Empire spread out all over Sokos, leaving a large human population in its wake. Humans tend to breed the fastest of all the races, and the Empire of Rolais is the strongest nation in all of Arkonos. When the Kostuan Empire began to fracture, old Human chiefdoms, Kings, even Kostuan Governors began to betray it, forming their own nations from the remnants of the fallen.


Average Lifespan: 70 Years
Average Height: 1.5m-2m
The Khemakh are a race of reptiles located on the North of Sokos. They have a similar physique to humans, and can be found in all shapes and sizes. The Khemakh are commonly compared to lizards, as they share traits, with eggs and lizard tongues. They are commonly seen as raiders or thieves by outsiders, yet form the same societies as most of Sokos does. They were almost driven to extinction by the Kostuan Empire, as they were driven farther and farther north, only saved by its sudden collapse thanks to the sundering.


Average Lifespan: 100 Years
Average Height: 1.5m-2m
Description: The Monsu are a species of creatures found in the northern half of the continent of Sokos. While solitary, they appear open, and the odd interactions with them have always been peaceful. They now mostly hail from Uyuti, and rarely interact with the outside. Monsu are believed to come from the Mythical continent of Xo, with many of them practicing Ziism and having a bureaucratic view on nation building. They were similarly enslaved by Kostua, yet most were able to flee in time to the northwest, before returning to Uyuti after Kostua collapsed.

Tylos Races (Tylos only)


Average Lifespan: 60 Years
Average Height: 1.3-1.8m
Description: Avernians are of the Avernian Empire in Central Tylos. enslaved to the Savoset, they revolted as their master's Empire began to wither and fade. They then had to face the mysterious disease of the Hunger by themselves, with them suffering as much as the Savoset. Avernians have suffered for centuries, but now are in a position to rebuild society, with the Savoset defeated and lands ready for the taking.


Average Lifespan: 70 years
Average Height 1.7m – 2.2m
Native to Southern Tylos, Gorrin can now be found all over the continent. They all have horns and hooves, a tail, and pointy ears. Some tribes are less civilized, usually recognizable for their fur like hair that covers most of their body, which led them to initially be confused as a weird brand of lycantropy by early Sokosian explorers.
The more civilized of them, usually located in the islands south of the continent, grow less hair and tend to cut it as they don't find it useful. They ran a theocratic empire known as the "Yuannic Freehold" that rivaled the Savoset Empire to the north. But after a big conflict between the two powers and the arrival of The Hunger, both of them ultimately fell.


Average Lifespan: 40 years
Average Height 1.29m-1.65m
Concentrated along the eastern coasts and jungles of Tylos, the Ikori are regarded as a tumultuous people locked in constant struggle with themselves. An unfocused curiosity combined with the inability to handle the stress and corruption of leadership rarely result in long-term successful powers: Ikori rulers and great generals are regularly cut down in their prime, either by betrayal or personal failure. Yet, while the Ikori war and bicker among themselves, they have united many times throughout history, usually in order to defend themselves against foreign invaders.


Average Lifespan: 100 Years
Average Height: 1.8m-2.2m
Lopexians exist primarily in the far north of the continent of Tylos. While uncivilized compared to the Avernians, their civilization is focused heavily around martial prowess. Their population, spreads far and wide across Tylos as a whole, but northern Tylos has an unusually large population of them. The Lopexians were forced to pay tribute to the Savoset Empire, as the boundaries of their Empire began to stretch thinner and thinner. The Lopexians were deployed as mercenaries, fighting for an Empire they hated. When the Savoset Empire collapsed, the Lopexians spared no time resettling the fallen territories, but their encounters with the Hunger drove them back to the North.

The Savoset

Average Lifespan: 80 Years
Average Height: 1.5m-1.8m
The Savoset are an ancient Race of Tylos. They formed the first Kingdoms of the continent, and then after, the first Empire. They conquered more of the Continent then even the Kostuans conquered Sokos. They were on top of the World, forming an Empire unrivaled in wealth in prestige. Yet just as it rose, it soon fell, with slave revolts, Gorrin and Lopexian raids, and a Disastrous campaign against the Yuannic Freeholds all bringing it to its knees. The Hunger was the deathblow, and the Savoset were now leaderless. Fleeing in all directions, the Hunger finally dissipated, and the Savoset could attempt to rebuild what they lost.