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Arkonos Rules

Welcome to Arkonos, a fantasy medieval roleplay group. For all rules relating to the map, click here
Critical Introductory Rules
•No references to Earth countries. Earth is not canon.
•You must follow the regional lore, no exceptions/
•No meme nations. (MyLittlePony, CrookedHillaryCo, PepeFrog999, etc.)
•Nation States Stats are not canon and are not followed
•Report all your puppets, or you will be banned
•Be polite in general.
•We do not interact with other regions of Nation States.
•We role-play on the RMB.
•The following Fandoms are not allowed: Warhammer 40K(Warhammer Fantasy is fine so long as it fits the regional theme.)

The Setting
•Arkonos is a planet orbited by one moon. Due to the metallic dust on its surface, our moon glows blue. An image for this can be found LinkHere

•More info on the setting can be found here

•Technology in Arkonos is based around this 1500s

•This means that gunpowder weaponry is allowed, but you must meet the resource requirements as seen on the resources factbook, found here

•The following is the list of all gunpowder technology
•Cannons-This meaning Grand Bombards and Falconets are our canon technological pieces
•Matchlock weapons
•Grenades are banned due to a players misuse of the technology.
•Automatic Crossbows are banned.

•Please note that just because it was around at the time in the likes of say China, this does not mean the technology is automatically given to you. Always consult with an admin if you are unsure.

Role Play Rules
•Your founding post should say how your nation was founded. Did it just arise from a period of isolationism? Are you rebuilding from the Kostuan Empire? Did they just unite some Free Cities? These are some examples of foundation stories. My nation, for example, emerged from the ashes of the Kostuan Empire, and many of its cultural and political influences still are within my nation.

•You can only declare war on other nations who consent to it-The only exception is the admins during the regional crisis, as these are group RP's that involve the whole region.

•Posts on the RMB must have a bold title. To get a bold title, put [.b]word[/.b] without the dot.

•You can only change nations after 3 IRL months have passed

Military and Population Rules
•Your nations population is depending on the amount of foodstuffs in your nation. You can decide density.

•You cannot ride anything you cannot ride on Earth. This is to stop godmodders and cheats who want to ride armies of dragons.

•Your military is entirely dependent on the resources in your nation. Please consult the Arkonos Resources factbook for more information.

•Ships have three size types, each which have different resource requirements.

• Only Large and medium ships can trade across continents. Small ships can trade across sea in their respective continent.

•Mercenaries are limited to 25% of your manpower. You cannot send lots of your military resources to a nation in a bid to increase its manpower to turn a war.

•Mages make up 2% of the population and therefore at max 2% of your army can be mages.

•You can ally at most two other nations excluding City states.

•All Puppets must be declared.
•Puppets may not ally your own nations
•Puppets cannot trade with any of your own nations. You can not also trade with your ally with an additional puppet.
•You may only have one nation on Sokos. This excludes if you are playing as an additional city state.

Helpful Factbooks/guides to getting started
Creating a Nation

Arkonos Species List


•lnactive nations will be removed from the map and discord

•There are several reasons for inactivity and we will try to accommodate you.