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Roleplay Planets: Earth 2.0 (Main rp), Earth 3.0, Titan, Earth 1.5

Current rp events

SUB Victory WWIV day

American invasion of canada earth 3.0

Neo-Austro-Hungarian Empire becomes European superpower earth 3.0

British start special military operation in canada earth 3.0

Escalation in the Scandinavian region Earth 2.0

Attack on Egypt and the Arabians by the British Earth 2.0

East Asian Crisis on Earth 2.0

Soviets Capture Tehran on Earth 2.0 (according to SUB website)

Huge Cold War between the PCS and Neo-Steako on Earth 2.0

Vietnam Crisis on Earth 3.0

Hellenic Civil War on Earth 2.0

Persian Civil War on Earth 2.0

East Asian crisis, Communist Chang Dynasty and Royal Fed. of Asia