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List of Royal Ministries of Rivienland (Under Revision)

In Rivienland, over the last two centuries, various Grand Dukes have created ducal ministries (hertogelijke ministeries) to enforce the laws and decrees of the ruling monarch.

Ducal Chancellorship of the Council of Ministers (Hertogelijk Kanselier van de Raad van Ministers(HKRM)): Oversees ministries and ensures every executive agency is working in the best interest of the monarch. Generally, the Chancellor is seen as the head of the government.

Ducal Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Hertogelijke Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken(HMBUZ)): Oversees global relationships with foreign states, assists Rivienlanders abroad and advises on international developments.

Ducal Ministry of Internal Affairs (Hertogelijke Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken(HMBIZ)): Oversees internal state services such as law enforcement, crisis management, immigration affairs, government document management and public land management.

Ducal Ministry of Defense (Hertogelijke Ministerie van Defensie(HMD)): Oversees the training and deployment of the Armed Forces of Rivienland.

Ducal Ministry of Finance (Hertogelijk Ministerie van FinanciŽn(HMF)): Oversees the treasury, prints money, manages public debt, regulates the banks and general advises on fiscal policy. In addition, the HMF collects taxes and custom duties.

Ducal Ministry of Justice (Hertogelijke Ministerie van Justitie(HMJ)): Oversees the courts, prisons and probational services.

Ducal Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Hertogelijk Ministerie van Handel en Industrie(HMHI)): Oversees the subsidization of local industries, and advises on how to bolster the economy through national and international solutions. In addition, the HMHI sets industry standards and assists with local patents and trademarks.

Ducal Ministry of Public Prosperity (Hertogelijke Ministerie van Openbare Welvaart(HMOW)): Overseas the prosperity of public life by regulating health, labor and public opinion.

Ducal Ministry of Transportation (Hertogelijke Ministerie van Transport(HMT)): Overseas the development of both land and sea transportation. To assist in these endeavors, the HMT funds the construction of ports and road systems.

Ducal Ministry of Energy (Hertogelijke Ministerie van Energie(HME)): While Rivienland is classified as a low-energy region, due to most of the country operating off the grid, the HME still assists in overseeing public energy projects, like the various hydroelectric stations primary used to power the major cities.

Ducal Ministry of Culture (Hertogelijk Ministerie van Cultuur(HMC)): Oversees the cultural endeavors of Rivienland by funding public art projects, running cultural institutions and generally promoting Rivienlander culture abroad.

Ducal Ministry of Agriculture (Hertogelijke Ministerie van Landbouw(HML)): Oversees farming regulations, protects the domestic agricultural trade, sets food safety standards and protects Rivieland's natural resources.

Ducal Ministry of Ways of Communication (Hertogelijke Ministerie van Communicatiemiddelen(HMCO)): Oversees public methods of communication, like the newspapers, postal services, radio stations and media publishers. The HMCO sets standards for the industry, and assists in regulating the various media outlets to provide stability.

Ducal Ministry of the Ducal Court (Hertogelijke Ministerie van het Hertogelijke Hof(HMHH)): Oversees the public finances of the Ducal Court, the private finances of the Ducal family, manages several Ducal properties, plans and runs court ceremonies and manages Ducal Orders.

Ducal Ministry of Worship (Hertogelijke Ministerie van Aanbidding(HMAA)): Oversees the relationship of the state with various religious institutions, like the Church of Rivienland.

Ducal Ministry of Education (Hertogelijk Ministerie van Onderwijs(HMO)): Overseas the creation of curriculum, funds local schools and manages state universities.

Department of the State Comptroller (Afdeling van de Staatscontroller(AST)): Oversees the state budget, audits state finances, pays state employees, ensures state's tax dollars are well-spent and educates the public on tax issues.