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The Trans Queendoms of
Liberal Democratic Socialists

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RPs in No Order

The Weivar Trilogy (Finished)

-Rhodeve Civil War
James Takes over Rhodevus, Richard Weivar leads revolution to free Diana and retake the nation.
End: Diana is saved, Richard Weivar is promoted to general. Nathanial Timmel is promoted to Admiral. Diana is made queen.
-Kingly Terrorists
The Terrorist organization; the Bannerless Brothers emerges and takes over a hotel with ambassadors from abroad. Weivar finds a way inside to retake the hotel. The terrorists later capture Diana.
End: Hotel is retaken and Diana is freed. We find out that James was the leader of the terrorists the whole time.
-James's End
James, with the help of his terrorist group and another nation take over Rhodevus once more. Richard Weivar attacks the groups with his allies.
End: Rhodevus is safe. Richard Weivar kills himself in order to kill James as well. Order is restored to the nation.

Zaira's Trilogy(In Progress)

Zaira is an assassin in the employ of the Black Pirate Corporation. She is given a mission to meet up with other assassins to take out a high priority target. Admiral Nathanial Timmel.
End: Zaira learns that Nathanial Timmel is her father. She spares his life at the last second and joins him in the military.
Zaira is the Commander of Rubin 5, the most elite special forces group in Rhodevus. She is sent to meet up with other special forces in a joint operation to finally end the Bannerless Brotherhood, terrorist organization once and for all.
End: The Special Force teams take out the Brotherhood's camp, but they discover that the Black Pirate Corporation, not only supplies weapons for the Brotherhood, but in fact is run by the Brotherhood. Every person she assassinated was actually someone who the terrorists wanted dead.
As a way to make amends for her past sins, Zaira convinces Queen Diana and her father, General Timmel to take down the Black Pirate Corporation. Once again, Zaira teams up with the special forces, but now, she has the backing of all the allied armies.
End: The armies are able to defeat the giant forces of terrorists and the corporation's national allies. General Timmel dies, saving Zaira's life. Zaira finally and truly recognizes herself as Nathanial Timmel's daughter.

Terra Nova: A New World (Story-line Stage)

Chapter 1: The twelfth Pilgrimage
The people are on Earth, in the year 2149. They are accepted into the Terra Nova Program, to allow them onto the New World that was discovered (as in the television show). They get set up on Terra Nova and meet everyone already there. They see dinosaurs. It is discovered that there is a breakaway group in Terra Nova that were all aboard the sixth pilgrimage to the world.
End: The spy is discovered and is thrown in prison for future investigating. Before the RP ends, in the spy's house, a map is found. The map takes the shape of Pangaea, but also includes 4 red 'X's.
Chapter 2: Now You See Me
The group needs to decide whether or not to follow the 'X's from the previous chapter. At the same time, there are warnings of a meteor shower that may affect the electronics in Terra Nova. The Sixers are discovered trying to steal power from the wind turbines.
End: The Sixers are dealt with. They agree to stop stealing power in return for the captured spy. It is agreed to follow the 'X's once the meteor shower warnings are gone.
Chapter 3: Nightfall
A meteor enters the earth's atmosphere and releases an EMP over Terra Nova. At the same time, a second meteor hits the ground, not too far from the camp. But, this area is a breeding ground to a very hostile species of dinosaurs (winged). Now, without any technology for the time being, the group needs to lead the dinosaurs away from the main camp and give them a new breeding ground now that the previous one has been destroyed.
End: After two dinosaurs are captured, using chemistry and biology, the scientists are able to discover the pheremone used by teh reptiles in the mating process, allowing the group to lead the dinosaurs away from the camp and to a new home.
Chapter 4: [Needs to be Named]

One story diplomatic-espionage RP (Story-line Stage)

Queen Diana has officially gotten engaged to a lawyer. Ambassadors and leaders are asked to come to the engagement party. During the party, the lawyer announces some future plans for Rhodevus which allows more democracy in place to elect national leaders. After the party, while Diana is sleeping, the lawyer leaves the hotel where they are staying. Zaira (main character) sees him talking on his phone to his 'boss', where he says that he is getting closer to having a full democracy in Rhodevus, where he'd finally be able to run for President. 4 days to the wedding, the lawyer makes a speech saying that when these new reforms come in, he is going to run for president of Rhodevus. He has huge amount of support. Zaira tries to get Diana to understand that the lawyer is using her to take over the country and kick her out of office. To get proof, Zaira calls on different top-spies from different nations to help her. Together they must find out who the lawyer works for (The Democracy Party) and need to stop him from passing the Republic Act.
End: Zaira and the other spies find out that the lawyer is trying to take power out of Diana's hands, so he can end up as President and turn Rhodevus back into the Regional Superpower it once was back in the 1800s. Diana breaks off the engagement, the entire Democracy Party is thrown in prison and Diana hands over control of Rhodevus to Sierra Abrams, until a time comes where she has her life back under control.

Unnamed Fantasy World RP
Fantasy nation creation based upon the Universe creation thread. Full Fantasy world including multiple species, kingdoms and a full history of time before the RP.

Sunalaya History Roleplays
Ascent of Glory Series

Ascent of Glory (finished)
In the 1840's, the Rhodeve empire reaches to its furthest extent, over countless colonies and nations. Its vast armies and navy command fear and respect wherever they go. But, with the Rhodeve enemy of Aznazia gaining technology advances, as well as rebelliousness around Sunalaya, this empire is on the verge of collapse.
End: POD successfully rebels and the Aznazian forces successfully defeat the Rhodeve Fleets and armies, causing Rhodevus to surrender and pay tribute to the nation.

Crumbing Nations (Finish)
In the 1890's, Sunalaya is an incredibly different place. With the creation of Communism, many countries begin to feel as though it will be best to achieve this ideology. The USJR erupts into civil war, broken into the Democrats, Monarchists and Communists. The Aznazian Empire is beginning to feel the weight of expansion, as Corwen decides to revolt. The country gains the help of Rhodevus and other nations to help it achieve independance as the nation of Oblaren.
End: USJR becomes a democratic/communist republic and Oblaren becomes independent.

A Continent Aflame
WW1 of Sunalaya
End: Rhodeve, Rezuan, Vekalsen victory

Of an Arcane Mind

The Last of the Tanto
Action/Adventure, Eco-Police

If you have any ideas for an RP, tg me and I'll try to design a story-line for you!