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Arka Pasca, Chief Representative for Resilient Acceleration [IC]


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Editor's note: skimming the Overview page first is recommended, as it shows the motivations behind Pasca's actions and beliefs far better.

Arka Pasca

Theme: LinkDancing Mad, 4th Mvt

Chief Representative for the
Resilient Acceleration


Assumed office:

U.S. Secretary of
National Resilience


Assumed office:

Director of the National Public Data Analysis Office


Assumed office:

President of the United States
Technology and Climate Forum


Assumed office:

United States Senator
from Nevada

In office:
2031.01.03 - 2033.02.13

Preceded by:

Robert Garcia

Suceeded by:

Tamara Ng

President of H+ International


Assumed office:

Personal Details


Arka Pasca Divine Alatas


"Ultimate Hope"
"His Majesty King Meme"


2000.02.05, age 33
Semarang, Dwipantara


Dwipantaran (formerly)


Dwipantara (formerly)
Resilient Acceleration
United States
New Democratic Party

Political Stances:

Resilient Accelerationism


Maki Satou Pasca


Rein Divine Alatas
Juno L. Fullmoon


Arunika S. Divine Alatas


Pasca Garden, Reno Area Innovation Zone, NV


Massachusets Institute of Technology

Net Worth:

c$151.1 billion (2033.11)




"A chimp, given a billion years, will never surpass us. Such is what a 1.2% difference in DNA looks like. But how was this small leap achieved? LinkFood shortage. Competition, causing Linkmass deaths for the inferior while Linkfavoring the geniuses, continuously for a billion years. THAT... is the scientific explanation of our emergence. If we are to advance, to the Future where us to today's humans are like today's humans to chimps, there's no other way but to... repeat."
—Pasca's rally during the 11th Humanity+ Convention, Mumbai, 2032. Amid the explosive rise of extreme ideologies following a decade of socio-economic suffering, the advent of aging reversal technologies has shifted the meaning to the word "future", now used more often to refer to "ourselves" as opposed to "our descendants".

Arka Pasca Divine Alatas, Ph.D. FRS FRSA (/'arka 'pasʃa/; born 2000.02.05; age 33) is an American tech industrialist, computer scientist, technopopulist political leader, and transhumanist. He is serving as the 1st US Secretary of National Resilience as part of the Cabinet of Andrew Yang, after previously serving as the Senate Majority Leader for four months. Referred affectionately as His Majesty King Meme by his Linkglobal fanatic cult following, he is best known for his role in advancing aging reversal, touted to be the 'cure' to the largest current threat to global capitalism—the Linkpension and aging crisis. Mastermind behind the "Tech Plot" that brought down the US administration of the late-2020s, Pasca is currently the chief representative and "religious prophet" of Resilient Acceleration, a group of global tech giants, community-run global LinkDAOs, and technofuturist political movements. They hold major sway throughout the New Community, a world order led by the US and India, locked in a cold war against the omnipresent, cyber-totalitarian, but stagnating China.

Before entering politics, Pasca was the founder and owner of DeepDoc (bio-medical and telehealth services), DeepDive (bio-computer industries, medical manufacture, brain research), DeepSys (bio-operating systems and machine learning, decentralized software, cybersecurity), Phimmortal (drug research and longevity), MiniSwarm Intelligence (medical nano-robotics), and NerveBoost (nano-robotic brain-computer interface), holding various CEO, CTO, and chairman positions throughout the various enterprises of a total valuation of c$2.2 trillion (2033). In particular, his company under lead researcher Dr. "Chop-Chop" Charles invented LinkModulative LinkIonic Neurotransistors (MINT) in 2026, modeled after complex chemo-electrical architectures of the human brain, enabling the development of rapidly scalable biocomputers—described as "like quantum computers, are Linka billion billion times more powerful than classical computers, but Linkconsumes as much energy as a laptop". All of his companies are headquartered in the self-governing company town of Pasca Garden, LinkReno Area Innovation Zone, Nevada, where he has "feudal-like authority".

Pasca is currently the world's 6th richest person with a net worth of c$151.1 billion (2033.11). Following his election as a US Senator of Nevada, he masterminded the 2031 Medical Patent Deregulation Act which drastically reduced healthcare costs; the 2030 Fix College Act which forgave c$1.7tn worth of student debt and replace it with the Linkincome share agreement system; the 2033 US universal basic income (UBI)—a populist policy often compared to Otto von Bismarck's Linkstaatssozialismus; and the Nusa Dua Plan—a c$18.3 tn "global Linkgreen new deal" package aiming to cut 70% of global carbon emission in 10 years. He also chaired the 2033 Reno Meeting, which introduced a singular "cryptodollar" with no central authority in 54 countries and created a new global financial order following the 2025 Modern Monetary Collapse.

Described as both a "Linkboomer-hating ageist", crypto fanatic, and a climate extremist, Pasca has been criticized for unethical human experimentations, conflicts of interest (with the tech and green energy mega-corporations that forms his backbone of political power profiting massively from his c$18 trillion global climate package), and for his role behind a new wave of "neo-colonialist", aggressive US foreign policy to extract rare earth metals desperately needed by green energy. Most controversial is the RA's ongoing, gradual "peaceful genocide of 5-6 billion" out of 9 billion in 45 years by suppressing the birth rate of the global "Linkuseless class" while denying them aging reversal techs. Mass opposition to the genocide will also be neutered through AI-run hyper-personalized propaganda, mass legalization of narcotics, and hyper-immersive VR worlds. The genocide itself aims to "solve" billions of joblessness due to mass automation, balance the budget, and prevent ecological catastrophe. The resulting New World will allow perpetual acceleration of technological growth for the "chosen" surviving 3-4 billion, leading to the "Fourth Impact"–described as a "total synthesis" between cyber-biotech, hyper-intelligence through brain-computer merger, and post-singularity "strong AI" to a new breakaway species capable of building an Linkaggressively expanding galactic empire and Linkliterally become God.

Early Life and Family

Tandjung Emas port area, Semarang, where Pasca spent his early childhood. During the Civil Conflict, the area is largely run by organized crime linked to the ruling PKB–B, and was involved with daily violence against hardline Islamist mob-millitias.
Pasca was born in an illegal midwife clinic in a kaoman fishing slum near Tandjung Emas shipping dockyard, Semarang, Dwipantara. His father was Sheikh Rein D. Alatas, an MP from the ruling PKB-B and heir to the Alatas Group conglomerate. Despite this privileged upbringing, the 1999-2006 Dwipantaran Civil Conflict erupted just weeks before his birth, forcing his mother Juno and his then 2-year-old older sister Arunika to flee east to Rein's hometown of Semarang. Although they were taken warmly under the protection of local boss Pak Dadap, living conditions were still austere, with Juno being lucky of scoring a job as an assistant researcher from Universitas Diponegoro (Undip). Stuck in a conservative backwater, Arunika later stated that "despite becoming atheist quite quickly", Pasca "never resented Islam..." he was instead "always awe-amazed by Islam's uncanny ability" to "brainwash and boss around the entire society" without much physical force. Pasca himself recalled being beaten with a wooden ruler by his kindergarten school teacher, after stating that his dream is to "become Islam's 26th apostle" that will "outshine the Prophet Muhammad".

A child prodigy (and is keenly aware of it), Pasca started reading his mother's medical manuals at the age of 2 and was extremely good at decoding language and mathematics, able to "calculate 6-dimensional vector calculus" in his head Linkby the time he's eight years old. Awkward, weird, and with a genetic mutation that greyed his hair, Pasca found it impossible to connect to his peers, something he attributed to the destitute area's "low IQ average" likely due to "genetics and malnutrition", and was ostracized and bullied throughout his childhood - sometimes by the entire batch. Neglected by his busy mother and his poorly paid teachers, Pasca often skipped school in favor of spending hours in Undip's public and computer library on the city's hilly outskirts, using his mother's stolen keycards, to read advanced mathematics or download pirated anime - becoming an "edgy weeb" in the process.

Facing chronic bullying even after moving to an elite school, Pasca spent most of his time in solitude, and learned about human-to-human interaction "mostly through college-level medical psychology books and high-school animes".

As political violence subsided by 2008, the family reunited to Serpong, an elite retreat south of Djakarta. By the age of 9, Pasca (still being unable to conform to a school environment) developed an interest in computing using materials borrowed from Juno's colleague and ITB's top computer scientist, Dr. Abdullah "Pak" Dengklek, who took interest. Under Pak Dengklek's strict tutelage, he would become the most famous member of the state computer olympiad team (TOKD), bringing four Linkconsecutive gold medals in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) of 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 before enrolling into the prestigious ITB at the age of 14. Advised by his father (who has risen into becoming governor of Djakarta in 2012), Pasca also launched a viral programming and college entrance preparation YouTube channel, Pasca Kelas, ultimately becoming massively popular throughout both his campus life and the country, finding fangirls swooning wherever he goes (it helped that his father paid the country's largest idol agency to secretly coach Pasca to be "as charming and hot as possible"). Arunika often recalled how the experiences turned his younger brother into a "double-faced, narcissistic sociopath on the inside", in addition to him already being an "unsalvageable Linkchuuni degenerate" who "spends half of his massive olympiad prizes on risky stocks and crypto and the other half on hundreds of ecchi anime figurines", and often teased him using a measuring tape to "see how large has his pompous head ballooned".

However, these public successes hid a dark truth within the Alatas family. Unknown to the press, his mother Juno was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, a genetic disorder that, after flaring up, progressively destroys cellular neurons. The eventual revelation of her illness - and that he himself inherited it - drove Pasca to abandon the olympiads in favor of majoring in ITB's biotechnology, but she passed away just hours before his graduation ceremony in 2016. The death was devastating to all, but especially to Pasca's father, Rein. Pasca himself recalled having taking care of his griefing father with mixed feelings, with Rein often found at his lowest moments "running around the Alatas estate in his pajamas, confused, screaming and calling his wife's name". Ultimately, Pasca was deeply impacted on how his father's "immense political power and opulent wealth" seems "completely worthless" at those instances, and he became determined to move to the United States, saying "America is where great things are possible... more than anywhere else in the world", inspired by the likes of Elon Musk and Dr. David Sinclair.

vs. Death

Entrpreneurial Pursuits

"God is imperfect. Link8 million of His children are born with torturous genetic errors, every year, for no reason. Each of our cells that He carefully designed is bugged; they randomly implode into deadly cancer, killing 1 in 6 people. Worst, we all weather away with time... degraded into a sad, useless bag of wrinkles. Why? Is God a sadist? Is He just an incompetent, f**king moron?"

"The answer is 'who cares'. What's clear: God is a problem, and problems are solved by innovation. Us: engineers, startup founders, we're born to beat to death the s**t out of problems, God included, and profit from it. Let's begin."

–Pasca's ecstatic address during the 2028 Series C of Phimmortal, amid rapid advancements in cellular-level ageing reversal technology. In 2030, as state pension and elderly healthcare accounts for 50-70% of the budgets of developed countries, Phimmortal's valuation has skyrocketed with its promise to "end healthcare".

An 18-year old Pasca defending his famed doctoral thesis, On the Theoretical Application of Neuromodulative Data Formation in General Computing, streamed live on YouTube. Already a YouTuber with massive fangirl followers even before moving to America, Pasca is (in)famous for his bombastic self-promotion of his and his (far older) colleagues' achievements, giving them massive advantages in acquiring research funding and investment.

Whether unfortunate or fortunate, Pasca's 2016 arrival in America coincided with the dawn of Linkthe biggest, most awful, most despair-inducing interval in modern history. Racing against "his impending death", which became well-known, the 16 years old Pasca earned notoriety as a "hyper-ambitious workaholic" who would arrange to place empty card boxes inside the labs or offices of unsuspecting busy (and often pompous) professors he found interesting, hide inside it, and then wait for hours until they're alone, simply to force a one-to-one conversation. He quickly made a name for his theoretical works around non-discrete computer science largely inspired by complex chemo-electrical emergent properties in billions of brain neurons, in collaboration with his mentor and former LinkFields Medal nominee Dr. Mark Tride (who once almost died of heart attack due to the box trick).

In 2018 he graduated from MIT with Ph.D. in both computer science and molecular biology before applying in Google Calico. He then quitted after two years in a "mutiny" with his eight colleagues, including Tride and Oliver Heng. Moving to Reno, NV, they signed a deal with venture capitalist "Jim Bob" Paulson of Rockworth Capital for the first $19 million for their new company, DeepDoc, which developed an "AI doctor" that analyzes billions of medical data and recommends the best treatment for a patient. They also developed heavily in-demand software and information systems, especially in medical research information system, visualization technologies, and genetic analysis. Within two years, the company bloomed to a valuation of $1.4 bn.

In 2023, Pasca met investor Lex Pelmann and co-founded DeepDive and DeepSys. They developed a "human scanning" technology that analyzes the gene structure and monitors the fluctuations of blood composition, hormones, brain waves, and hundreds of other parameters via implanted chips, enabling humans to scan and monitor their own body 24/7. This is because 60% of hospitalization is directly due to day-to-day lifestyle decisions, prescription taking, and health habit. Aided by in-vivo technologies, it is now possible for DeepDoc's artificial intelligence to evaluate the collected data and produce by-hour interventions, thus significantly cutting long-term medical costs. As of 2032, DeepDive chips have been implanted in 458 million people worldwide, with a total of 1.1 billion connected to the DeepDoc AI through hospital and healthcare systems.

MINT, Pasca Garden, and Human Experimentations

Academic City, Pasca Garden, which houses and takes care of the under-aged "victims" of its ongoing human experiments. Under the protection of Reno Area's Link"tech company towns" law, Pasca's biotech ventures openly offer cash benefits and "future transhuman augmentations" as compensation for the experiments' lethal risks. Most who volunteered are either the unemployable, drug-addicted homeless, or Pasca-fanboying teenage NEETs with suicidal depression who "lacks purpose in life".
DeepDive also took over the Swiss research institution EPFL and its infamous chief, advanced neuroscientist Dr. Harle "Chop-Chop" Charles, saving him from a lengthy jail time in Libreville after being caught performing unethical brain "researches" in rural Guinea-Bissau, secretly sponsored by the Chinese intelligence to develop new computer and AI technologies by "reverse-engineering the human brain". Having basically stolen one of Beijing's brightest assets in exchange for a c$188 million worth of investment in Guinea-Bissau's medical infrastructure, with some accusing of secret backing by the US government, DeepDoc achieved breakthroughs in cellular-level brain scanning methods and technology, Linkencoding-decoding, and Linkconnectome mapping.

This rapid success was largely achieved through a total disregard of traditional research ethics and the participants' welfare. Utilizing Pasca Garden's self-governing status (and, allegedly, secret deals with Pentagon and Langley) to circumvent state and federal laws, Pasca instituted a policy of "transparency" to pre-emptively destroy whistleblowing attempts, by establishing an independent(ish) ethics board that enforces full disclosure of all details to the volunteers before any trial, including (if exist) risks of death, memory and brain damages, or permanent psychological rupture due to prolonged or periodic extreme pain, along with its compensation policy of "the bigger the risk, the bigger the biscuit". The resulting scientific boom (which earned Dr. Charles the controversial 2029 Nobel Prize in biology) enabled the company to develop Linkionic transistors for computers, modeled after the brain's Linkneuromodulators that allows the in-process modification of continuous signals and logic gates (as opposed to discrete states of "0" and "1"). DeepDive's modulative ionic neurotransistor (MINT) technology, along with its proprietary algorithmic designs, led to an industrial boom of biocomputers, overhauling the global artificial intelligence field. In fact, DeepDoc was crowned "both the IBM and Microsoft of neurogenerative AI" by Forbes on 2032, who compared MINT to the invention of MOSFET classical transistor in 1959 - the progenitor of the entire modern digital civilization.

Biotechnological Revolution

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) can be reprogrammed to become "any" cell with a reset telomere length, by inducing billions of individual target cells with the LinkYamanaka cocktail through AI-run, remote-controlled swarm of millions of nanorobots, one by one. This means a therapy able to both cure "anything" and reverse aging.
Armed with a strong enough AI design and computing power, Pasca moved to "his real goals all along of curing his impending doom and defeat God", and launched two other ventures. DeepDoc CEO Oliver Heng often used this fact to promote Pasca's "hyper-geniusness" while pitching for funding, saying "LinkAtalla's MOSFET was the peak of his career... Pasca invented MINT because he was annoyed that our entire species' tech capacity is still too primitive for his actual visions." The first venture, Phimmortal Inc., capitalizes on rapid breakthroughs in cell reprogramming, accelerated regeneration technology, and hyper-personalized induction of LinkYamanaka reversal. In particular, the petabytes of DeepDoc cellular-level medical data from its 1.1 billion customers, along with quantum computing and DeepDive's neuroplastic AI, has allowed subatomic-level simulations of trillions of potential drugs and therapies in billions of biological systems and scenarios at once, achieving previously unthinkable breakthroughs.

MiniSwarm Intelligence meanwhile is a holding of various startups that sought to develop smart, Linkremote controllable nanorobotic swarms that can be automatically designed from scratch by the DeepDoc AI, mass-produced, and delivered in under 1 hour, hyper-personalized to each patient based on their real-time cellular-level bodily data, thus able to cure "anything". This includes performing genetic engineering to individual cells, one by one, to all 37.2 trillion cells in the human body, opening a completely new biotechnological sector with limitless possibilities in both healthcare, and more importantly, transhumanism. Both companies are now in the testing phase and plan to roll out first-generation products before 2035, with the end goal of "immortality, eternal youth, and the extinction of the very concept of 'disease'." The population of Pasca Garden notably increased during this period, housing many desperate patients of horrific illnesses eager to volunteer for the experimental therapies.

In 2030, just before starting his political career, Pasca founded NerveBoost, which focuses on achieving hyper-immersive virtual reality known as "nerveboosting". Led by Pasca's ambitious sister Arunika Pasca (who previously founded the game development company Zamrud Visuals), the company aims to develop revolutionary brain-computer interface (BCI) technology based on nanorobotics with the immediate goal of becoming the "Apple of 2050". That is, NerveBoost's BCI aims to replace the entire global mobile phone, smart-glass, PC, and laptop, totaling trillions of dollars of market value, with itself and itself alone. The long-term goal itself meanwhile is to achieve rapidly scalable human hyper-intelligence (dubbed "Project 1 Billion IQ") capable of competing with AI, by outsourcing thought and brain computations to external cloud MINT-based neurocomputers. Zamrud Visuals, which became NerveBoost's subsidiary, is also planning to release the world's first LinkNerveboosted Massively Multiplayer Online (NMMO), Ascent Dive, before 2040.

Rise in Politics

Deliberately offensive tweets such as this are produced to research the effectiveness of the RA's AI-run campaign for ageist hatred and discrimination. As predicted, the result showed a substantial national increase of those who supports Pasca's "based" ageist politics, with 35-40% of Americans having "undecided" or "neutral opinion" on jargons such as "boomercide".

Amazon of Healthcare

In the early 2020s, one in four dollars in the average American household is spent on the exploitative medical system. Recognizing this juicy opportunity, Pasca led DeepDoc to be the Linkunquestioned online platform of healthcare, including for the booming Linkdirect primary care market. Not only would DeepDoc AI monitor the human body 24/7 through its chips, but it will also then analyze the entire market to find the cheapest, safest, most effective medical solutions. Combined with his anti-aging products and preventive healthcare, Pasca slashed average national medical spending by 40-45% and as much as 80% for drugs such as insulin, as his Amazon-esque online platform enabled for a breakthrough 'Linktransparent healthcare' that reduces prices through capitalist competition, where costs "to the individual pills" are openly compared by AI and online communities while the barrier to entry is lower, replacing the Big Pharma oligarchy with a far more decentralized and competitive supply chain. Automation also brought about a radical transformation in other areas of the medical industry, and as of 2033, DeepDoc controls 50% of hospital information systems in the US alone, with its artificial intelligence and network of robots thoroughly involved in everything from disease detection, screening, diagnosis, pharmaceutical decisions, medications delivery, and post-treatment monitoring.

Unsurprisingly, Pasca was quickly beset by anti-trust allegations from those unhappy with his machinations, especially from the extreme left. Yet the 2025 monetary crisis, the 2026 Chinese invasion of Taiwan, and a Republican midterm sweep led to the total collapse of President Elizabeth Warren's $40 trillion "Medicare-for-all" program. This ironically leaves Pasca's technomedical breakthroughs as the largest and only successful significant cut to American healthcare costs within the last 60 years—making him incredibly popular throughout the economic depression. Warren herself was defeated in the 2028 election by the pro-market Rand Paul, who invited Pasca to his business advisory council, giving Pasca influence within America's most powerful tech magnates and industrialists. In 2029 however, Paul announced that the US will again leave the Paris Accord and reverse the 2025 Zero Emission Protocol. In protest, Pasca immediately resigned from the council and soon found himself leading a national and even international opposition against Paul's energy policy.

In 2029.09, also capitalizing on Tech's industry-wide fears of an American-style sinofication (referring to China's 2020s crackdown on tech companies deemed too powerful), Pasca was elected chair of the Literally Save The World Conference, attended by powerful figures such as Peter Thiel, Satya Nadella, Elon Musk, Paul Thikno, Sundar Pichai, and almost 2.100 other leaders in businesses, NGOs, and academia. Along with calling for climate actions, Pasca also delivered his famous call for a "Great Synthesis" to end the decades-long hostility between innovators and regulators. The meeting also addressed the threat of a catastrophic left-wing surge akin to the Warren years.

"I'll get to the point. Let's team up... to dispose of our largest competitor. If the greatest risk factor to our industry within the last 40 years is crushed, then there's nothing standing between our civilization and rapid innovation... prosperity... order. The decisive destruction of this monopolistic entity will free us... to save the world."

"That's right. We're going to, uh, coup the United States federal government."

–Pasca, Literally Save The World Conference, 2029. Described as "cultish", Pasca is credited for "igniting a sense of class consciousness" within the tech elites long "persecuted" by Linkanti-tech populist policies, amid fears of an American-style Linksinofication.

The conference led to the amalgamation of nearly all of Silicon Valley's and Reno Area's political machineries into a united US Technology and Climate Forum, an immediate precursor to Resilient Acceleration first meant as a super-PAC and pressure group for climate policies and innovation. Many elements criticized the group - famous for its brazen motto "TECH IS LIVE AMMO" - as an oligarchal plot seeking to torpedo the US's anti-trust laws, which isn't necessarily too far from the truth. Yet Pasca, one of the most extreme, was the first to really assemble a force cohesive enough to efficiently counter Washington's increasing hostility, earning him respect and trust from the whole sector. And an opportunity would soon come...

Winter of Despair

Brutal cold wave in early 2030, which coincided with new austerity measures and unemployment of 31% due to automation, was attributed to violent fluctuations in the polar vortex largely caused by climate change.
2030.01-02 was the coldest and longest winter in the last 118 years. As permanent unemployment (meaning that the price of labor also collapsed, further supressing average wages down to catastrophic levels), national debt, and federal deficit rose to apocalyptic levels, President Paul announced further cuts on ACA, Medicare, and Social Security. In protest, riots, and looting quickly swept across Minessota to New Jersey, enlarged by malicious disinformation. At the same time, the central operating system (ctOS) of Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, and Cleveland were attacked and their entire electric grid and water system was shut down for a week, causing city-wide anarchies and nation-wide panic in the first high-profile case of cyberterrorism.

Coincidentally, Pasca released his bombshell controversial book, Apotheosis, just a month before, revolving around a graphic apocalyptic future of far worse automation-induced joblessness, overpopulation due to immortality, climate crisis, cyberattacks, and uncertainty. He also analyzed 43 interconnected and potentially existential problems that the US is woefully unprepared to address, 6 of which were realized during the Winter of Despair. He also went in length on how aging population has greatly ballooned welfare spending, shrunk domestic markets, and decimated tax revenue, risking collapse of the growth-dependent global capitalism. Its response, immortality technologies, will lead to an apocalyptic overpopulation of 15-16 billion, of which at least 60-70% of which would not be able to compete against automation and live their life dependent on basic income. It also argued on how past generations have spectacularly failed to push warming below 2°C, threatening a runoff climate change will increase global temperature by 13°C, obliterating the biosphere and reducing the Earth's carrying capacity by 90-95% by 2100. Notably, it also advocated for a unified, singular, planet-wide monetary system based on decentralized blockchains, accepted by everyone, as a solution to the "financial anarchy" following the 2025 monetary crisis.

Runoff climate change will Linkincrease temperature by 12-13°C and Linkkill 90-95% of the total human population by 2100. Such ecological catastrophe also increases the risk of resource conflict, nuclear war, and AI catastrophe due to arms race. A decisive global order is necessary to prevent that calamity.

Pasca then outlined several solutions to the immediate problems facing the world today:
  • Immortality will solve the aging problem, erase the concept of "retirement", and reduce government spending on healthcare and pension by 80% and 100% respectively.

  • To solve problems caused by both overpopulation and automation, a "peaceful genocide" to eradicate the "useless class" (the elderly, destitute, and the permanently unemployable) is thus necessary to keep civilization functional. Direct mass murder obviously won't be approved by voters, so Pasca aims to forcibly suppress the global birth rate to very low. Obviously then, immortality technology must be restricted to the "chosen" 3-4 billion population.

  • While waiting for the useless class to go extinct, a Universal Basic Income only for the working-age (and thus, the protesting-age) populace must be implemented to prevent them from instigating chaos and insurrections. However, leaving boomers to fend for themselves in the streets would be fine, as frail and sickly elders can be easily crushed by riot control if they protest.

The book quickly became subject to media ridicule and condemnation, especially from left-wing groups and seniors. Yet with Warren's hard-left policy of spending spree a failure, Paul's austerity measures being extremely unpopular, and national desperation at an all-time high, American trust in its own system was collapsing. While Pasca's cult-like global following in tech sectors and LinkRandian keyboard warriors quickly pick up his message and defend him to the death, he especially resonated with the US middle and high-income class, who had long feared a violent low-class backlash against automation and inequality. Pasca provided a clear 'solution' to look into, and slowly, national support flock into his camp.

US Senate

"M-Mr. Pasca, remain seated. This is a sacred institution, elected by the People. W-We are in charge."

"...Do you feel in charge?"

Pasca's 2029 anti-trust hearing, viral for its "overflow of meme-able materials" and established his brand of, as quoted by teen idol Rise Hanakawa, "nutcase hypergenius anime supervillain".

Pasca during the 2029 Senate anti-trust hearing, conducted online from his office in Pasca Garden due to the raging flu pandemic following the accidental release of North Korean bioweapons. Behind him is a painting of an anime girl holding a Monster Energy drink, a well-known symbol of "OK Boomer", said to reflect his opinion of the senators. By 2030, Pasca has successfully rallied most global tech corporations and DAOs terrified of potential US crackdown into backing his political ambitions, self-styling himself as "the mastermind".

Unbeknownst to the general public, the Future Front and later Resilient Acceleration (RA) was already working on a top-secret project only known by Board members as the "Tech Plot". Spending c$13.8 billion in total, Pasca personally led a collaboration between Microsoft, Google Deepmind, OpenAI, and DeepSys to develop a public-data-harvesting artificial intelligence and build a nation-wide, cross-corporate "national discourse control infrastructure" that will "shame Cambridge Analytica to death", as it can :
  • Read and analyze almost all existing public data in existence, including social media, search results, media consumption, network of acquaintances, financial decisions.

  • Rigorously profile each US voter, detailing their most prized beliefs, their emotion, what they want, how they think, and how they react to stimuli, and continuously update it in real-time.

  • In particular, large amount of data are fed to swarming chatbot AIs of fake personhood that swarmed online forums and social media, giving them the ability to 'produce arguments' hyper-specifically tailored to every individual. Combined with hyper-personalized content, articles, deep fakes, and tampering of search results and YouTube recommendations, this gives the RA the ability to 'convince anyone' about 'anything'.

OpenAI and Microsoft were already jointly developing GPT-5, a quantum-computer-based machine learning system based on DeepDive's cellular-level brain connectome modeling that has 784 trillion times more parameters than LinkGPT-3, so the development was quickly completed. The resulting system, nicknamed mei kAI after the "portable AI waifu" character of the same name from teen idol Rise Hanakawa's music works, was secretly tested on the Milwaukee 2029 special election with flying colors. This was probably illegal, but Pasca quickly came up with a brilliant strategy to both 1) test mei kAI on a larger level and 2) prevent any federal investigation or Congressional action from taking place, directly: by taking over the Congress itself.

Two extremely gerrymandered map. The human-designed top is an eyesore and gave Republicans a 11-2, the AI-generated bottom is aesthetic and gives NewDems a 13-0. The latter was passed into law after the 2030 NewDem sweep.

Following a historic Linkhuman landing on Mars, which ballooned the hyper-popularity of space magnate Elon Musk and other RA members, Pasca announced on 2030.01.11 that he will challenge Sen. Robert Garcia (D-NV) in the Nevada Democratic Primaries. His massive campaign garnered support from tech companies, moderate progressive middle class, and working-class conservative Democrats under the "New Democrats" banner. Pasca would receive 50.32% of the vote throughout the primaries while his NewDem faction unseated half of the Democrats' DSA faction seats. Democrats would retake both Congress chambers and following what pundits termed the "Tech Coup", key DSA faction members were immediately purged off top positions in mass. Importantly, the NewDem faction only targeted the "economic radical left", while maintaining Democrats' strong grassroots support from minority groups.

Throughout his two-year tenure, Pasca sponsored or co-sponsored various legislations aimed at reforming the high education system and healthcare patents laws. A technolibertarian, critics point out that in reality, Pasca's largest success is not on how many legislations he passed, but how many legislations or Congressional actions he shot down. As former US Senate Anti-Trust Subcommittee Chairman Josh Hawley (R-MO) pointed out, "Pasca occupying the Senate is like appointing John D. Rockefeller to be in charge of Teddy Roosevelt's trust busting... it won't work." This is especially true as Tech's radically new business models, primarily based on the new decentralist economy, have rendered traditional laws "completely and utterly irrelevant". With the regulation-averse, libertarian Rand Paul on the White House, both the proposed 2029 Public Privacy bill and the 2030 Corporate Anti-Trust Reform bill collapsed completely, essentially giving major Tech players a free-for-all while also solidifying Pasca's status as its capo di tutti capi.

2032 US Elections

By himself, Pasca's political overtures won't go anywhere—he needs a vehicle to "soften" his image. New York City mayor Andrew Yang, a futurist politician terrifically popular within the Reno Area community, is the perfect figurehead to do just that: a genuinely caring, charismatic, yet weak leader, who will unite the country while Resilient Acceleration runs things from behind the scene. In the past, Pasca ironically opposed Yang's proposal of introducing new tax schemes for tech companies to fund "free money for the useless class". A meeting in 2025 however quickly changed his mind, as Pasca realized that UBI is perhaps the greatest single political tool capable of realizing the organization's plans of saving the world.

"UBI is the Linksocial contract of the automation age. We, producers, give out lots of constant free money to due our kind generosity. The useless class, dependent on said money, gives their silent, obedient consent. If you oppose us, we simply cut your UBI and you will starve to death. Powerful."
–Archis Raj, Qufoam CEO, on how UBI is to be used in keeping the useless class from revolting. Pasca later berated Raj for his "unoptimal semantic choices".

2032 US elections. In a direct conspiracy by 7 tech giants, the NewDem exploited the First Past the Post system to score a landslide trifecta despite winning only 31.5% of the vote and despite the party's open lack of concern over its "peaceful genocide" platform clause. Note the low turnout of 44.1%.

So despite being opposites in many sectors, due to ironically overlapping visions in multiple areas—most importantly Pasca's vision of a "stable global state", they became natural allies. A "good cop - bad cop" role was quickly agreed to with Yang serving the role of the compassionate voice of the people defending Americans against Big Tech domination, while Pasca serves as the tough, big-brain executor, enacting "unpopular but necessary actions" for "the greater good".

During this time, Pasca developed the theory of harmonic multipartisanism, a political strategy of having radical, violent political parties that viciously compete against each other as the opposition (and keep them at such state), allowing a "rational, technocratic order" to rule unopposed as a one-party state—akin to Japan's LDP, India's BJP, or Dwipantara's PKB–B. Throughout the early 2030s, RA campaigns became focused on (1) chaotically break apart the Republicans and Democrats into smaller parties and (2) push the 'most lunatic, unpopular radicals' to dominate opposition party nominations. They also strategically supported traditional third parties, thereby splitting the opposition against NewDem into five disunited, competitively hostile parties:

  • Republican Party, or the GOP, which imploded into various competing factions and unclear voter base, but is increasingly dominated by the new, potently evangelical Christian reawakening movement waging an ideological civil war against its "fascist" Trumpist rival, both bitterly competing for the now divided conservative bloc.

  • Patriot Party, or the MAGA Party, "privately-owned" by the 87-year old former president Donald J. Trump and his inner family. With the RA's "help", they are dominated by climate skeptics, conspiracy movements linked to domestic terrorism, and neo-nazi white supremacists, at the expense of more moderate figures.

  • Libertarian Party, which received a rise in popularity amid the Paul administration, just to siphon off votes from incumbent president Rand Paul who was criticized for "abandoning his roots" amid collapsing support.

  • Democratic Socialists of America, led by Sen. Alexandria O. Cortez. RA's social media algorithms have led the party to be dominated by "the most virulently toxic, self-destructive form of vigilante SJW-ism" that drowns their left-wing economic messages and precipitated a "religious inquisition" that drove out 3/4 of the leadership deemed "too moderate", while pushing for the sympathizers of far-left terror and Luddite groups to infiltrate and win its primaries.

  • Green Party, who similarly saw rapid surges following the Winter of Despair, but is only supported by the RA to siphon votes off the DSA.

In November 2032, NewDem would score the most controversial landslide victory in US history, taking over the presidency, House, and Senate with overwhelming supermajorities of around 70% despite winning only 14% of the eligible voter population. Reports of NewDem's collusion with Alphabet, OpenAI, and Miraj quickly surfaced, documenting widespread cases of voter suppression, algorithmic deplatforming, and hyper-personalized targeted psychological engineering. However, public support for nation-wide protests against the blatant results collapsed completely after an "abnormal, AI-promoted" rapid escalation of post-election violence, riots, burning, and open street violence in 38 cities killed 558 people and led to the arrests of violence-promoting, inexperienced, ideologically-charged far-right and far-left party leaders. Notably, nearly all of the violence-inciting extremists got into power themselves only because the RA algorithmically supported their primary election campaign in 2030 and 2032, thus eliminating almost all "sane" opposition figures before the elections even began.

I Am the Senate

"Hail the apotheosis. LinkThe instances of the Cosmos itself have yielded its celestial blessing to me—I mean, to us—to come here and found a New America. Hail the apotheosis for there is no truth in flesh, only betrayal. There is no strength in flesh, only weakness. There is no constancy in flesh, only decay. There is no certainty in flesh but death. This Congress will advance progress, or may progress outlive it."
–Pasca's inauguration speech after his shocking ascendance to be the Senate Majority Leader of the 122nd US Congress, given while standing on top of the vice president's table, jam-packed by his close associates - drawing parallels to the 2021 Taliban takeover of the Kabul presidential palace. "Apotheosis" is the title of Pasca's best-selling book about his dataist ideology and vision.

Pasca's seminal speech. Many compared the egregious show of force, "obviously" meant to "mock the defeat of the US political system now under his feet", with the days of Julius Caesar's dictatorship, who installed a special golden chair "that is not a throne" in the middle of the Roman Senate - and found nobody opposing him.

NewDem's new-found almost 70% majority in both chambers - which increased to 80% after the post-election violence and its resulting mass arrests - means that the party can bypass all veto, filibuster, or procedures, and thus "do whatever they want". During the closing ceremony of the 3rd General Meeting of Stakeholders of the Resilient Acceleration in Hanoi, 2032.11.11 (a week after the US elections), Pasca annouced that he has secured the backing of most NewDem factions to appoint himself to the office of the Senate Majority Leader. Arunika later acknowledged that Pasca has planned for a "Palpatine-style takeover" during his 2029 Senate anti-trust hearings, seeing it as "the most visible and based stepping stone" for him to cement his resilient accelerationist and dataist ideology as a new political force "whose influence shall far exceed that of communism", and spread it across the world. Certainly, the "incredibly based" spectacles and quasi-religious technopopulist aesthetics were immediately embraced by Pasca's fanatic stans across the world, from gaming NEETs to big YouTube influencers and startup CEOs.

Pasca spent the remaining period before the new Congress session to unveil through his YouTube channel, one by one, heaps of game-changing regulatory proposals that are "in such a detail that the whole thing must've been prepared at least 2 years earlier" by "a large network of RA-funded think-thanks". Chief among them is the National Resilience Act: for years, "national resilience" has been a key rallying point of both Pasca and (at least on paper) his boss, the now president-elect Yang. Among other things, the combined forces of climate change, automation, rapid technological growth, biothreats, cyber threats, to even threats of asteroid collision are specific existential problems with a wide range of uncertainty, and the only way to persevere against such calamities is to redefine and redesign existing systems such that it can quickly and continuously adapt new innovation and transform into stronger systems. Many thus quickly pointed out that Pasca's main goal of becoming the Senate leader is to ensure that he has direct control over the regulations backing the soon-to-be-created powerful "superminister" position of "Secretary of National Resilience" empowered to execute the total reforms.

Table 3.2. the "Weekly Acts"




Additional Info

Freedom Dividend Act

Passed 2033.05.01

Universal Basic Income. Each US citizen receives a generous amount of free money (c$2800 per month at the start, equal to a minimum wage of c$17 per hour), pegged into national economic conditions. This is especially lavish as the price of things is set to Link"go down by 50% every few years" due to widespread automation and AI advancement.

On the other hand, the resulting overdependence of the useless class to government grants yielded significant power, as the government can simply cut off the UBI if its recipient "don't behave".

New Tax Deal

Passed 2033.05.02

Reverses Paul-era tax cuts and mandates the federal government to "achieve international tax harmony", obligating her to "actively bully, with all means necessary, other countries with lower tax rates into raising theirs" and thus disrupt the global tax evasion system.

Being the leader of the RA, Pasca was influential in pressuring affiliated corporations to support his vision of a "stable innovative world". That is, while waiting for the RA's peaceful genocide against the useless class to take effect, providing them with costly UBI is necessary to prevent them from voting for anti-business populists.

New Security, Administration, and Federal Enforcement (NewSAFE) Act

Passed 2033.03.03

An "omnibus bill" that completely restructured US government institutions and procedures into an information state based on AI.

  • A key feature is the introduction of the ctOS v.3 system in 448 US cities and population centers, which covers everything from automated waste management and traffic lights to intensive criminal investigation systems.

  • This system is linked to the UBI, allowing the government to (for a limited period of time) automatically cut the welfare of those caught "acting against the public interest", e.g. those who participate in 'violent' protests.

Welfare Reform Package

Passed 2033.05.04

Another sweeping omnibus bill that raised the retirement age from 67 to 77, while increasing subsidies of aging reversal researches by 470%. This act also abrogated or cut down other major welfare programs, such as Medicare, ACA, or EITC, as they are replaced by the UBI.

This package includes within it legislations seen as promoting senicide and eugenics, and many consider it a (not so) secret "fourth agenda" of the NewDem administration.

  • Act for the Reduction of Inefficiency in Healthcare: also known as the "Euthanasia Act", the act fully lifted all federal restriction on euthanasia and subsidized it. Importantly, it also changes several legal definitions, allowing families to request involuntary euthanasia with relative ease.

  • Act for the National Prevention of Uncompetitive Offspring: Introduces an annual "reproduction quota" for states and ban all human reproduction above said quota. In the crux of the law is a complex AI that issues reproduction permits by ranking potential parents on assessment from psychologists, IQ, wealth, income, genetic health, mental health, education, criminal records, and history. Punishments for "illegal procreation" take the form of welfare cuts and penalizing taxes, thus systematically targetting the "useless class".

General Data Protection Act

Passed 2033.05.05

Instead of protecting data, the law greatly liberalizes existing data protection regulations and "basically ended privacy as a concept", along the lines of the dataist principle that "more data flows equals more advancement".

The act also established the NPDAO, which critics point out can now centralize the RA's national psychological engineering practices to control American elections, thus allowing the NewDem party to "perpetually get elected until the end of time".

National Resilience Act

Passed 2033.05.06

Sets a general doctrine for an American "national resilience" against 21st century existential threats, and empowers a new body to establish a new ministerial department - the US Department of National Resilience - with many powers to do so, centralizing various existing bodies under its authority.

Critics point out that anyone who sits in the position will basically become "half prime minister", undermining the American presidential system.

Following the infamous successive passing of these omnibus bills in a consecutive 6 days (after four months of debates), of which opposition figure Sen. Tom Cotton coined "the Weekly Acts", Pasca resigned his Senate Majority Leader position after just four months in office. He further resigned altogether from the Senate and was immediately tapped by Yang to the position of both the Secretary of National Resilience and the NPDAO chief just a day later, "in parallel" with the biblical narrative of "God created the world in 6 days and rest on the 7th".

Foreign and Monetary Policy

Pasca's tweet during the first day of the 2033 Reno Meeting. Laser-based satellite telecommunication pioneered by Starlink has stripped away the authority of national governments from telecoms, "completely obliterating" China's Great Firewall and other censorship regimes and leading to the rise of the "unregulable internet". At the same time, the opening up of literally all transaction data for everyone to see gave governments and institutions real-time knowledge of literally all wordwide economic activity of petabytes of data per second to the smallest detail, massively boosting the effectiveness of government economic policies through mass data mining and machine learning.

Lanthanide reserves. Cold war against China has resulted in a catastrophic supply reduction of scarce resources, spurring growth in space mining ventures, deep-sea mining, and American neo-imperialism.

During his inauguration speech as resilience minister, Pasca named the present world monetary situation as "the greatest short-term risk factor that can compromise any plan" and promised that America will return to its global leadership position to stabilize the situation. Just seven years ago, in 2025, catastrophic global hyperinflation and economic collapse led to widespread and deeply traumatic uncertainty, periodic catastrophic bubbles, and political discontent. In Pasca's capacity as RA chief representative, in 2033, he was appointed by President Yang as "czar in charge" of the Reno Meeting to resolve the issue, seen as comparable to the Bretton Woods Agreement. At the core was the "cryptodollar": an energy-efficient cryptocurrency based on quantum computing that officially replaces all fiat currencies in the 54 member-states of the meeting, with other forms of payments are to be heavily restricted. The meeting also established the New Community, a global financial union that seeks to harmonize laws and taxes to adapt to today's reality of decentralized, cross-national finances.

Rather quickly, NewCom also centralized competition efforts against the China-led world order under effective leadership. The alliance also coordinates the distribution of rapidly dwindling resources: notably, French and American hold over Moroccan phosphorus amid global shortage greatly improved the food security situation of NewCom member-states, at the expense of the total collapse of China's heavily fertilizer-dependent agricultural system. Pasca's visit to Brasilia also solidified PROSUL, South America's primarily right-leaning regional union, as an RA arm, to secure lithium in Chile and Bolivia.

In 2033, the leaked Osaka Papers meanwhile unveiled Pasca's and his organization's "extensive" involvement in sponsoring European far-right populism amid overflowing climate immigration, aiming to obliterate EU's anti-trust, anti-AI, anti-Tech regulatory regime and incapacitate the institutions able to enforce it, with the long-term goal of returning the continent under Cold War-style American domination.

Domestic and Technological Security

"Partisanism... has blinded our brain from developing solutions that actually works. Consider our abysmal and collapsing public order. In this issue, the Right wants more police, police, police. The Left wants more welfare, welfare, welfare. So which one is true? Well, duh. Both."
–Pasca's remarks before the signing of the NewSAFE Act.

Looting of a driverless cargo truck during the Truckers' Protests of 2028 against automation. The late 2020s and early 2030s have seen a significant amount of mass chaos, terrorism, political violence, and crime rates rendering streets completely unwalkable, regularly throwing various US states into martial law for a decade straight.

Hyperconnectivity has created a new global security challenge, as even a small security weakness in the right medium-sized company can result in a havoc 'large enough to end civilization'. Especially since by the time Pasca came into office, the Linkvery concept of 'computer encryption' has imploded amid the spread of quantum computing, rendering all un-updated software systems in the planet unusable. Resolving this grave issue was big within Pasca's portfolio, who quickly realized that a perfect cybersecurity defense is pretty much impossible due to the nature of technological progress.

As such, focus is given to pre-attack resilience and rapid response strategies, under the popular concept of "zero trust". China was officially declared the largest source of threat, and ay tech transfers were banned under a 'war of attrition' policy aimed at technologically outcompeting the secluded state in the long term. Following the passing of the NewSAFE Act, Pasca also proclaimed a state of total cyberwar, which subjects all existing computer and IT infrastructure across the United States with random, intense, continuous hacking attempts by both the government and millions of independent "bounty hackers" groups (including those owned by tech giants), and fine those who failed such randomized tests. The high-value bounties also incentivized the reduction of cybercrime rates, with criminal hacking groups converting into government-sanctioned "public cybersecurity evaluators" en masse. This policy spurred an explosive demand in the cybersecurity industry (of which Pasca's DeepSys is a major player, thus generating tens of billions in profits), promoting national cybersecurity resilience through a positive loop of capitalist innovation.

A "gas drone". NPDAO has released a swarm technology of 70.000 minidrones per swarm, able to scan riots, calculate the movement of individual protesters, and precisely shoot tear or sleeping gas at point-blank range to surgically take out provocateurs, or incite and steer around panic stampedes.
A perhaps far more worrying source of security threat, however, is the Malaise—the rise of extremism of all kinds. Upon taking office, the NewDem administration thus immediately forgo President Paul's libertarian, minarchist law and order policies in favor of "Linkstuka siren-armed riot control drone swarms, mass public surveillance, 'chat bot patrols' on online forums, crime prediction AIs, and algorithmic psychological engineering of citizens." Among others was the utilization of UBI (which has replaced all other form of welfare), where citizens can either surrender some of their privacy rights in return for UBI checks, or they can refuse and starve to death. This also created an incentive for wealthier citizens to opt-out of Pasca's large welfare programs (thus reducing federal expenditure).

Per the Osaka papers, however, it has been suggested that Pasca and his RA themselves were the ones responsible for causing such a high spike in terror activity. This is because the Tech Plot's mei kAI was, in general, given three commands: Make that guy vote for NewDem; if that's infeasible, make that guy vote for another party in such a way that divide opposition votes, leading to a NewDem victory. ; If that's infeasible, make that guy stop voting at all, maybe by pushing beliefs such as 'all parties are capitalist lapdogs', 'all parties are controlled by the child-molesting Jews', whatever. In practice, this led the algorithm to rigorously psychologically condition citizens who already possess anti-NewDem, anti-RA views to stop trusting political institutions in general. Which, in turn, open them up for radicalization by extreme groups. In response, Pasca has ordered large-scale development on far stronger and invasive crime prediction AI, as to better concentrate the resources and attention of law enforcement, welfare reliefs, and/or social services to individuals and networks deemed "most likely" to commit wrongdoings, while engineering the internet interaction and recommendations of targets as to psychologically steer them to a more desirable state. This is while rapid technological development, drone swarm technology, and hyper-connectivity are enabling near-instant crime investigation, thus "automating the police".

Political Positions

Applicative Nihilism
"To save the world. The four words by which all of Resilient Acceleration's foul visions stand, the foundations of the moral compass of its hundreds of millions of fanatic supporters. 'To save the world' justifies the systematic destruction of our democracy, the culling of our most vulnerable, and the genocide of 5-6 billion people. These people, from the NEET Twitter warrior to the underpaid programmers to the highest echelons... they feel little regret, for think they ARE the righteous ones."
—Leftist YouTuber Jack Jones on how the true purpose of Pasca's controversial book, Apotheosis, is actually to "provide a sense of moral righteousness" to those involved in his extreme plans.
All things, all atoms in universe can be reduced to a single physics equation and mathematically calculated, including all human mind and all of its emotions and beliefs. Objective morality is not a thing and life is meaningless.

First coined in Pasca's book 'Apotheosis', Applicative Nihilism was described as the "incredibly obvious" observation of the scientific fact that the human mind is merely a biochemical algorithm made of atomic structures that emerged through Darwinian selection. The implications are damning for the very idea of Liberalism. This is because individualistic liberalism, according to Pasca, is "let's be honest, based on completely arbitrary, made-up premises" that "bears near-zero correlation to actual scientific reality". Things such as morality and human rights are, scientifically, nothing more but "fiction of zero empiric value" that happen to "increase the dopamine of those who believe in it". What is right or wrong is instead a question of manipulating the brain's algorithm by giving the "correct" specific inputs, just like YouTubers trying to placate YouTube's algorithm. A job perfect for algorithms capable of generating and simulating trillions of possible inputs at once. In its application, the RA now has millions of social media chatbots able to pose as human, talk to each voter and produce hyper-personalized arguments to convince them about "anything", even sending them links to seemingly legit source articles written a microsecond ago, with everything from choosing which data to show until paragraph layouting being catered on the target's psychological impulses and sub-conscious personal prejudices.

This political philosophy of "automating away democracy with AI" thus became NewDem's unofficial doctrine of Automated Populism. That is, while the target voter base is continuously psychologically engineered to convince them of the party ideology, party ideology is also determined and continuously changed to genuinely reflect the feelings and beliefs of the "bare necessary" voter base. Pasca maintains that this brainwashing of the useless class is a form of "mercy", as the RA can thus rely on the liberal-democratic status quo to accomplish its noble goals of saving civilization instead of establishing a totalitarian tech dictatorship. Critics pointed out that this nascent ideology, "literally based on atheistic nihilism", is "literally the only way" for Pasca's extreme measures to be made morally acceptable, as it "literally throws away the very concept of 'morality' out of the window" -- and might explain Pasca's lengthy efforts to promote it, so far with great success.

Socialist Technolibertarianism and Narco-State

"Mas Pasca, the data suggests trouble for your generous UBI plan. The unemployable poor just stopped working and spend all the money on drugs. Many became overdosed and die. Do you think that this is true?"


—2033 interview with right-wing online host Ben Shapiro. Raised as a Muslim, Pasca abstains from alcohol and drugs, seeing addiction cases as a "natural equilibrium" for parts of "our species" who live on the "subnormal lower end of the IQ distribution curve".

Mass graves in Gary, Ohio after the city conducted an operation to "collect the corpses on the streets" of "abandoned, unemployable homeless" who recently died due to drug overdose or suicide. According to some estimates, almost 30-40% of the city's homeless population has been decimated in this way following the legalization (which also eases restrictions on "actually lethal" opioids), with reports on "clandestine federal interventions" in the city's drug trade to "help make prices low and access easy" for "the intended population segments".

As political commentator J. McCullough pointed out, socialist technolibertarianism is libertarianism for tech bros and socialism for the useless class, with the word "socialism" being strategically chosen to dilute the meaning even further. In the crux of the belief is the mantra "redistribute yes, regulate no"—a long-standing political ethos of Silicon Valley and Reno Area. That is, most tech entrepreneurs are actually very supportive of progressive tax hikes and a strong welfare state (especially in the form of UBI). What they don't tolerate however are business regulations—wages, anti-trust regulation, worker's unions, maternity leave, privacy rights, consumer data protections against advertisers, human experimentation laws. Such inefficient excess will catastrophically impede innovation and Reno Area's promise to realize a global post-scarcity "radical abundance" for everyone through technology and automation, as seen in many "socialist utopias".

However, some have pointed out that a "world without jobs" will "plunge the useless class into nihilistic consumerist hedonism" of immersive virtual reality, advanced antidepressants, and drugs - directly crushing resistance against the RA's agenda of peaceful global genocide. Indeed, NewDem's drug decriminalization waves lent further credence to the theory, after several NewDem-controlled cities experienced twenty-fold increases of overdose-related deaths following the legalization. Almost all of the victims also came from the unemployable poor or the elderly population, leading to rumors that the administration is really "conducting experiments" to research on how a "total legalization of drugs" will play out in a national scale later. At the same time, hate campaigns against drug users are exploding in social medias, describing the "economically useless, socially parasitic" addicts population as "subhumans" or "trash", a sign of "hereditarily lower IQ" of which "the faster they get sick and die, the better". These AI-promoted hate speech also often circulates in parallel with news about impending climate collapse, catastrophic overpopulation, and open public debates about "how should we reduce the amount of the global population" and "who".

Populist Ageism

"Mas Pasca, I'm now 27. But when I turn 65, will you ditch me like a chewed gum?"

"Ms. Reeds, 'boomer' isn't about age. 'Boomer'... is about uselessness. When *you* turn 65, we will already have invented abundant, cheap immortality technologies. You won't be useless like today's burdensome boomers."

—Senator Pasca during a townhall meeting with his constituents, 2032.

Demographic collapses have led to economic collapse and a rise of political radicalism due to apocalyptic national debt and deficit. In this situation, Pasca coined the "Great Idea" to solve the "Boomer Question", which asks "why should the younger generation be forced to cover for the elders' retirement." With Pasca's tech companies promising eternal youth for the younger generation, his ideology has now exploded even more intensely in rapidly aging areas like Japan, the EU, and China, leading to a new culture of potent discrimination - one blamed for 2033's 70.000% increase in the global elderly addiction and suicide rate.

Like the 1930s, global turmoils of the 2020s have led to various radical, esoteric ideologies rising into prominence. Pasca's rise to power was unique, however, as it was marked by hateful politics not against a minority ethnic or belief, but against an age group. Often referred to as the "Great Idea", in short, "all the world's problems were the boomers' fault", from the hoarding of real estate to national debt to climate change. The ageism spike is thus seen as a "just and fair backlash", a "corrective karma" for those "selfish, irresponsible, parasitic" past generations who, in the last 8 decades, has garnered a vast amount of wealth and prosperity through unbridled environmental destruction. The 2032 NAPA report meanwhile detailed in length Pasca's and RA's deep attempts to "normalize the discrimination of people of 65 and older worldwide" through satires, stereotyping, and memes, algorithmically promoted and mass amplified by RA-aligned social media giants, to influence the younger and online generations to develop a "culture of shocking and fervent hatred against elderly seniors".

It is thus to no one's surprise that Pasca's political agenda is fixated on "solving" the "Boomer Question". That is, despite elders only comprising 20% of the population, they eat up Link60% of the federal budget in the form of the "pyramid schemes" of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ACA, and other medical and pension benefits on federal, state, and local levels, all paid through unsustainable debt, printing money, or outright "extorting" the wealth hard-earned by the already extremely pressured younger working class. Combined with increasing military spending due to competition with China, this leaves the other 80% of Americans with very little government support. As such, according to Pasca, gradually cutting all of these gigantic elderly care by 90-95% will free up trillions of cryptodollars for governments worldwide to be redistributed into far more important things that will benefit the "80% majority": education, space colonization, paying off the national debt, targeted welfare and UBI for the lower class, immortality researches for the younger generation, and combating climate change. Unbearable economic crunch on the elderly also means that they will die faster as calculated by NPDAO's algorithms, thus increasing the share of NewDem voters among the population (as boomers tend to not vote for the NewDem). If they protest, unlike the younger low-income class, frail 70-year-olds of ill health are also quite easy to be violently beaten to a pulp by riot control batons and tear gas if they dare to protest against Pasca or his policies, meaning that there's little political risk.

Personal Life

"I mean I'm rich, and hot, and a genius with an IQ of 174, and I live to save the world, so I have a lot of power. You and other poor, stupid, ugly, purposeless people don't have a lot of power, so maybe that's why?"
–Interview with Vox, 2029. Music celebrity Rise Hanakawa, known to have direct access to Pasca, once commented that "Mas Pasca sees himself as a righteous anime supervillain".

Headquarters of DeepDoc, Pasca Garden, NV, where Pasca works and lives despite already having an office in D.C. The HQs of all of Pasca's 6 companies, totaling 19 buildings of exactly the same shape, are located in the autonomous company town of 21.000. The site is popular for its many sci-fi and/or anime themed structures, notably is the popular wall on the lobby of Phimmortal HQ, inscribed within it LinkQuran 22:73 (a verse which claims that humans will not be able to create life, even as small as a fly, as only God can do that), spray-painted by a Linkmassive grafitti of "OK boomer".
According to Reuters, Pasca would first appear erratic and a bit childish, with many seeing him as a "quite cute" due to his clumsy awkwardness and "fluffy", crazy hair. However, he can be "potently charismatic" in a "geeky, mad tech billionaire kind of way", able to rile up "near-religious hype" among his cult following with his bright visions, deep futuristic ideas, and his "sexy, ASMR-able supervillain voice with lots of breathing" that yields a never-ending supply of simping fangirls and anime fanarts (of which he often retweets in his official government account). An aural thinker, he is also known for his eccentric actions, often receiving complaints for regularly blasting extremely loud anime MVs or Chinese communist marching songs during work hours, distracting employees. Raised as a traditional Javanese, he disliked chairs and tables; meeting rooms and canteens in his offices only have carpets. Many wild rumours surround him: a popular one being that his left eye is actually blind due to a failed experiment, meaning that Pasca fullfills the characteristics of the prophecized Dajjal, the Islamic false messiah during the end times, a rumour he did very little to try rectify. Despite this, Pasca is known to be a "very level-headed, humble" boss in private who attentively listens to criticism, and places a great deal of care on the growth and well-being of his brightest and "genius" subordinates. On the flip side, Pasca is dismissive and inattentive to anyone he suspects to be "dim-minded", defined as those with an IQ less than "around 125" (or 99% of the world population), and Bugas often advises guests to bring up niche academic jokes or very obscure anime references to improve their perceived value.

Pasca is married to Maki Satou, a corporate prosecutor formerly in charge of a federal investigation against Pasca's tax reports. The rivals-turned-lovers relations of "constant outsmarting" is described as "worthy of a rom-com adaptation", with Pasca "falling in love at first sight" at the cold, cunning, 10-year older Satou. Pasca's open, child-like pursuit for Satou's affection —at that time, he had zero experience on how to deal with love or girls despite being 26— while simultaneously fighting against her tax inquiries became a social media sensation, and although Satou did find him likable, she later admitted to have also used the infatuation of the biotech billionaire to advance her career interests (she eventually became Nevada's state attorney). Ironically, their second child Sora Satou was born deaf despite Pasca's eugenic views and rumored genetic engineering attempts, though Pasca is surprisingly fine with any kind of genetic defect "as long as it doesn't impair intelligence".

Even today, Pasca often monitors operations directly. During busy days, night guards often found him sleeping on the floor of AKCPPD quantum computer labs, often on "cramped places between servers, warmed by the heat output." In his sparse free time, Pasca often streams video games together with his close associate and human experimentation subject, teen idol Rise Hanakawa, watched by millions of their combined fans. He also often teaches biology or computer science as a guest teacher at the Hope's Peak Academy he founded, attended by nearly all of his underaged human experimentation subjects. The high school is notable for its encouragement or students to adopt "an aesthetic of highschool fantasy animes" of "cute uniforms", "hyper-intelligent student protagonists plotting world domination", and for a curriculum specifically designed to give students a hyper-competitive advantage in adapting to a world of technological acceleration.


As part of his doctorates, of which he "exhaustingly juggles" with his business responsibilities, Pasca has authored several landmark papers still widely cited to this day in various applications. Political analyst C. Franklin observed that Pasca "very obviously loves to show off his big brain" by often referencing elements of his works on many political activities, signaled by the famous catchphrase "According to me...".

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