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Arka Pasca, Speaker for Resilient Acceleration [IC]

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(!) The following is a direct copy of Mr. Pasca's overview from Wikipedia, the public online encyclopedia. In accordance to Board Decree no. 4/2033, we are committed to the principles of public accountability and will take the public's opinion as our official description.
Editor's note: skimming the Overview page first is recommended, as it shows the motivations behind Pasca's actions and beliefs far better.

Arka Pasca

Theme: LinkUmbrella Corporation

Speaker for the Resilient Acceleration


Assumed office:

U.S. Secretary of National Resilience


Assumed office:

Preceded by:

Office established


Andrew Yang

Director of the National Public Data Analysis Agency


Assumed office:

Chair of the Joint Committee for Legislative Acceleration


Assumed office:

United States Senator
from Nevada

In office:
2031.01.03 - 2033.02.13

Preceded by:

Eric Garcetti

Suceeded by:

London Breed

President of H+ International


Assumed office:

Personal Details


Arka Pasca Divine Alatas


"Ultimate Hope"
"Petite Genius"
"False Messiah"


2000.02.05, age 33
Djakarta, Dwipantara


Dwipantaran (formerly)


Dwipantara (formerly)
Resilient Acceleration
United States
New Democratic Party

Political Stances:

Resilient Accelerationism


Kiri Satou Pasca


Rein Divine Alatas
Juno L. Fullmoon


Arunika S. Divine Alatas


Pasca Garden, Reno Area Innovation Zone, NV


Massachusets Institute of Technology

Net Worth:

c$231.1 billion (2033.11)




"God save the Queen."
—Pasca's speech during the IPO opening of Phimmortal, 2028. Phimmortal's breakthrough in hyper-personalized iPSC has launched a race for immortality tech, of whom the British Royal Family are reportedly 'very interested' in, with early products set to enter mass market before 2035.

Arka Pasca Divine Alatas, Ph.D. FRS FRSA (/'arka 'pasʃa/; born 2000.02.05; age 33) is a Dwipantaran-American tech magnate, politician, and applied mathematician. He is the 1st United States Secretary of National Resilience as part of the Cabinet of Andrew Yang. Also known as the "Ultimate Hope" by his Linkworldwide cult following, he is best known for his role in advancing immortality researches, touted to be the 'cure' to the largest current threat to global capitalism—the Linkpension and aging crisis. Prime motor behind the "Tech Plot" that brought down the failing US administration of the late-2020s, Pasca is currently the chief representative and "prophet" of Resilient Acceleration, a group of global tech giants and futurist political parties. They hold major sway throughout the New Community, a world order led by the US and India, locked in a cold war against the omnipresent but stagnating China.

Before entering politics as the US Senator of Nevada in 2030, Pasca was the co-founder and CEO of DeepScan; co-founder, CEO, and CTO of DeepDoc; and founder of MiniSwarm Intelligence and Phimmortal Inc.; all are disruptive monopolies in health technologies and aging reversal. He also founded NerveDive, which focuses in Linkfull-immersion virtual reality by manipulating brain dynamics through nanorobotic swarm. All of his companies are headquartered in Pasca Garden county, Reno Area LinkInnovation Zone, Nevada, next to hundreds of other privately run tech "company towns" that form the "new Silicon Valley".

One of the pioneer of applicative quantum computing, which increased global computing power by a factor of Linka quadrillion, Pasca is the world's 7th richest person with a net worth of c$231.1 billion (2033.11) He masterminded the 2030 Fix College Act which forgave c$1.7tn worth of student debt and replaced the student loan system with the Linkincome share agreement system, the 2033 US universal basic income (UBI)—a populist policy often compared to Otto von Bismarck's Linkstaatssozialismus, and the Nusa Dua Protocol—a planet-wide "Linkgreen new deal" aiming to cut 70% of global carbon emission in 7 years. He also chaired the 2033 Reno Meeting, which introduced a global "cryptodollar" with no central authority in 54 countries and created a new global financial order following the 2025 Modern Monetary Collapse.

Described as both a "Linkboomer-hating ageist" and a climate extremist, Pasca has been criticized for unethical human experimentations, conflicts of interest, and for masterminding "neo-imperialist" US policies to secure rare earth metals critical to green energy. Yet most controversial is the RA's ongoing "global depopulation of 60-65%" by reducing the birth rate of the global "Linkuseless class" to near zero while denying them longevity techs. The peaceful genocide of 6-7 billion within the next 45 years is intended to "solve" mass joblessness, enable massive welfare cuts to balance the budget, and reduce ecological strain. Pasca's NerveDive is also in charge of the Lower Human Instrumentality Project, which sought to use its full-immersion virtual reality technologies to "plunge" the useless class into far more desireable virtual worlds and games—removing them from the political equation. The resulting stability and cash flush will allow uninterrupted, accelerated innovation, leading to the "Fourth Impact"–described as a post-singularity total synthesis between humans and artificial intelligence into a breakaway "God species".

Early Life and Family

Pasca was born in an illegal midwife clinic in a jam-packed industrial alley near Tawang Station, Semarang, Dwipantara. His father, Rein Divine Alatas the charismatic politician and future president, was away in the violence-ridden capital Djakarta and only came by once a month, as he had to help President Gus Dul manage the chaotic transition from an Islamic state to a secular republic following the Second Dwipantaran National Revolution. Pasca lived in an Arab-Javanese kaoman community near the Tandjung Emas shipping harbor with his younger sister Arunika and his Chinese-Christian mother Juno F. Alatas, a biomedical researcher, protected by the Alatas extended bani (clan) from his father's violent political enemies during the 1998-2004 Dwipantaran Civil Conflict.

Tandjung Emas port area, Semarang, where Pasca spent his childhood.
A gifted child, Pasca started reading at the age of 3 and was extremely good at decoding language and mathematics. He did however struggled with speech understanding, though his hyperlexic symptoms eventually faded away. Despite this, Pasca's social impediment stuck and he found it near impossible to relate to his "dim and cognitively deficient" peers, most of whom came from families of destitute factory workers. Arunika told Esquire magazine that Pasca was “the youngest and smallest guy in school” and was picked on all the time. He was even once hospitalized after a group of bullies threw him off a moving angkot (public city transport car). As such, he became a "tantrum kid" who often skipped school, and spent most of his time self-studying or doing whatever he can to help Juno (then a researcher in Universitas Diponegoro) complete her epigenetics thesis under abysmal internet connection and regular power outages.

In stark contrast to his father's alpha male upbringing, young Pasca (pictured on the right) was more of a pushover type.

Eventually, socialist and Islamist violence calmed down, and in 2009 the Pasca family reunited and moved to Serpong, an elite satellite city south of capital Djakarta. By the age of 10, Pasca and his sister developed an interest in computing, of which they learned using university materials he borrowed from Juno's colleague and top computer scientist from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Dr. Abdullah Dengklek. Dr. Dengklek recalled that "In 2011, he came up second place at a national competition which gained him an automatic scholarship into a technical university despite being only being a sixth-grader... Somehow he solved the problem of a body immersed in water. At that time, Arka didn't even know about Archimedes' principle of buoyancy." He eventually became one of the most popular members of the elite TOKD national team and brought three consecutive gold medals in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) of 2014, 2015, and 2016. He also started a popular Dwipantaran-language YouTube channel, Pascakelas, that teaches computer science from the very basic to the newest competitive programming developments, which quickly became the de-facto go-to for almost all aspiring Dwipantaran students majoring in informatics.

At the same time in 2016, his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, previously lied undetected, and she died not long after. Rein, then a front-runner for the 2017 Djakarta gubernatorial elections, fell into depression and nearly withdrew. Though he eventually recovered, it changed him as a person, to Pasca's anger, as his father became increasingly influenced by petty politics and short-sighted grabs. Pasca also saw the republic, his father's lifework, slowly devolving into a corrupt oligarchy and began to possess an increasingly cynical view for his archipelago. Meanwhile, the death itself left a lasting impact on Pasca, as he suddenly realized that he has a limited time to do something big and make an impact. Heavily inspired by the likes of Elon Musk and Dr. David Sinclair, he became determined to move to the United States, the "country of Hope", saying "I remember thinking and seeing that America is where great things are possible, more than any other in the world." When Dr. Dengklek offered a chance to study abroad, Pasca immediately seized it despite Rein's harsh objection. He wouldn't return to Dwipantara for the next 11 years.

vs. Death

I have a dream. Big Pharma will fall. I will replace them."
–Alleged quote before Pasca's departure from CGK airport, Djakarta, 2017. In the 2020s, 1 in 4 dollar in the US is spent on medical expenses—the most lucrative market in the world.

Whether unfortunate or fortunate, Pasca's arrival in America coincided with the dawn of Linkthe biggest, most awful, most despair-inducing interval in modern history. Arriving in North America with only "a backpack, $3000, and a bottle of Aqua", in 2020 he graduated from MIT with a summa cum laude in computer science and applied mathematics. In addition, he was the president of the MIT chapter of H+ (a transhumanist organization), and with his mentor Dr. Archit Rajamutnam, authored the A Bidirectional Neurogenerative Approach to Generalized Artificial Intelligence, a landmark paper 'whose impact is almost as big as the invention of bitcoin in 2008'. He and his two friends then moved to Reno, NV, where they worked on a few failed ventures based on Pasca's vision of preventive health technologies. By age 21, they signed a deal for the first $19 million in startup financing for their new company, DeepDoc, which developed an online "AI doctor" that analyzes billions of medical data, compare it with the patient's data, and recommend the best treatment and medications for a patient. They also developed revolutionary softwares and infrastructure vital to various health industries, especially in medical research information system and AI-based genetic analysis. Within two years, the company bloomed to a valuation of $1.4 bn.

In 2024, Pasca met investor Lex Pelmann and co-founded a new company, DeepScan. They developed a "human scanning" technology that analyzes the gene structure and monitors the fluctuations in blood composition, hormones, brain waves, and hundreds of other parameters via implanted chips. These data were then sent to DeepDoc's algorithm to be analyzed and compared with billions of other data, enabling humans to scan and monitor their own body 24/7 and have DeepDoc alert them via a phone app if any potential or problems is ever detected. Essentially, they detect disease and recommend its treatment before it even developed, forever preventing unnecessary deaths as Pasca's mother experienced and thus cut healthcare cost dramatically. DeepScan also took over the Swiss research insitution EPFL and its infamous chief, the Nobel-winning neuroscientist Dr. Heinz "Chop-Chop" Chandra, and they achieved major breakthroughs in brain scanning, Linkencoding-decoding, and Linkconnectome mapping, sparking an entire revolution in the field.

The 13-story tall HQ of DeepScan, Pasca Garden county, Reno Area, NV. All of Pasca's six companies' HQ are located side by side in the company town of 21.000, totaling 13 buildings of exactly the same shape.

The 2025 Modern Monetary Collapse and Tech Bubble burst caused Pasca's companies financial distress, as tech giants such as Facebook and Tesla plunges under the anti-tech populist hostility of both the Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren administration. Combined with a tax avoidance case pursued by the renowned investigator (and later, wife) Kiri Satou, Pasca had to cover c$160 million by selling assets including his mansion, rendering him technically homeless. For a time, he even moved to Satou's flat in Reno, who allowed him to sleep on the cold floor with "nothing but air-inflated mattress, Linksarung, and mosquito repellent." Several long-awaited engineering breakthroughs finally enabled DeepScan and DeepDoc products to be mass-produced and marketed in early 2027, ballooning both company's value to a stratospheric scale during a marginal recovery period under the Rand Paul administration. By 2032, DeepScan chips have been installed inside 93.8 million people in 17 countries and is projected to reach "iPhone-level ubiquity" before 2036, with an ever-larger outreach through major hospitals that connects more than a billion people to the DeepDoc AI.

Racking "Midas-Esque" profits, Pasca launched two other ventures. The first one, Phimmortal Inc. opened IPO in early-2028 to capitalize on rapid breakthroughs in LinkYamanaka reversal. Combined with DeepDoc's health informatics, it is now working on a "full regeneration" technology that can basically "end aging and cure every single disease not caused by genetics"—giving him first place at Forbes' 2029 Most Innovative Leader. The second one, MiniSwarm Intelligence, is a holding of various nanobiotechnology startups that sought to develop hyper-personalized nanobots that can be automatically designed and mass-produced upon the findings of the DeepDoc AI, thus able to cure any biological disease in an instant, including cancer and HIV. Both companies are in the testing phase and plan to start rolling out first-generation products before 2034.

In 2030, just before starting his political career, Pasca founded NerveDive, a brain research and nanorobotics company focused on achieving hyper-immersive virtual reality known as "Dive". Led by Pasca's ambitious sister Arunika Pasca (who previously founded the game development company Zamrud Visuals), the company is pursuing a BCI technology set to be the largest technological revolution since the invention of fire, projected to "drive hundreds of industries including smartphone, tourism, psycho-pharmacy, and all their manufacturing chain out of existence" before 2045. Zamrud Visuals, which was integrated into one of NerveDive's subsidiary, is also planning to release the world's first LinkDive Massively Multiplayer Online (DMMO), Ascent Dive, before 2040.

Rise in Politics

"If you wanna take one thing from Arka Pasca, remember this: he's not a dictator. Pasca... genuinely believes that any government requires the consent and feedback of the governed. Whether Green New Deal or global genocide, they will happen through and only through democratic means. That... is Pasca's true terror."
–Political analyst and statistician Nate Silver, 2030. In the Link2030s, the concept of 'privacy' has collapsed almost completely, making it trivial for platform-owning tech corporations to engineer public sentiment into whatever they want.

Amazon of Healthcare
In the 2020s, one in four dollars in the US economy is spent on medical purposes due to the sky-high costs of the exploitative American healthcare system. Recognizing this opportunity, Pasca expanded DeepDoc to be the online platform of acquiring medicine. Not only would DeepDoc AI scan the human body 24/7 to detect problems, it will also then analyze the entire available market to find and recommend the cheapest and safest medical solutions. The result is a far more decentralized medical supply chain with instant comparison and long-term price modelling, fulfilling two requirements that are key in Linkmaximizing the efficiency potentials of a free market system. Combined with his anti-aging and preventive healthcare researches, Pasca thus slashed average national health spending by 35-40% and as much as 80% for drugs such as insulin. Moreover, Pasca also used the profit to "buy up" politicians to open trade from Mexico and other countries (and integrate it with the DeepDoc platform), further reducing drug prices. His international fame soon skyrocketed, and internet host Joe Rogan coined the term "ultimate hope" to refer to him.

Unsurprisingly, Pasca was quickly beset by anti-trust allegations from those unhappy with his machinations. Yet the 2025 monetary crisis, the 2026 Chinese invasion of Taiwan, and a Republican midterm sweep led to the collapse of President Elizabeth Warren's $40 trillion "Medicare-for-all" program, and DeepDoc became the obvious remaining solution to Americans squeezed by automation and poverty. With public opinion turning, Warren was defeated in the 2028 election by the pro-market Rand Paul, who invited Pasca to his business advisory council, giving Pasca influence within America's most powerful tech magnates and industrialists.

In 2029 however, Paul announced that the US will again leave the Paris Accord and reverse the 2025 Zero Emission Protocol. In protest, Pasca immediately resigned from the council and soon found himself leading a national and even international opposition against Paul's energy policy. In 2029.09, Pasca was elected chair of the Literally Save The World Conference, attended by powerful figures such as Elon Musk, Paul Thickno, Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai, and almost 2.100 other leaders in businesses, NGOs, and academia. In the conference, Pasca established himself as first among equals within the new movement and, along with calling for climate actions, also delivered his now-famous lines for a "Great Synthesis" to end the decades-long hostility between innovators and regulators. More importantly, the meeting addressed the issue of President Paul's collapsing approval rating under extreme wealth inequality and mass joblessness, which could lead to a catastrophic left-wing surge akin to the Warren years.

"A thief is haunting America—the thief of Washington. What are they but a cartel of parasitic grandpas, clueless on today's world of ever faster disruption? And in their cluelessness, their sticky tentacles choked this nation's innovators and value creators. I say: enough. Our turn."
–Pasca, Literally Save The World Conference, 2029. Described as "cultish", Pasca is credited for "igniting a sense of class consciousness" within the tech elites long frustated by Washington's Linkanti-tech populist policies.

The conference led to the formation of Future Front, an immediate precursor to Resilient Acceleration first meant as a Super-PAC and pressure group for climate policies and innovation. Many elements criticized the group as an oligarchal plot seeking to torpedo the US's anti-trust laws, which isn't necessarily too far from the truth. Yet Pasca, one of the most extreme, was the first to really assemble a force cohesive enough to efficiently counter Washington's increasing hostility, earning him respect and trust from the whole sector. And an opportunity would soon come...

Winter of Despair

Brutal cold wave in early 2030, which coincided with new austerity measures and unemployment of 31%, was attributed to violent fluctuations in the polar vortex largely caused by climate change.

2030.01-02 was the coldest and longest winter in the last 118 years, caused by weakened jet stream around the Arctic polar vortex due to climate change. At that time, as permanent unemployment and national debt reached a new record, President Paul announced further sweeping cuts on straining programs including ACA, Medicare, and Social Security. In what would be known as the "Winter of Despair", widespread riots and looting swept across Minessota to New Jersey in protest of the cut, fueled by malicious disinformation. At the same time, the central operating system (ctOS) of Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, and Cleveland were attacked and their entire electric grid and water system was shut down for a week, causing city-wide anarchies and nation-wide panic in the first high-profile case of cyberterrorism—strongly linked to rogue Chinese operations.

Coincidentally, Pasca released his phenomenal book Apotheosis just a month before, which revolves around "graphic and detailed" apocalyptic future of far worse automation-induced joblessness, overpopulation due to immortality, climate crisis, cyberattacks, and uncertainty. He also analyzed 43 interconnected and potentially existential problems that the US is woefully unprepared to address, 6 of whom were realized during the Winter of Despair. Other arguments from his book include:

  • Aging population has greatly ballooned welfare spending, shrunk domestic markets, and render national GDP growths marginal if not impossible. This results in the tanking of tax revenue, the implosion of the welfare state, and a potential total collapse of the growth-dependent global capitalism.

  • Its response, immortality technologies, will lead to an apocalyptic overpopulation of 15-16 billion. At least 60-70% of which would be automated away and become permanently unemployed, living in permanent destitution and despair. Yet if all 15-16 billion people are equally educated and wealthy, the result is even worse as it will significantly increase resource consumption and instantly cause the collapse of civilization.

  • World governments have failed to push warming below 2°C. As result, runoff climate change will increase global temperature by 13°C and result in an overflooding refugee crisis, widespread regular lethal heat waves, total agricultural collapse, and cataclysmic sea level rise, reducing the Earth's carrying capacity by 90-95% and thus kill 15 billion out of 16 billion humans by 2100.

  • Meanwhile, a powerful global order is needed to end the post-2025 "monetary anarchy" era and create a unified, singular, planet-wide monetary system based on decentralized blockchain, accepted by everyone.

Runoff climate change will Linkincrease temperature by 12-13°C and Linkreduce the planet's carrying capacity to 1 billion by 2100, thereby killing 90-95% of humanity in the process. A decisive global order is necessary to prevent that calamity.

Pasca then outlined several solutions to the immediate problems facing the world today:
  • Immortality will solve the aging problem, erase the concept of "retirement", and reduce government spending on healthcare and pension by 80% and 100% respectively. This means that around half of world governments' budget can be freed for other purposes.

  • To solve problems caused by both overpopulation and automation, a "peaceful genocide" to eradicate the "useless class" (the elderly, destitute, and the permanently unemployable) is thus necessary to keep civilization functional. Direct mass murder obviously won't be approved by voters, so Pasca advocated to forcibly suppress the global birth rate to very low. Global child quotas, child tax, reproduction permit, and welfare cut threat as an enforcement method should be employed to ban the useless class from reproducing and drive them to near extinction in 45 years. Obviously then, immortality technology must be restricted to the "chosen" 3-4 billion population.

  • Preventing an AI takeover is futile. Humans must instead adapt and gradually integrate themselves with the new technology, resulting in the creation of a completely new species called Homo deus. This new species is the "only way" civilization can continue to interstellar level.

  • While waiting for the useless class to go extinct, a Universal Basic Income must be implemented to prevent them from instigating chaos and insurrections. A strong global order able to tax tech corporations to pay for this endeavor is thus necessary.

The book quickly became subject to media ridicule and condemnation, especially from left-wing groups and seniors. Unbeknownst to them, the biggest most awful most despair-inducing interval in modern history has provided Pasca with political opportunity. With Warren's hard-left policy of spending spree a failure, Paul's austerity measures bringing only marginal economic growth while being extremely unpopular, and national desperation at an all-time high, options and time were running out and American trust in its own system was collapsing. While Pasca's almost cult-like global following quickly pick up his message and defend him to the death, he especially resonated with the US middle and high-income class, who had long feared a violent low-class backlash against automation and inequality. Pasca provided a clear solution and answer to look up into, and slowly, national support flock into his camp.

More importantly, the book gave Future Front a new breath of life, at the time was struggling with the lack of clear objectives and conflicts, including the resignation of Jeff Bezos from the steering committee due to conflict of interest against Elon Musk on space development. Pasca soon restructured the organization under himself and renamed it Resilient Acceleration, and was elected its first Speaker.

US Senate

"Senators, I shall end this useless witch hunt with a closing statement. You, you, you, you, you, you, you, and you. Sayonara~"
Senate anti-trust hearing against DeepDoc, 2029. These 8 anti-tech senators would become victims of the RA's "campaign AI", which integrated the networks of Google, Twitter, Youtube, and various other social media in a joint "Tech Plot".

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and RA Commissioner for Security, testifying on the US Senate, 2030.01. In total, 11 senators with anti-tech sentiments, a third of the ballot, were voted out of office during the 2030 midterms.

Unbeknownst to the general public, the Future Front and later Resilient Acceleration (RA) was already working on a top-secret project only known by Board members as the "Tech Plot". Pasca, correctly, quickly judged from the get-go that relying on the public to approve RA's ambitious plans would spectacularly fail, but relying on shadowy manipulation and backdoor deals like the Illuminati are both cost-inefficient and doomed to be exposed. Obviously, the solution is to combine both approaches, so he spent c$3.8 billion funds out of his own pocket and personally led a collaboration between Microsoft, Google Deepmind, OpenAI, and DeepDoc to develop a public-data-harvesting artificial intelligence and build a nation-wide, cross-corporate "national discourse control infrastructure" that will "shame Cambridge Analytica to death", as it can :
  • Read and analyze almost all existing public data in existence, including social media, search results, media consumption, network of acquaintances, financial decisions...

  • Rigorously profile each and every US voter, detailing their most prized beliefs, their emotion, what they want, how they think, and how they react to stimuli, and continuously update it in real-time,

  • Automatically mass-generate hyper-personalized contents, ads, articles, deep fakes, legitimate-looking YouTube videos, search recommendations, and chatbots that roam online forums or social media to "nudge" each person into voting NewDem-aligned politicians,

  • While coordinating all its trillions of actions as a uniform and cohesive national movement pushing for specific narratives, or the mobilization of specific population segments,

  • All happening in seconds, just with a snap of a finger from RA Board members.

  • Note that while Cambridge Analytica relied on social media for their operation, Resilient Acceleration is the social media. Youtube, Miraj, and other RA members can easily alter algorithms as they see fit.

OpenAI and Microsoft was already jointly developing GPT-5, a quantum-computer-based machine learning system that has 784 trillion times more parameters than LinkGPT-3, so the development was quickly completed. The resulting system, nicknamed "NATE BRONZE", was secretly tested on the Milwaukee 2029 special election with flying colors. This was probably illegal and watchdog organizations were already started to notice some irregularities, but Pasca quickly came up with a brilliant strategy to both 1) test NATE BRONZE on a larger level and 2) prevent any federal investigation or Congressional action from taking place, directly: by taking over the Congress itself.

Following a historic Linkhuman landing on Mars, which ballooned the hyper-popularity of space magnate Elon Musk and other RA members amidst national desperation, Pasca announced on 2030.01.11 that he will challenge Sen. Robert Garcia (D-NV) in the Nevada Democratic Primaries. Running as the face of Resilient Acceleration, he garnered support from the tech companies, the alienated moderate progressive middle class, and the working-class Democrats under the banner of the "New Democrats". Throughout the primaries, Pasca would receive 50.32% of the vote while his NewDem faction unseated half of the DSA faction's seats, in a national reaction against the left-wing party establishment that shocked political pundits. The Democratic party would retake both Congress chambers and following what pundits termed the "Coup of 6 January", key DSA faction members were immediately purged off top positions in mass. Importantly, the NewDem faction only targeted the "economic radical left", while maintaining Democrats' strong grassroots support from minority groups.

Obviously, alienated democratic-socialists immediately resent the Resilient Acceleration-backed NewDem's "new management", splitting the Democratic Party in two. To maintain control, Pasca opted to work with traditional Republicans concerned with the increasingly hostile Trumpist wing under Tom Cotton and Don Jr. As such, Pasca utilized his personal relationship with president Rand Paul to secure a deal, allowing him to pass legislation within a short period of two years while also fostering the Republican schism. Larger legislation won't however be passed until the aftermath of the 2032 elections.

Table 3.1. Pasca's legislative achievement 2030-2032




Additional Info

Fix College Act

Passed 2030.10.10

A landmark legislation that forgave c$1.6 trillion worth of student debt and replaced the student loan system with an income sharing agreement (ISA) system. That is, as opposed to paying upfront with loans, students now pay college a certain percentage of their income after they graduated for a certain amount of time, and all debt is then forgiven after said time runs out. This forces colleges to be really selective on admission and voluntarily provide high-quality classes aimed at helping graduates get jobs as soon as possible to stay in business.

This landmark refund policy, combined with effective campaigning, is seen as a major reason why Pasca's New Democratic Party garnered 47% of college students' votes, a bloc that traditionally aligns with democratic socialists.

Boost Science Act

Passed 2030.11.10

Passed in tandem with the Fix College Act. A multipartisan act designed to end the "publish or perish" system of academia. Large journals such as Elsevier were forcibly reformed, scientific grants system was completely overhauled to promote high-quality researches and research replications, while open, public, community peer-review and open access journals—such as Sci-Hub and Arkadia—are given government support.

  • The act also significantly eased restrictions on genetic research and human trials to "the levels of a 20th century fascist state". AAPD has criticized the scientific community for "being indifferent on this flagrant ethical calamity... silenced by Senator Pasca's generous grants which are basically kickbacks."

  • CADB has even accused him of conflict of interest, as Pasca's companies are "clearly aiming to liberalize human experimentation, under the sweet promises of immortality, to accelerate their research and development pursuits."

  • Arkadia Foundation, one of the largest beneficiaries of the act, is owned personally by Pasca.

Green Meat Act

Passed 2032.05.02

Introduces tax hikes, punitive regulations, and tariffs that targets the red meat industry, a major contributor to greenhouse gas emission. At the same time, it also granted sweeping tax cuts and subsidies to lab-grown meat and other types of competitors. The goal is to drive up the price of traditional meat by around 10.000-15.000% before 2036, while keeping the "meat" supply as a whole intact.

Farmers are a major donor base of both the Republican and MAGA party, and selectively obliterating their industry will weaken both parties' financial standing. At the same time, most lab meat corporations are direct members of Resilient Acceleration and is a major NewDem donor.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

By himself, Pasca's political overtures won't go anywhere—he needs a vehicle to "soften" his image. New York City mayor Andrew Yang, a futurist politician terrifically popular within the Reno Area community, is the perfect figurehead to do just that: a genuinely caring, charismatic, yet weak leader, who will unite the country while Resilient Acceleration runs things from behind the scene. In the past, Pasca ironically opposed Yang's proposal of introducing new tax schemes for tech companies to fund "free money for the useless class". A meeting in 2025 however quickly changed his mind, as Pasca realized that UBI is perhaps the greatest single political tool capable of realizing the organization's plans of saving the world.

"UBI is the one-fit-all solution to greatly accelerate our mission to further civilization. It creates dependence... power. If Mr. Pasca wanna ban the poor from reproducing, for example, he won't have to enforce a tedious crackdown on violators. No, he'll just say, "You are free to do what you want, and that's fine. But we won't feed you anymore, so enjoy starving to death." Simpler."
–Will Lewis, Qufoam CEO, on the potentials of UBI in keeping the useless class from revolting. Other RA members later criticized Lewis' statements for being "too rude".

So despite being polar opposites in many sectors, due to ironically overlapping visions in multiple areas—most importantly Pasca's vision of a "stable global state", they became natural allies. A "good cop - bad cop" role was quickly agreed to with Yang serving the role of the compassionate voice of the people defending Americans against Big Tech domination, while Pasca serves as the tough, big-brain executor, enacting "unpopular but necessary actions" for "the greater good".

2032 US elections. In a direct conspiracy by 7 tech giants, led personally by Pasca, the NewDem exploited the FPTP system to score a controversial landslide trifecta despite winning only 34% of the vote.

During this time, Pasca developed the theory of tripartisanism, a political strategy of having two radical, violent, eternally antagonistic parties as the opposition, allowing a "rational, technocratic order" to rule unopposed as a one-party state akin to Japan's LDP, India's BJP, or Dwipantara's PKB-A. Throughout early 2030s, RA campaigns became focused to (1) chaotically break apart the Republicans and Democrats into smaller parties and (2) push utmost polarizing radicals to dominate opposition primaries. They also strategically supported traditional third parties, thereby splitting the opposition against NewDem into five disunited, competitively hostile parties:

  • Republican Party, which imploded into various competing factions and unclear voter base, but in general is dominated by traditional corporate Republican base.

  • Make America Great Again Party, personally "owned" by the 87 years old former president Donald J. Trump and his inner family through an authoritarian party structure, rife with corruption scandals. With the RA's help, they are dominated by climate sceptics, conspiracy movements linked to domestic terrorism, white supremacists, and anti-semitic evangelical Christians.

  • Libertarian Party, which saw a rapid surge during the Paul administration and received unprecedented national attention through the RA's machinations, just to siphon off votes from incumbent president Rand Paul who was criticized for "abandoning his roots" amid collapsing support.

  • Democratic Socialists of America, led by Sen. Alexandria O. Cortez whom Pasca termed "Mrs. Warren Jr." (in reference to the horrific economic crisis under the Warren Administration). RA's social media algorithms has led the party, and especially the party's image, to be dominated by "the most toxic form of vigilante social justice warriorism" that drowns their socialist messages, alienating moderate progressives and especially Latino communities.

  • Green Party, who similarly saw rapid surges following the Winter of Despair, but is only supported by the RA to siphon votes off the DSA. The RA also ramped up algorithms to promote active schism between the two following both's catastrophic defeat in 2032, making reconciliation near impossible.

In November 2032, NewDem would score the most controversial landslide victory in US history, taking over the presidency, House, and Senate despite winning only 34% of the popular vote, which can be shrunk further to around 19.9% if the low voter turnout is taken into account. Reports of NewDem's collusion with Alphabet, OpenAI, and Miraj quickly surfaced, documenting widespread cases of voter suppression, algorithmic deplatforming, and hyper-personalized targeted psychological engineering of voters far larger than in 2030. However, all Congressional attempt to launch investigations was disrupted by a clique led by Sen. Edmund Fennnel (ND-OH), who was later made Senate Majority Leader, allowing the transition period to pass uneventful.

Secretary of National Resilience

"If you want to test a man's character, give him power. We gave Pasca one, and he acted like he owns the country. And he's fully aware of it. And nobody fought back. And that's the point."
Sen. Pete Buttigieg (ND-IN) complaining about Pasca's "dictatorial" style of governance. NewDem's 2032 sweeping victory has been credited for returning stability following 7 years of dysfunctional governance.

Upon taking office, the New Democratic administration immediately work for the creation of a national resilience system, a key campaign promise along with UBI and global financial reform. In 2033.02, President Andrew Yang created the Office of National Resilience within the White House and tapped Pasca to head it. He formally resigned his senate seat in 2033.01.26, replaced by his close associate and Reno Area lobbyist Tamara Ng. However, it was soon clear that Pasca's vision on national resilience is not possible without Congressional authorization.

Thus, Pasca's first act in office was to pressure Yang into launching the largest reshuffle of the US intelligence community in modern history to torpedo the ongoing investigative aspirations against the 2032 Google-NewDem electoral collusion scandal. His ally Sen. Ng (ND-CA) was also elected chair of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, further integrating the intelligence community with the RA's machinations. In particular, the National Public Data Analysis Office was formed to "formalize" the voter-profiling and targetting practices regularly conducted by RA-aligned tech corporations within the last two years, by centralizing it under a federal office. Armed with overwhelming political and technological power that can basically decide election results, in 2033.05, the National Resilience Act was passed and the Office of National Resilience was reorganized into the U.S. Department of National Resilience, a cabinet-level position that is "entirely designed to give Pasca as much power as possible." He led employees from combined agencies, communicate with fellow RA members, and coordinate with different departments to:

  • Diversify and integrate the global supply chain with a new network of allies, with the secondary goal of isolating China and her businesses.

  • Raise investments and construct national and local infrastructures to tackle cyber, biological, security, and climate threats, while fostering innovative ecosystems to promote national crisis resistance.

  • Unilaterally coordinate relevant legislative activities between different branches and shoot down hurdles through the Joint Committee for Legislative Acceleration (JCLA).

  • Formalize the Tech Plot under the NPDAA, in close cooperation with RA-affiliated tech companies. Instead of elected representatives, policymakers now listen to NPDAA's surveillance AIs to know what each and every citizen actually wants. As such, policies can be designed and marketed in such a way that minimizes as much public resistance as possible.

As NewDem was elected to solve the automation unemployment crisis, which has generated mass unrest that froze economic activity in many areas, in 2033.05 President Yang announced the commencement of Operation Speedrun, where his administration would pass all his three ambitious programs before the 2034 midterm.

Table 3.2. Legislations passed under Operation Speedrun




Additional Info

Freedom Dividend Act

Passed 2033.05.29

Universal Basic Income. Each US citizen receives a generous amount of free money (c$2800 at the start) per month, pegged to inflation and national economic conditions.

The "universal" clause would be abrogated by the next three legislations, where the government reserves the right to alter a citizen's UBI check if they satisfy certain criteria (usually as an automated punishment for a crime). This will be particularly devastating for the 30% of the population who has now become completely reliant on UBI for their day-to-day survival, as they could literally starve to death if their monthly UBI check is cut. At the same time, UBI has created a security net that improves communities and reduces overall crime, turning the policy to both a carrot and a stick.

New Tax Deal

Passed 2033.07.24

Reverses Paul-era tax cuts and instituted a higher income and capital gains act. Importantly, however, the act also mandates the federal government to "achieve international tax harmony", obligating her to "actively bully, with all means necessary, other countries with lower tax rates into raising theirs" and thus disrupt the global tax evasion system. Cooperation between the New Community is pivotal in pursuing this feat.

Being the leader of the RA, Pasca was influential in pressuring affiliated corporations to support his vision of a "stable innovative world". That is, while waiting for the RA's peaceful genocide against the useless class to take effect, providing them with costly UBI is necessary to prevent them from voting for anti-business populists. Thus, the high tax hikes are seen as a great business investment that protects stability, akin to Otto von Bismarck's welfare programs, and definitely not aimed at reducing inequality.

E-CIVIC Package

Passed 2033.03.01

An "omnibus bill" that completely restructured US government institutions and procedures into an information state based on AI. It enacted new laws, amended 179 federal laws, streamlined and digitalized swathes of processes, and introduced several constitutional amendment proposals.

  • A key feature is the introduction of both the Civil E-Database System, which introduces an ID card and a national biological data repository, and the ctOS v.3 system in 448 US cities and population centers, which covers everything from automated waste management and electricity payment to intensive public security and criminal investigation systems. This system is linked to the UBI system, allowing the government to automatically cut the welfare of those caught "acting against the public interest".

  • Importantly, the act gives legal status to NATE PLATINUM, an AI controlled by the National Public Data Analysis Agency (NPDAA) in charge of harvesting and analyzing trillions of public data and tell policymakers about what the public actually wants, bypassing elected representatives. Gauging public sentiment and opinion becomes an instant process, allowing the NewDem to craft and communicate government policies in such a way that minimizes as much public resistance as possible, regardless of said policies' contents.

  • Critically however, American first past the post system and gerrymandering is not touched at all. Combined with control over census and social media algorithms while maintaining the new multiparty system, critics says that today, NewDem only need around 33% of the vote to hold on to its House and Senate majority, enabling them to freely screw over the other 67% of the populace as long as they can keep the opposition divided.

  • The act also authorizes the cutting of UBI checks as punishment for crime, which in 2033 can be solved in under a minute due to rapid advancements in crime investigation technology.

Welfare Reform Package

Passed 2033.03.02

Another sweeping omnibus bill that raised the retirement age from 67 to 77, while increasing subsidies of aging reversal researches by 170%. This act also abrogated or cut down other major welfare programs, such as EITC, as they are replaced by the UBI.

This package includes within it legislations seen as promoting senicide and eugenics, and many consider it a (not so) secret "fourth agenda" of the New administration.

  • Act for the Reduction of Medical Inefficiency: also known as the "Euthanasia Act", the law fully legalized and subsidized euthanasia in all 52 US states through forceful means, including constitutional amendments. Importantly, it also changes several definitions, allowing families to perform involuntary euthanasia to the old or the mentally incapacitated in some specific cases—which, due to punitive healthcare costs, has resulted in its spike.

  • Act for the Prevention of Hereditarily Uncompetitive Offspring: said to be written by the RA "word for word", with Congress serving as a rubberstamp. In the crux of the law is the introduction of Child Quota, which limits how many children can be procreated in one state every year, and the Procreation Eligibility Queue, where an AI ranks potential parents based on income, genetic health, mental health, and education for the Child Quota—disproportionately restricting the poor from reproducing. Punishments for violation range from social and bureaucratic discrimination, to having their welfare and UBI cut to near zero, to automatic deduction of their wages in the form of an "Unlawful Offspring Tax".

  • The package also established the Office for the Scientific Registering of Hereditary and Congenital Impairments, responsible for the collection of genetic data from all US citizen and cut the welfare of parents who refused to subject their children to genetic engineering if their children are found to be genetically diseased. It is important to note that the law primarily targets diseases that affects intelligence, as people of disabilities in other areas unrelated to intelligence have repeatedly proven themselves to be able to perform as productive members of society (Stephen Hawking, etc.).

2033 Reno Agreement

⠀⠀totally not arka pasca
feeling cute today, might coup the (((international bankers)))
03:48 am - Jun 13, 2033 • Twitter for Android

Signatories of the New Community Accords, which replaces all fiat currency with a singular, decentralized "cryptodollar" (c$). The accords consists of four possible forms of regulatory "package" based on the depth of integration with the global New Community market.

Following the 2025 Modern Monetary Collapse (MMC), the global economy sank under a deep depression as hyperinflation of the dollar, yuan, euro, and many other fiat drove swathes of the global economy into adopting non-government cryptocurrencies. The effects were three fold: first, the total anarchy of hundreds of competing currencies results in a highly unstable economy of extreme speculations and value fluctuations. Second, loss of government monopoly on a big chunk of her economy decimated tax revenue and erased her ability to rein economic fluctuations. Third, the total collapse of the Eurozone and similar-scale financial crises led to widespread political discontent and institutional ruptures that has engulfed the world non-stop for the last 7 years. Resolving this issue was President Yang's key foreign and financial policy agenda, and to nobody's surprise, Pasca was appointed the executor-in-chief. This is with a good reason, however, as Pasca's pivotal position of being the "arbiter" of hundreds of multinational corporations and 8 ruling political parties throughout the world played a significant role in garnering the support necessary for the proposed global monetary reform.

In truth, the issue of a "one world cryptocurrency" (China and her allies are excluded) has been on the agenda of Resilient Acceleration ever since the 2030 General Meeting of Stakeholders in Osaka. RA Comissioner for Economics and English Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak stated that "a global cryptocurrency backed by geopolitical powers will bring certainty to asset value and global trade after years of anarchy... it's like the gold standard, but far better." In June 2032, 2.487 representatives from 54 countries gathered in the Royal Grand Hotel complex in Reno, NV, owned by tech conglomerate Bill Gates who built the property specifically to set up the Reno Area as Resilient Acceleration's "capital city". Officially chaired by Pasca but often run by Sunak, the conference lasts for 34 days and set up a system of rules and procedures to regulate the new international monetary system, methods to achieve universality, transition periods, and details on the transfer of large amount of generated cryptodollars to the world's central banks as a way to replace their fiat currency.

One of the largest product of the meeting is the abolition of government ability to print money, and as such, the IMF and other relevant existing treaties are restructured to keep the "lender of last resort" portofolio stay functional. The meeting also formally established the New Community, a global financial union which, through policy uniformity, seeks to implement a new taxation system to adapt with a brand new world of anonymous transactions and decentralized monetary system. This includes the forcible closure of global tax havens or access to it through joint blacklisting, sanctions, or in the case of Nauru and Panama, an additional threat of US military invasion to force financial regulatory reforms. The meeting granted Pasca an instant Time Magazine's person of the year and was praised for bringing order back to the global economy. Others criticized the meeting for its deep involvement of RA-affiliated oligarchs, who, in return of their backing on the accords (which will enable governments to efficiently tax them again), were allowed to join the regulators to "write the rules".

Personal Life and Trivia

Pasca, his wife Kiri, and his chief of staff Anthony Bugas. They, along with trustee Arunika Pasca and chief research officer Dr. "Chop-Chop" Chandra, form the "Garden Angels" clique entrusted to oversee all of Pasca's behind-the-scene operations.

According to Reuters, Pasca would first appear as eccentric, shy, and a bit awkward, with many seeing him as a "fluffy cute guy" due to his clumsy attitude and petite physique. In that first impression stage however, he would secretly evaluate his guest as either trustable, usable, or useless, and can be quite clingy to those he deemed interesting. He also quickly become dismissive and arrogant to those he considers to be "dim-minded", and Bugas often advises guests to bring niche academic jokes or very obscure anime references to get closer to him. Pasca is also described as "naturally curious" and is an attentive listener, though his methods of cross-checking informations is often described as "interrogative" and "exhausting".

Pasca is married to Kiri Satou, a prosecutor formerly in charge of a federal investigation on Pasca's assets in the British Virgin Islands. Though a close couple, their marriage is also political in nature—Pasca's backing allowed her to be elected Attorney General of Nevada. In an ironic twist of fate, their second child Sora Satou was born deaf due to heritable conditions. Despite his open eugenic views however, Pasca is surprisingly fine with any kind of genetic defect "as long as it doesn't impair intelligence", though this is because he believes that such errors will "naturally be balanced out" by an amazing talent or ability such as prodigial math skills or savant artistic talents. As such, he self-taught himself (and his family) five different sign languages and has personally given a great deal of care to Sora's development, though his parenting method of sky-high expectations is considered "demanding" and "authoritarian" in line with Asian stereotypes. He also mandated all public appearance of him to include sign language support, as to make it easier for Sora to follow his activities.

Even today, Pasca often monitor operations directly. During busy days, night guards often found him sleeping on the floor of NPDAA quantum computer labs in James N. Mattis building, Washington D.C., often on "cramped places between servers, warmed by the heat output." In his sparse free time, Pasca often live stream video games made by his sister's game development company, Zamrud Visuals.


  • His corporate headquarters in Pasca Garden showcases two skulls of babirusa, an endangered Dwipantaran large mammal. One was Linknaturally stabbed to death on the brain by the excess teeth growth while the other was genetically modified by Phimmortal to alter the teeth structure, thereby avoiding the horrific fate. The message, according to Pasca's sister, being "Arka Pasca can design better than God".

  • He is widely known for his unnerving "Sherlock Holmes" ability of observation and deduction. While this has further led to his "2000 IQ" public image (though according to Daniel House, he has an IQ of 167, just below Hungarian chess player Judith Polgar), some has speculated that he specifically coded and trained a special image recognition AI in his smartlens to help him in the ordeal.

    • This is because Pasca, as noted by political observer J. McCullough, deliberately chose a public persona of a "charismatic, far-thinking genius" as part of his role as the "bad cop". This allows the NewDem to present an image of order and efficient stability, while the job of connecting to the populace is taken care of by the "good cop" and Pasca's main ally, President Andrew Yang.

  • His biggest insecurity is his height, standing only at 163 cm.

  • Being raised in Dwipantara, he still maintain a sub-conscious habit of saying Islamic terminologies such as bismillah (in the name of Allah) or inshaallah (if Allah is willing), even in official speeches. This is a trait apparently shared with many Dwipantaran non-Muslims, simply due to culture.

"Democracy is good, but...."
—Indian PM Smriti Irani