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Species within the empire.


they are a race of sentient extraterrestrial humanoids who inhabit the lush jungle moon of Pandora. When Remulians found them, they were in the stone age, but they were more sophisticated than other species that were in the same age. One of the things that impressed the Remulians was their ability to "connect" with other life forms by a kind of nervous filament protruding from their heads. The Imperials decided to teach the Na'vi everything about technological civilization, but allowing their traditions to survive and ensuring that these new Imperial citizens had all the empire's resources at hand.


This strange species lives that lives in the planet known as "Darwin IV" was intelligent enough to know that the strange beings that appeared on their planet were "aliens": the Remulian empire, after investigating, decides to uplift them, manipualting their genetic code to make them more intelligent, so, the technology lessons that they were going to teach them were learned very quickly. Many Eosapiens have joined the star fleet to learn more about the universe around them.

Darwin IV



The Gulphogs, despite being an intelligent species, lacked arms, which limited them in many functions. When the Remulian troops reached Aurelia, they saw the potential of this species, so, not only did they increase their intelligence, but they also gave them cybernetic arms, which allowed them to manipulate their environment as they pleased.
The Gulphog are the most abundant non-Remulian species in the imperial armies.



Capped Stalker

The Capped Stalker are the most mysterious and enigmatic race that the Remulians have come across due to the fact that the Capped Stalkers possess a collective intelligence very similar to that of Earth bees or ants. Still, they are much smarter than Terran insects and were able to assimilate Remulian knowledge very easily, and they were also able to integrate into the empire.
Blue moon



These snake-girls, who evolved on a jungle planet of gravity 1.5 times that of Earth, were entering the time of reinassance when the Remulians discovered them. The Remulians discovered that the Lammias were parthenogenic. That detail surprised the Remulian scientists, but that did not stop the Remulians from annexing the Lammias to the empire.



This humanoid species lived in the nuclear age at the time of its contact with the empire. one of the main characteristics is that they can change sex at will as many times as they want. Members of this race can usually be found working in the mega-buildings of the Remulians.



This species of sapiens equine is divided into 4 varieties (pegasi, unicorns, normasl and alicorns) with alicorns being the dominant figures in their civilization.
This species shares its planet with other races such as griffins, bison, etc ... with the arrival of the Remulian explorers, not only did they have to share the planet with another species, but they also resigned themselves to the fact that the alicorns were no longer the dominant force of the place.
The conquest was easier: the Remulians sent their forces to every city and village on the planet with a very simple message: "obey or not ..." and destroyed the highest mountain on the planet with a shot from one of their disintegrating rays coming from of an imperial ship.


Stone Axers

This group of Snaidians was on the brink of the Bronze Age when the Remulians found them and peacefully annexed them to the empire (the Stone Axers actively and excitedly collaborated on that annexation that the Remulians at first believed it to be a trap).


After "losing" the "Second Dinosaur War", some Dinos, specially the defectors, decided to join, and live, in the Imperium. They are surprise that the Remulians are gentle and friendly to them and that the Imperium accepts them without problems. Their population is of 450 thousands Dinos living under Remulian rulership.
Sirius-saurus III


The case of the Felinids within the empire is very special, let's say. Being these a very human-like species but with cat ears and tails, the Felinids were a kind of refugee who fled their home planet after their star system was eaten by a wandering black hole, 100,000 years ago, in gigantic space arks, about 24 in total, each capable of carrying 10,000 settlers in suspended animation.The Remulians found them near a dwarf star while investigating it, and woke up several members of the crew and asked where they came from, after learning their language, which took them 3 years to learn. Upon learning their history, the Remulians decided to help them, taking them to a habitable planet very close to the empire, where the Felinids settled.

The planet where the Felinids lives now.

Apart from the 10 Felinid colonies that were installed, on the planet there are, more or less, 40 Remulian garrisons, apart from 7 well-armed fortresses. This was done for the purpose of defending that colony from attack by hostile species that wanted to end this race of cat-men.
The planet is also surrounded by 40 fleets of 50 Remulian warships each, in order to prevent enemy fleets from approaching.
Until now, no Felinid has asked to be part of the empire: everyone is focused on rebuilding their ancient civilization. Only time will tell whether the Felinids join the Remulian empire or not.

The Reticulians were a very advanced and powerful civilization, which were responsible for the creation of the Remulians, Sebiront, and possibly humans. Their civilization came to an end when the Koln attacked and destroyed many of their planetary colonies outside of their natal star system, and a stellar catastrophe destroyed the planetary colonies of the Zeta-Reticulian star system, leaving the native planet of this species in a gigantic era of the ice.
The Reticulians were on the verge of extinction when the Remulians found them. Upon learning that this dying species was the one that created them, the Remulians decided to save them, in gratitude, by constructing gigantic buildings in the unfrozen parts of the planet where the Reticulians could live in peace.

The Imperium of Remulia