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The Imperium of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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Technologies and creations

Remulians have enough technology to manipulate the strong and weak nuclear forces as well as gravity, making them a powerful race and capable of mass destruction.
Linkthey destroy planets simply by collapsing it inside.
Linkthey create planets, gathering and collecting asteroids and comets.

They also, have the ability to pull planets or moons out of their orbits in minutes. to terraform or eliminate a civilization.

They are masters at genetic engineering and cybernetics, and have perfected the art of passing their minds and memories to other bodies (organic or not).
Could be said that remulians are practically immortal, since each of its members, and its subjects, has grafted in their bodies a kind of chip that records and sends his regards to a computer, which downloads those same memories in a body again if the old body is destroyed.
The government ensures that everyone in the empire have access to new bodies (organics (mindless clones) or cybernetic) and the chip.
Some remulians downloads their minds in robotic bodies.

Remulians built structures that are built with materials extracted from asteroids or planets that can't harbour life.

O'Neill cylinder

Stanford torus

McKendree cylinder

Bishop Ring

Bernal sphere

Terrarium (space habitat)


Banks' Orbital

Rotating Space Habitat



That means that the empire can have a large population compared to the population it would have if it only depended on the planets.

How many space habitats remulians have? well, they have enough to have Dyson swarms.

And that's in ONE yellow star!!! the Imperium has Dyson swarms in more that 30 stars!!!!

All space habitats have FTL drives, that allows them to move to other places if the stars where they are goes nova.

LinkThe other kind of structure is the Matrioskha brain

A matrioshka brain, built around a red dwarf

Remulians have built 10,000 matrioshka brains in all the imperium. These Brains help them in their lifes..also, thanks to their help , Remulians have created a lot of digital universe where they can live and explore. They can leave this universes whenever they want, without opposition.

One of the digital universes.