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The Imperium of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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10 thousand years ago, a spaceship that came from the mysterious planet zeta-reticuli crashed on the fourth planet of a distant solar system.
the crew of the ship discovered a horned ape species that lived in a nearby forest, so the leader of the reticulians, named Remul (in whose honor, they called the planet where they had hit "remulia") decided to uplift them, creating the first Remulian, that year was called the year 0 after Remul (A.R.) by the crew, which took 40 years to teach the Remulians how to build buildings, basic sciences, etc.

41 A.R.- the first city is built.
45 A.R.- The last Reticulian dies.
60 A.R.- The first empire is founded.
75 A.R.- The aldonian confederation is founded.
90 A.R.- The empire declares war on the confederation.
130 A.R.- The aldonian confederation defeats the empire: the aldonian empire is born.
170 A.R.- The aldonian empire reaches its peak.
220 A.R.- The aldonian empire collapses.
300 A.R.-The war of the three powers explodes
350 A.R.- The war of the three powers ends with the three ruined powers
450 A.R.- The steam engine is invented.
489 A.R.- The printing press is invented.
700 A.R.- The industrial revolution begins
750 A.R.- The main powers are divided continents.
839 A.R.- the first world war breaks out, which will last 10 more years.
971 A.R.- The era of the old empires comes to an end.
1300 A.R.- The second world war begins.
1325 A.R.- The second world war ends.
2450 A.R.- The second era of the empires begins.
2700 A.R.- Computer age begins.
3000 A.R.- The third world war begins.
3010 A.R.- The atomic bomb is invented, giving beginning to the atomic age
3015 A.R.-The first atomic bomb is used on an enemy nation.
3016 A.R.- The third world war comes to an end.
3050 A.R.- The fourth world war (the first nuclear war) begins ... and lasts only a week. The nations are crumbling and there are only marauding bands of survivors.
3070 A.R.- The large towns are founded.
3150 A.R.-The second aldonian empire is founded.
3270 A.R.- The planet begins to show signs of recovery.
3333 A.R.- The second aldonian empire collapses.
3347 A.R.- The printing press is reinvented.
3378 A.R.- The third aldonian empire emerges.
3410 A.R.- The krin empire is founded
3425 A.R.- The cold war between the two empires begins
3470 A.R.- The war ends with the two empires uniting in a federation.
3510 A.R.- The second computer age begins.
3570 A.R.- The nanotechnological era begins
3615 A.R.- The space race begins between the federation and the alliance of non-aligned states.
3650 A.R.- The non-aligned states send a remulian to aurora (the moon of remulia).
3653 A.R.- The federation sends a remulian to aurora.
3700 A.R.- The first lunar base is founded by the federation.
3710 A.R.- The alliance founds its lunar base.
3735 A.R.- Aurora is colonized by the Remulians.
3790 A.R.- The first aurora war begins.
3845 A.R.- The second aurora war begins.
4000 A.R.- The states of the planet are united in a confederation called the confederation of kilian.
4100 A.R.- The Remulians begin to colonize the fifth planet of the solar system.
4134 A.R.- The confederation of kilian is transformed into the republic of kilian.
4200 A.R.- The republic begins a plan of colonization of the rest of the planets and moons of the solar system.
4245 A.R.- The colonies prosper.
4259 A.R.- The space miner begins.
4315 A.R.- The entire solar system is colonized.
4345 A.R.- The first FTL engine is invented.
4351 A.R.- The Remulians arrive at the first nearby solar system. Due to the absence of habitable planets and ideal for "terraforming", the Remulians build the first spatial habitat.
4440 A.R.- The Remulians colonize cretiu.
4450 A.R.- The Remulians discover and colonize a frozen planet.
4475 A.R.- Remulians colonize Drx
4540 A.R.- Remulians colonize the planet ak-123
4600 A.R.- The planets of the solar system of alkara are used to build more space habitats.
5010 A.R.- The Remulians discover Pandora, after several days of debates, it is decided to uplift the inhabitants of the planet and integrate them into the republic.
5035 A.R.- The republic is replaced by the kilian empire.
5100 A.R.- The empire takes advantage of the first black hole they find to obtain energy.
5170 A.R.- Romani is conquered by the Remulians.
5245 A.R.- Darwin 4 is colonized by the Remulians and their inhabitants are uplifted.
6000 A.R.- Aurelia is discovered.
6034 A.R.- Civil war breaks out in the empire.
6070 A.R.- The civil war ends. the empire is ruined and the expansion stopped abruptly.
7000 A.R.- The empire begins to expand again.
7100 A.R.- Aurelia is rediscovered.
7110 A.R.- Aurelia is colonized and its inhabitants are uplifted... and given cybernetic hands.
7200 A.R.- Snaiad is colonized.
7500 A.R.- Expansion stops thanks to a financial crisis.
7650 A.R.- A techno-organic race invades the empire.
7750 A.R. - The Remulians manage to expel to the invaders of the empire and bomb the native planet of these until turning it into a ball of lava.
7900 A.R.- Aldarea is colonized and its inhabitants are annexed and integrated to the empire.
8000 A.R.- The empire makes great advances in the sciences and socially.
8100 A.R.- The "Remulian-Koln" war began.
8102 A.R.- The imperium made contact with the Krant Swarm. The Two nations ally to fight against the Koln.
8118 A.R.- The Koln is defeated by the "Remulian-Krant" alliance, and their armies are reduced by 78%.
8139 A.R.- The Remulian Empire finds Zeta-Reticuli, which is suffering from a gigantic ice age produced by a stellar catastrophe. The Remulians are in charge of rescuing the survivors.
8267 A.R.- The first digital universe is created
8300 A.R.- Ten universes are created in one month, the population of the imperium grows.
8570 A.R.- The first "Remulian-Hardarian" war began.
8585 A.R.- The first "Remuian-Hardarian" war ended with a Remulian victory.
8700 A.R.- The second "Remulian-Hardarian" war began.
8750 A.R.- The second "Remulian-Hardarian" ended with another Remulian victory.
9000 A.R.- Loti, the first Remulian male is elected to the position of Kmer
9050 A.R.- The imperium, under Loti, cease to expand in the physical universe.
9076 A.R.- Loti dies, Etux, a Eosapiens male, is chosen to be"Kmer by the senate.
9085 A.R.- Etux orders the creation of digital universes to cease entirely.
9100 A.R.- The third "Remulian-Hardarian" began. This time, the Hardarians have the help of the Koln, and the Remulians have, this time, the help of the Krant.
9110 A.R.- Etux dies. In his place, a new Kmer is elected: this time is a female Na'vi called "Neithyr".
9150 A.R.- The third "Remulian-Hardarian" war ended with the "Remulian-Krant" alliance victory.
9400 A.R.- A Remulian female called "Charlye" is chosen to be Kmer, ending a long line of non-Remulians Kmers.
9470 A.R.- Equestria, a planet that was dominated by many races, one of which turned out to be the ponies, which were divided into three races and lived in cities and villages, is founded, and annexed, by a group of Remulians explorers. Celestia and Luna are still rulers of equestria, but they have to pay and obey their remulians overlords. The poorest and most needy areas of the planets have received all the help that the empire can offer them and now they are prosperous areas and, in some cases, tourist destinations.
9780 A.R.- A new Kmer (Alexias) is chosen.
9845 A.R.- The fourth "Remulian-Hardarian" war began.
9850 A.R.- A civil war inside Hardarian territories caused the Hardarian government to negotiate peace with the imperium.
9866 A.R.- The first pocket universe is created.
9970 A.R.- The Gryan Hegemony invaded the imperium, starting the "Gryan-Remulian" war. Kamile is drafted to fight against this invader.
9975 A.R.- The Remulians defeated the Gryans.
9980 A.R.- Kamile is chosen to be Kmer
9997 A.R.- Kamile ordered the army to increase its forces, for fear that the empire's enemies would attack again. She also strengthen the "Remulian-Krant" alliance.
9999 A.R.- Felinids were found by Remulian explorers.
10000 A.R.- present day.

The Imperium of Remulia