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The Imperium of
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Allies and enemies


Sebiront are a humanoid species created by Reticulians thousands of years ago. They differ from Remulians by possessing 4 small horns, and by the fact that each Sebiront is born male and becomes female in the middle of his life. This detail caused the Sebiront to confuse the male Remulians with "children" until they explained to them that with the Remulians the story is different. Despite this detail, both races signed an economic and military alliance with the aim of defending themselves from threats from space.
The Sebiront ships are the most powerful of all, reaching to surpass the Remulians ships, although the latter are 1,000 years more advanced.


The Krant Swarm, or "The Swarm", is a great ally of the Imperium against enemies like the Koln Combine.
This alliance originated in 8100, when the imperium was attacked by the Koln Combine , in what would become known as the "Remulian-Koln" war. at that time, the entire remulian army was launched into one of the bloodiest wars in the entire history of its species.
Two years after the war started, the remulians contacted the swarm when their forces coincided when attacking a Koln planet . Seeing that they had a common enemy, the two leaders of both space nations decided to sign an alliance to fight the fearsome Koln army.
Although the combine was defeated and most of its forces were eliminated, , the swarm and imperium have maintained their alliance for years, forging ties with trade and embassies.
The Krant Swarm is made up of several units of an insect-like species, which have evolved over thousands of years in a hostile world. The swarm is dominated by an overmind, which controls the entire swarm in its entirety, ensuring that its forces are sufficiently prepared to deal with any threat.

"War-loving nations have never fought one...or evolved on a harsh world, like the Swarm,
Kmer Kamile

OOC: The Krants are based on the video-game "Swarm simulator", we could say that IS the swarm of that game..more information Linkhere
Hive Planet


The Koln Combine is one of the most dangerous enemies the imperium has faced in its entire history. Unlike other races, this species moves using organic ships and their troops are made by using xenospores. When the Combine invade a planet,they launch first a flower-like organism that eats every creature who approach it and then it uses that matter to create soldiers, that are used to conquer planets and "assimilate all living things into their biomatter".
There were two wars against this enemy: the "Remulian-Koln" war and the third "Remulian-Hardarian" war, where the Koln join the Hardarians in their fight against the imperium.

OOC: this time i used the aliens of Link this game to create the Koln.

Gryans were one of the few enemies who fought only one war against the Imperium, but were one of the few enemies who made the Imperium fought harder. Is a matriarchal species like Remulians, but unlike them, males are oppressed and treated like trash.
Gryans are an specieist nation who wants to conquer and eliminated all the other species of the galaxy, only their defeat at the hands of the Remulian army seems to have stoped their expansion..for now.

These beings are larger than Remulians, measuring 2,4m, and evolved on a planet with a gravity of 1,7 Gs. They are one of the most hostile enemy the Imperium had to face, fighting four wars against this titanic foes, winning all of them.
Hardarians are ruled by a group of generals and businessmen with iron hand over their subjects. There is not other species living within the Domination, but that's because is that Hardarians didn't found other sapien beings in their expansion...until they meet the Remulians.

Except the Combine, all the enemies of the Imperium has the same weapons and technology as the latter.

The Imperium of Remulia