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The Imperium of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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The Imperial Army

The imperial army is one of the largest of the galaxy, if we take into account only the "normal" soldiers, we would have this percentage:

Professional soldier: 10% of the population
Reservists: 15%

We have to remember that Remulians are masters of robotics and can download their minds into robotic bodies, so, the size of their army is bigger than you should expect.

Also, they have robotic armor that increases their capabilities in combat and that they have incorporated a large number of useful sensors and weapons for battle.

Each soldier carries one or two of the next Hand-weapons:

Hand weapons:

Desintegrator rifle:
This weapon breaks the bonds of atoms and molecules of any object, totally disintegrating it, hence its name. imperial ships and fighters also have this weapon.

Gravity gun:
This weapon creates a medium-size black hole, which lasts exactly ten seconds before closing. imperial ships and fighters also have this weapon.

Laser gun:
This weapon fires a superheated laser on a target. imperial ships and fighters also have this weapon.

Plasma gun:
This weapon fires a ball of superheated and superconcentrate plasma on a target. imperial ships and fighters also have this weapon.


Relativistic missiles:
Is a massive impactor that can travel at a significant fraction of light speed, the impact of these weapons can be devastating. they come in various sizes, even spacheships can be relativistics misiles.

Antimatter bombs:
Is a device that uses antimatter as an explosive. The primary advantage of such a weapon is that antimatter and matter collisions convert a greater fraction of the weapon's mass into explosive energy.

BHP: (Black Hole Planet):
This weapon creates a mini black hole, which is released to the target planet, once there, the hole goes into the bark and when it reaches the nucleus, stops and begins to devour everything, making the planet collapses inside.

BHS: (Black Hole Sun):
This weapon works as above but is used in stars.

Nanomachines that "eat" everything.

Green goo:
Nanomachines that "eat" organic matter.

Strangelet bomb:
Is a device that, when impacts on a target, releases a strangelet, that converts the matter of that target in "strange matter".

Are only used in cases where such great destruction isn't needed.

Chemichals and biological weapons:
The Remulians use these weapons in populations who do not surrender. they can create highly contagious and lethalvirus and bacteria for each case that comes with alarming rapidity .

God's rod:
Is used to Kinetic bombardment, they are tungsten rods of great size.

Dimensional bomb:
The most powerful weapon in the Remulian's arsenal: its appearance is that of a metallic disc. When it reaches its destination, it loses its metallic shine, which is, in reality, a covering that covers a kind of second-dimensional space, which begins to expand at a colossal rate. Everything within their reach is devoured and forced to "descend" into that 2D space.
Once the target has been devoured (it is usually a complete star system, since ships with FTL propulsion systems can escape being absorbed), the remulians "close" that space before it expands further, using manipulation technology. space-dimensional.
So far, there is no known defense against this weapon.

All of these weapons, except relativistic misiles, are carried by imperial ships.

Usually, the empire uses comets and asteroids to inflict massive damage (and mass extinctions) on a target planet. They diverted from its course by creating gravity wells near these.

The ghost armor: this armor, when used, separates temporarily the molecules of the user, making any object to be released into the armor bearer to pass through as if it were a ghost, hence the name.
Robotic bodies have the same technology.


The Remulians have created gigantic ships, which they are called " imperial ships ", which use to impose the peace and to conquer entire planets.
These ships have superior firepower and, thanks to the gravitational technology developed by the Remulians, they can alter the orbit of a planet or destroy it.

They are capable of entering the atmosphere of a planet and of realizing atmospheric flight.

And can attack and burn cities to the ground.

LinkFTL-travel method of the spaceships

The imperium had developed a new generation of imperial ships: bigger, stronger and faster that the old versions: the "Imperial Executor" class.

When Remulians invade a planet, they usually carry other vehicles.

This vehicles are heavily armored, and can receive a lot of punishment. they can shoot laser, misiles, antimatter bombs, biochemical bombs, etc..


Capable of flying in the atmosfere of a planet or in space, this vehicles can make a lot of damage before being take down. they can shoot lasers and throw antimatter bombs, they also are manoeuvrable.

The fighter is the red one

Remulians use a combination of troops and vehicles to destroy and submit entire planets after a heavy orbital bombarment..

The question you are asking yourself is, "If the Remulians have such a powerful arsenal on their spaceships, why are they sending ground troops to attack the planet? And the answer is that the Remulians want the planet intact, so they try to use ground troops to try to defeat the population of the attacked planet without destroying or adversely affecting it. Heavy weapons are only used when it comes to engagements between Remulians and other space powers.

The Imperium of Remulia