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The Imperium of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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Political parties

there are 6 parties in the empire, these are:

The Industrialists:
The Industrialists believe in the value of production. They claim that a more productive society is a more successful society, and to prosper the empire has to put all available resources into production.

The Pacifists:
The Pacifists believe in the value of peace and mutual understanding. When they look at alien races, they don't see them as being a lot different Remulians , and believe that all the races can get along well without needing war or bloodshed. Instead of a powerful military, they focus on social production and they try to influence other civilizations. Wouldn't the universe unite under one race through peaceful means?

The War Party:
The War Party believes in one thing and one thing only: The alien races are inferior. That is why they believe Remulians will ultimately unite the galaxy. In doing this there is one effective way which is the power of might. With unparalleled military, the power needed to dominate the alien races will eventually come.

The Federalists:
The Federalists believe that difficulties may be overcome by improving internal efficiency. They think that optimizing the internal structure of the government will prove to be most rewarding.

The Mercantile:
The Mercantile Party prefers trading as an appropriate method to go forward. They believe that everything comes down to money, and that the race that has the most credits will ultimately dominate the others. They believe in free trade between races and their attitude toward increased trading helps their race's espionage efforts; since with all that trade activity, they will gain insight into the politics of other races.

The Isolationists:
This political group believes that the empire should stop expanding by all available means: indeed, they believe that the empire should close its borders and not allow other races to make their home in the empire.

The Imperium of Remulia