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Declaration of Peace Between Banners

This declaration is the core legislation of the Union of Free Banners, and will be followed by all Members.

1. In times of crisis or strife, a Member State may call upon the Union for aid, be it humanitarian or martial, for an initial period of 1 year. Should this period elapse, a meeting of the Officers Delegation must be held to determine the next steps.

2. Citizens of Member States are to have a period of compulsory service in their nation's military. This is to assure that all nations have the capability of aiding each other in times of need.

3. A minimum of 3% of Member States annual budget is to be allotted to their military.

4. Member States must prioritize the health and safety of their citizens. Poor health care and high crime rates will not be tolerated.

5. Member States may call for a 'Vote of Non-Confidence' in any Officer if they have a minimum of 20% of the region 'Pledge Their Steel' to the vote. They can do this by writing upon the message board '(State), calls a vote of non-confidence against (Officer).' and those who agree may comment beneath 'We pledge our steel.' The Founder will then set a poll for the entire region, with a 60% majority vote passing the motion.

6. Further legislation may be recommended to the Officers and all Member States may vote freely on the polls, either for or against, the proposed legislation.

For clarification, send a Telegram to the Founder.