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The Khilafah's 14th Province of
Psychotic Dictatorship

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Wait, how tf did you get here? Connecting to fox-site...

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Paduka Jang Mulia
(His Majestic Majesty)

Oreo Divine Alatas

(Apparently, the conspiracy is true)

Theme: LinkThe Biggest, Most Awful, Most
Tragic Event in Human History

of the Divine Comedy Alterverse (DCA)


Assumed office:
12 December 2019 C.E.

Personal Details


LinkApa urusan Anda menanyakan itu?
(What's your purpose in asking that?)
Oreo R. Divine Alatas (DCA)


7 September XXXX C.E., age YY
Regional Military Command III/Siliwangi
Republic of Indonesia




Republic of Indonesia
Rein Divine (in the DCA)

Political Stances:



Regional Military Command III/Siliwangi
Republic of Indonesia


ITB (which, for fellow Indonesians,
means that I'm better than you)


Islam (de jure)
Irreligious (de facto)


"You must be tired. Let's LinkGO TO SLEEP."
–My brain emulating Morgana after realizing it's already 2 am.

Oreo R. Divine Alatas, also known as me, is the guy controlling the Divine Comedy Alterverse and the NS nation-state called Region of Dwipantara. You can usually find me roaming around in either F7 or General. As of May 2020 I've been in the NS for four years (holy crap does time flew really fast).

I think it's a good idea to put some more explanation and disclaimer here. For starter:

"This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental."

"cOiNCideNtaL." Sure, sure.

So Province 14, Rein Divine, and his Divine Scissor is actually based on a novel I wrote for a school project in the past. This is also why there's the Rahman and Janett section on Rein's factbook (book-ception?), and it talks about the same thing: forbidden love under Islam's tyranny, with atheist propaganda sown into the narrative. Luckily, the Covid pandemic meant that I haven't got to know my teacher's response on that... potentially controversial novel. However, I actually got a 99/100 on the report, so I think he actually like it. Which is tbh unexpected, after all, he's the kind of guy that grows the long Pajero (pasukan jenggot rasul or 'the Prophet's longbeard army') beard, after all. Also, this novel is also the reason why this NS nation talks about Islam so much – because it was coincidentally the topic picked by the novel.

Today, the Divine Comedy alterverse serves as sort of a place or sandbox to store and evaluate my many ideas. It's pretty neat, actually. (Which is why I don't really want to accept your ideas to my alternate universe if you have any, sorry :c ).

Q&A, despite nobody asked:

Y: Do you like Persona 5?
O: Yes.

Y: Why is the Fox-Site so angry? And biased?
O: Of course it is. It's a propaganda site to recruit Republikens. IC-ly. What do you expect, people sitting down to have a healthy discussion?

Y: Who's the girl in the flag?
O: Ipo-chan is the moe character representing Internet Positif, Indonesia's national internet censorship system set up by infocom minister Tifatul Sembiring (who was also leader of the Islamist PKS party). Credit to illustrator and DeviantART user Rouzille Erzabaln.

Y:I'm too lazy to read your content, can you give me a quick recap?
O: Firstly, screw you. Secondly, so in this TL, Dwipantara was annexed and opressed by "foreign sayyids" of the Khilafah empire. Rein Divine, the protagonist, is now on a mission to destroy Islam and restore the independent republic. To do this, he implemented many schemes to engineer Islam and its believers, with the goal of turning it from a hardline outdated danger into a secular pro-Republiken tolerant religion. Not only that, he also have to prevent that republic from falling into a military junta or a one-party state.

Y: This "Alliance to Restore the Republic" looks like it can explode at any moment, due to the extreme differences between its factions. Isn't that a bit unrealistic?
O: No, actually. First of all, that's where the fun is – the main character not only have to overthrow the evil fascist dictatorship" like common novels, but also have to think about how he would prevent a disastrous power struggle from taking place. Secondly, this I think is what would happen without the New Order dictatorship. While Suharto and his cronies deserves to be burned in hell, they ARE successful in the integration of the Indonesian society and prevent partisan polarization from taking place, like in 1955. I guess the best case scenario for IRL Indonesia is if Suharto stepped down and replaced by Jakarta Governor Ali Sadikin. Of course it would be even better if Sukarno dies a few years after 1950, succeeded by Hatta. Meanwhile, Rein obviously want neither a fascist dictatorship or a civil war from taking place, so he'll have to come up with a plan.

Y:What are the sources you use to create those massive walls of texts? Or are you juat making everything up, trying to slander the holy Islam?
O: There are two main sources: academic literatures, and mainstream literatures. Why? Actions and policies that might felt like strawmen are actually based on popular Islamist websites with far-ranging reach through out the population. Throw the gays of the roof? Holocaustic hate tirades? All are based, if not copy-pasted, from popular Islamist websites where curious people come to seek answers about Islam. So the insanity of the Khilafah is actually a reflection of what will the actual Khilafah will look like, as those who actually supports the reinstation of the Khilafah are the very same people that acquire "knowledge" from those channels.

Y: The fox isn't even a native Indonesian fauna, so why the hell would you pick that to symbolize the Alliance?
O: Good question. On my novel, the representative animal isnt actually the fox, but the kancil (Linkmouse-deer). In Indonesian folk stories, the mouse-deer occupies the same trope of the slick, cunning animal, just like the fox. However, 1) non-Indonesian won't get the reference and 2) there isn't an image of an anime character wearing a mouse-deer mask to be put on the factbook, so foxes would have to do. Oh, also the fox have the red and white color, which is the color of both Dwipantaran and Indonesian republican flag.

Y: Usually, other NS nations have their leader as their main character or at least someone with a dominant presence, such as Zitravgrad's Mr. Miroslavsky. Why then is Rein, a random student activist, was made this NS nation's main character, as opposed to the likes of Megawathi or Gov-Gen Sourheart?
O: Because he's the protagonist of my novel, if you haven't been paying attention.

Y: Is he your self-insert?
O: Well uh, yes and no? The character itself very different from me, because I want to make a character perfectly suited (in both good and flaws) to lead an anti-religious revolution. After that's done, he's basically just a sock puppet for me to insert my opinions into the novel.

Y: Point of Divergences from OTL?
O: In this TL, an Arabian nation (as promised by the British) was established after WW1 and the king declared himself caliph after the fall of the Ottomans. Then, the Nazis was more successful and the Soviets was weakened. WW2 still ends in 1945 on Allied victory, but less western influence on the Middle East and less stability. This led to the rise of Islamism, which then went into a region-wide civil wars against the nationalists and won, which eventually led to the formation of the Khilafah.

Meanwhile, the role of Islamists and Communists in Indonesia are swapped. PKI's 1948 Madiun Affair became a long guerilla war on the likes of DI/TII, while DI/TII itself was crushed. Tan Malaka and his socialist ideals took over as the replacement of communism, and took the role of Masyumi in 1950-60's while Masyumi took the role of PKI in the same period. The "G30S/Masyumi" resulted in the annexation of Dwipantara to the new Khilafah empire. Of course, in this TL, replace 'Indonesia' with 'Dwipantara'.

Y: Speaking of sayyids, what's your genetic makeup look like?
O: Based on family tree alone, I'm 71.75% Javanese, 12.5% Makassarese, 12.5% Arabian, and 3.25% German. Yes, I have some Arabic blood from the Kaoman people, which AFAIK are the descendants of Yemeni Hadramaut traders, and according on LinkCharlemagne's principle, means that I'm also a habib descended from Muhammad. Meaning that huh, I AM equipped with divine powers after all, meaning that after all, I AM a special snowflake that is objectively better than you, according to Quran 8:41 and 33:33. Yay!

Y: Light mode or dark mode?
O: Light.

Y: Political aligment?
O: I voted for Jokowi, I want West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil to be the next 2024 president (though SOE Minister Erick Thohir would also be okay), and I support the PSI, though I wished they have more teeth to criticize the government. I'm not a cebong (anymore) though, lately I've been very critical. I don't support the current Omnibus law, however I'm willing to see an amended version that is more helpful for the economy and less plagued with the interests of the mafia. Tbh, I'm not really that concerned with the fate of the laborers, but—

Y: No, I mean your political beliefs. I don't even know who the hell is Ridwan Kamil.
O: He's a great guy that I've met before (though I also have shook hands with President Jokowi). Regarding my beliefs, hmm. It's a bit uncertain. I used to he a market liberal, but now I usually stay in the middle and view policies on a case-by-case basis. I am an internationalist, but also a realist who sees the present geopolitical anarchy as unfeasible for my ideal wishes. I am also a patriot who love his country, though, if that even compatible. 'Classical liberal' would be a good term to describe me, though it is super broad and is probably useless on today's politics.

However, if I must be more specific, then 'Habibienomics'. As far as I know, there are three school of thoughts regarding Indonesian economics:

  1. Widjojonomics: basically neoliberal capitalism aligned with the Washington consensus. It also strongly supports the comparative advantage theory where Indonesia must only focus on what it's the best in, i.e. natural resources and cheap labor. Industries that aligns with Indonesian comparative advantage such as farming and mass manufacturing must then be prioritized.

  2. Habibienomics, which advocated for heavy investment on infrastructure and technology to lift Indonesia into a more advanced economy. The goal is to increase Indonesia's competitive advantage in the world stage and move on from an economy based on cheap labor and natural resource extraction.

  3. Nationalist Protectionism, which sounds exactly like what it is – anti-investment and opposed to debt and global integration.

Different political blocs usually pick one school of thought, and not limited by other ideology. For example, an Islamist and Nationalist party that opposes eachother can both choose Nationalist Protectionism as their school of choice.

Y: Trump or Biden? Or Sanders?
O: Biden, because I'm not an American and I only care about 1) world stability and 2) climate change.

Y: Preferred way to laugh?
O: Wkwkwkwkwkwk

Suharto, Indonesia's 2nd president, is known to be very superstitious. Some say that he has 33 'dukun' (necromancer) supporting him, one from each province.

Y: A secret that nobody else knows?
O: Real story. In the 1990's, my mom befriended the son of the mayor of Semarang. Apparently, one night this guy followed his father (the mayor) and saw him hanging around with Indonesia's 2nd president, Suharto, near a bridge in the middle of the night without anyone else watching. He said that they were searching for wangsit (spiritual power), and as part of the ritual, both of them were doing that naked.

Naked. LinkPresident Suharto himself, literally the person that has dictatorially ruled my country for 30 years, full nudity, p*n*s go bouncin' within open public space under the moonlight and it actually happened. Holy schnitzel. Imagine if Trump or Macron did that. I know people in the past are superstitious as hell, but I never ever imagined reality to reach that kind of level. And the number of people in this world that knows about this scandal is prolly less than 10. Is this story true? There's no way to know. I tend to be sceptical; however, the chain of narration is very short and one of them is my mom, whom has no reason to lie to me, so idk.

Y: Idols or personalities that you look up after?
O: Three person. My mom (a really cool infrastructure development project manager), Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and Dominic Cummings (despite me being a supporter of Remain).

Y: Hobby?
O: Doing a voiceless karaoke while running in the treadmill. My music of choice are usually either the super sick and stylish songs from the Persona series, car racing games, Final Fantasy, hype anime openings, or some other music that happened to show up in my recommended.

Okay I'm pretty lazy right now, maybe I'll add some more if I have more gabut time.

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Quotes that I like:
"Internationalism cannot flower if it is not rooted in the soil of nationalism, and nationalism cannot flower if it does not grow in the garden of the internationalism."


"Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour and it can never be used to hurt you."

—Tyrion Lannister

"Smart people is defeated by lucky people."

—PT Bintang Toedjoe

*Milton Friedman is touring a road construction with Deng Xiaoping*
Friedman: "What are your people doing?"
Deng: "They are digging a ditch, with shovel."
Friedman: "Why don't you use tractors? It's far cheaper and more efficient"
Deng: "No, because if we do that, those people will be out of work in no time and unemployment will rise."
Friedman: "Then, why don't you take away their shovel and replace them with spoon instead? Won't it be even better?"

—An anecdote I heard regarding government intervention in economics

"If God exists, it would be necessary to abolish him."

—Mikhail Bakunin

"Not every weeb is a genius, but every genius is a weeb."

—My overpoweredly genius friend.

"🎵 On your mark y'all get set, pull the trigger and GOOO!!! 🎵
(🎶 Make a move before they can make an act on you! 🎶)"

—"Pull the trigger", Persona Q2 (me during the treadmill session)

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