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History of the Yellow Empire

The region started of as the Yellow Empire, and was founded by Ravio on june 15th 2018, after he was banned from the New Western Atlantic for spam. Ravio created the region with the ultimate goal of conquering Nation States, and creating a roman themed empire (for more details of his plan check THIS factbook).

Initially the empire wasn't much successful, and was just made up by 15~ nations, only 2 or 3 of them being actual nations. The first victory of the empire was the invasion of The United Nations of Justopia II, a small, founderless region which had been mostly forgotten. After this invasion the region started to get noticed, and was home to spies of different defender organizations which managed to sneak their ways into the imperial ranks. This was the moment that the meme with the Yellow Empire was born, the region was filled with spies and Ravio wasn't very good at administering it. This lead to countless defeats, such as raiding plans being leaked and puppets infiltrating into the administraton.

During this time the empire decided to transfer to a new region, The Yellow Empire, which would have just the more active nations. On this new region, emperor Ravio made an alliance with the now non-existant Imperial Americans.

The empire's 1st major defeat was now about to happen. Emperor Ravio had moved his main nation to the Imperial Americans in order to organize themselves for a raid, during this time, one of the spies who had gotten high on the imperial ranks called Holiani organized a small raid on the region, which ended up being successful. After the occupation, another spy called Ethanoic acid saw the invasion and pledged support to it, he was infiltrated on the region and had a puppet with appearence powers on the imperial province of The United Nations of Justopia II, and used this to take temporary control of the province as well.The occupation of The Yellow Empire lasted for about 12 hours, until the emperor logged on and purged the invaders.

After the invasion, emperor Ravio was furious. He knew who the owner of the puppet was, and sent a puppet to the person's region to spam on it's RMB. Ravio ended up getting his puppet and his main nation banned, this lead Holiani to take control over The Yellow Empire once again.

Ravio might have lost the battle, but he refused to lose the war. He proceeded to create another new nation called The Emperor of the mighty Yellow Empire, and at first decided to re-create the region as Yellow Empire, but later on changed it to The Yellow Empire once again.

Days after the recreation of the empire, a nation called Sut-puppet created the Ravioli Foundation, claiming The Emperor of the mighty Yellow Empire was not in fact Ravio, and contesting his claim to the throne. This lead to a brief period of instability, however The Yellow Empire still managed to make gains, conquering regions such as East Antarctica and Earenland. The empire also managed to vassalize the Iberian Empire on this period, and it's known as one of the most prosperous times on the empire.

Eventually Sut-puppet conceded to The Emperor of the mighty Yellow Empire and accepted his claim as legitimate in a treaty between the Ravioli Foundation and The Yellow Empire (Treaty can be found HERE), this treaty also made the Ravioli Foundation a province of the empire, and was a major victory for the region.

After a period of major victories, the Iberian Empire, vassal of The Yellow Empire, got raided by the same people who had raided The United Nations of Justopia II months ago. This was a major blow to the empire's stability, the founder of the Iberian Empire had been inactive for more then 10 days, and had apparently lost access to his account, making intervention difficult. Seeing the situation, the Republican Army, who had signed a defensive alliance with the Iberian Empire months ago, decided to intervene. They were successful, but instead of liberating the region it was made a province of their region.

At this time The Yellow Empire decided to change regions once again, and moved to Flavo Imperium, however, this move was bad for the region's stability, and they ended up losing The United Nations of Justopia II once again. On this move, The Emperor of the mighty Yellow Empire decided to change his main nation to Rost Dreadnorramus.

This was the start of the empire's decline, Earenland was eventually lost. The emperor wanted to bring a new start to the empire, and so this time Rost Dreadnorramus created a new region called Imperium Magnum, however it was too late. The empire fell to inactivity, and the emperor eventually resigned in favour of Paleoamerica. Paleo had been a long time soldier of the Yellow Empire and it's successor regions, and there was a lot of expectation about his reign as emperor, but in the end Paleo resigned as well, and the region was left abandoned.

It was during this time of inactivity that the Ravioli Foundation, the only remaining stable province of the empire, decided to intervene. It's founder Sut-puppet used his nation in the region (Ravioli Representative), decided to make an announcement. Citing the treaty between the two regions, which stated in article 2: "The Ravioli Foundation will provide the empire official lines of succession...", he proclaimed the Ravioli Foundation to be the region which would decide the next emperor.

Ravioli Representative then proceeded to create a new region, the New Yellow Empire (which is still the official region to this day). Ravioli Representative decided to start an election for the position of emperor, due to the lack of an official heir (See election here: page=poll/p=132154). The winner was New pingus flavo imperium, and so the house of pingus was formed.

Pingus' reign as emperor is largely known for inactivity and a lack of progression, he eventually resigned and appointed Trojan Rodents as emperor. Initially, Ravioli Representative refused to recognize him as emperor, as his main nation lead a considerably larger region called The Galactic Empire of Britain, and it was feared the New Yellow Empire would be made a province.

After one day of an internal crisis, Ravioli Representative accepted Trojan Rodents as legitimate emperor, and his coronation was proclaimed. Under Trojan Rodents' reign, the ministries of diplomacy and defence were created, and the positions were given to Ambassador of salutations and German-soviet reich respectivelly. Trojan Rodents also managed to conduce a small raid on Old New Tiamat and also took over the Anti Yellow Alliance, a defender organisation created specifically to attack the Yellow Empire and it's provinces.

After some time with Trojan Rodents as emperor, he resigned citing IRL reasons. This lead to a power vaccum inside the Empire. The former emperor tried to appoint German-soviet reich as the new emperor, however Ravioli Representative refused to recognize him, stating that the previous ruling dynasty had failed, and that the entire system needed reform.

Ravioli Representative ended up assuming de facto leadership over the New Yellow Empire temporarily. Under his temporary rule, the region of The United Nations of Justopia II was refounded as an imperial province, the Iberian Empire and the Honorable South Sea League were also invaded and conquered by the Imperium. The rule was overall largely supported by most of the population, and after a referendum Ravioli Representative was coronated emperor.

Ravioli Representative's 1st act as emperor was opening an embassy with Norden, this was largely a joke made by the governments of both Norden and the New Yellow Empire, considering Norden was merging with the New Western Atlantic at the time.

One of Ravioli Representative's next proposals was the creation of the temporary "Imperial Decrees", the supreme law of the region until a proper constitution was drafted. The 1st imperial decree was the "Citizenship Decree", and the 2nd the "Political Parties Decree", the quick creation of these decrees, as well as the conquering of provinces under his "De facto" leadership, in contrast to the last emperors which had left the region mostly abandoned, helped transforming Ravioli Representative into one of the most popular emperors in recent history of the Yellow Empire.

On march 12th 2019 the New Yellow Empire held it's 1st ever Prime Minister election after the creation of the new region, the title was previously held by French calumnaea, however much like other emperors he is not known for doing anything noteworthy for the region, just a small participation in a raid. This election was between candidates Garfield empire and Novum imperium romanium, there was little to no campaigning and in the end Novum imperium romanium won 4 to 2 votes.

On march 28th 2019 his majesty Ravioli Representative made former emperor Rost Dreadnorramus Royal Prince and heir to the throne of the Imperium, after Rost agreed to integrate his new Raxulan Empire into the New Yellow Empire. As Royal Prince Rost always campaigned hard against inactivity, he also proposed changes to the imperial culture.

Not long after being selected Royal Prince, Rost Dreadnorramus started contacting other regions in attempts to make military alliances, and broke his promises to merge the Raxulan Empire into the New Yellow Empire. Just a few more days later, Rost proposed a "duel" to Emperor Ravioli Representative between the Raxulan Empire and New Yellow Empire, this duel had the objective of deciding the rightfull Yellow Empire. Ravioli Representative ignored the duel, calling Rost a traitor and removing him from the position of Royal Prince. After that Rost made a post "exposing" Ravioli Representative, and calling him a puppet (which was an already known fact), Ravioli banned Rost, however he still continued to send puppets to the region (Sovereign Rost Dreadnorramus and Terostor). The end result was Rost's region being seen as a joke, and him being mocked by foreign allies of Ravioli.

In order to re-affirm his legitimacy, and the supremacy of the New Yellow Empire after the expulsion of Rost from the monarchy, Ravioli Representative conduced a small raid against Black Mesa on april 27th 2019. The raid was successful and helped expand imperial influence.

Unfortunately just a few days later, on april 30th, the region was captured by defenders. However at the same time Rost Dreadnorramus failed at 2 attempts to even conquer regions, thus proving that the imperial military of the New Yellow Empire was superior to that one of the Raxulan Empire. Rost then proceeded to utilise of regions filled with puppets he himself had created to try and prove his region was capable of conquering as well, however his attempts were generally regarded as a complete joke by the government of the New Yellow Empire, which considered the Raxulan government to be desperate.

At around May 22nd 2019, Rost Dreadnorramus emperor of the Raxulan Empire abandoned his region after inactivity along with the incapability to conquer anything made the region completely fall apart. As usual Rost started yet another new region (Raxus Empire) however once again it did not grow much or achieve anything significant. The fall of another of Rost's regions was commemorated on the New Yellow Empire, with the region officially posting an announcement on it's WFE stating that the Raxulans had collapsed, and the the yellow army had won yet another war against Rost's failed regions.

On June 13th, Invadolandia founder of the new Ravio Party, officially won the Prime Minister election in the first round with 60% of the votes. With this Invadolandia became the 3rd Prime Minister in the history of the imperium, since for most of the time the former emperor Rost governed all alone due to his opposition to democracy. At the same day raxus published a factbook with "fake and biased news" (according to the pretitle of the nation which had published it), stating that the New Yellow Empire was going to fall to inactivity after the election, and that the victory on the war wasn't infact a victory, since war was never declared on the first place. His Majesty saw Rost's fake news as a joke, and replied with the following statement:

"Well yeah I guess that is a valid point, however it's still funny to see rost saying that our WFE is never updated and that our region is falling to inactivity, when literally all of the regions he led died because they went inactive xD. He also states that we were never at war, and that is true, he apparently did not realise that the message on our WFE was a joke, which I find it funny because I have already done this kind of stuff before."

After the Prime Minister election, the region went through a brief period of inactivity. The new Prime Minister appointed Rataticha and Boslaniknoion as ministers of culture and foreign affairs respectively. During this time the new culture minister started to make polls in order to increase activity, and there was also a small surge in population, however other then that the region stayed mostly quiet for a few weeks.