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T H E ‍ J A V A ‍ O F ‍ A F R I C A


    Keumaharajaan Raksageudhe
    Best known for its sky-scraping baobab trees, age-
    old Hindu-Buddhist temples, and plethoric flora and
    fauna, the Southeast African nation of Raksageudhe
    traces its culture from far and beyond the African
    continent. The first settlers from the Sunda Islands
    arrived in Raktadwipa in the first millennia; migration
    from across the Indian Ocean continued up to the
    16th century, consolidating the Indo-xenic culture of
    Indonesia's Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms in Raktadwipa.
    Today, Raksageudhe is the only developed country
    in Africa, boasting the continent's largest nominal
    GDP with a population of 40 million.

    Image | Wayang kulit. Learn more.

A B O U T ‍ R A K S A G E U D H E



    Raksageudhe was established in 1373 as a tributary
    of the Majapahit Empire on the northeastern coast of
    Rastadwipa. The kingdom was founded during the
    ​golden age of the Majapahit Empire under the reign
    of Sri Maharaja (Emperor) Hayam Wuruk.The name
    Raksageudhe is derived from the native name of the
    baobab tree (raksa, meaning giant) and the Javanese
    word gedhe, meaning large. The kingdom in its early
    days was concentrated along the eastern coastline
    of Rastadwipa, serving as a major hub of Indian
    Oceanic trade. | Read more.

    Image | 'Java Before Islam' by Walter Spies.

T R E N D I N G ‍ T O P I C S


    Raksageudhe, Indonesia Renew
    Trade Deal

    22 September 2022

    Raksageudhe, United States, Angola Revitalise Transatlantic Relations
    22 September 2022

    MoT: Electric Vehicles to Represent
    Majority of Public Transport by 2023

    22 September 2022

K E U R A T O N ‍ K U L O N ‍ A G O N G

M U L I A D O R O ‍ D Y N A S T Y


    Palace of the West
    The bloodline of the Raksageudhen imperial family
    traces back to the early 15th century, during which
    the Empire of Majapahit was at its height. According
    to the traditional lineage of emperors, Wardasadasa
    is the 32nd Sri Maharaja (Emperor) of Raksageudhe.
    He and the imperial family currently reside in the
    Kulon Agong Palace. As the country's head of state,
    the Emperor's duties include opening each new
    session of the National Council, granting Imperial
    Assent to legislation, declaring Imperial Orders and
    Decrees, and a diplomatic role.

    Image | Kulon Agong Palace. Learn more.


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