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The Republic of Rahlon Overview

"Paese, Libertà, Aviazione."

The Republic of Rahlon, simply shortened to Rahlon, is a large democratic nation settled on the southwestern corner of the Aerodise region. Rahlon's population shares a love of aviation, with most cities and towns having airports for travel, trade, and recreation. Strong nationalism is present in the country as well, with a decent number of Rahlon's citizens staying in military service with the Rahlon Defense Forces (RDF) after their mandatory conscription period, if they choose military service over generalized civil service.

General Info:

Location: Southwestern Aerodisè

Classification: Republic

Motto: "Paese, Libertà, Aviazione."

Currency: Cuori

National Animal: Rahlon Falcon

Founded: January 24th, 1919

Capital City: Matelieri

Leader: Papios "PAPI" Alettone

Prevailing Religion: Voloism

Population: 331 million

Official Language: Rahloni

Nestled in the southwest corner of the region, Rahlon originally featured a completely forested landscape. The the southern sections of Rahlon are flatlands, the largest flat section being the 'boot' stretching from Lungolago and southeast to Tagliari. The terrain gets progressively more hilly and eventually mountainous as one travels closer to the border with Remdor, the two mountain ranges forming a near-perfect natural border between the two countries. The nation's eastern border is formed by a large river that stretches up into the mountains. To the northeast, past the mountains, the terrain somewhat flattens out and remains a mostly forested area. The Gulf of Rahlon provides water access to the nation's capital Matelieri and provides protection from any sea-based weather phenomenon.


Early (Pre-Rahlon) History: 1850s-1919

The early settlers of what is now Rahlon arrived around 1850, coming from many different countries around the world and for many different reasons. Most of the arriving groups lived in harmony, assisting each separate community but never properly uniting. Eventually, the many different communities, after having worked together and dealing with crises (namely The Blizzard of 1861 and The Great Famine of 1879), decided to unite as one nation. On the 24th of January 1919 the formal agreements were put in place and The Republic of Rahlon was formed.

Rahlon History: 1919-Present

Once formed as a proper nation, the citizens and new governing body of Rahlon began working on creating an international identity to set themselves apart from the rest of the world. It was around 1933 when the nation found their answer in two ways; oil was discovered in the hills of northern Rahlon, and a group of aviation enthusiasts arrived to spread the word of the technology to underdeveloped lands. The flying machines fascinated the small population of Rahlon and the nation quickly began developing their own models.

Not much changed for the Republic until the 21st century, when word of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence came from the country's northern neighbor. Also at this time the warring pirate clans over in Oxkintok became united, leading to thoughts of conflict in the future. Rahlon began to raise defense budgets and also allow an interesting player into the game; an international mercenary organization known as Pixy Industries. This group would supply defense services to supplement the RDF, as well as providing newer models of aircraft and other military equipment to replace their aging arsenal.

The year is now 2032, and Rahlon is slowly growing in population and developing further every day, hoping to match its northern neighbor in strength.


Aviation in Rahlon

The country is dominated by a massive aviation industry, with major airports sitting alongside other forms of public transportation and infrastructure. After the introduction and aeronautical boom in Rahlon in the mid '30s, aviation has been a staple of the county's culture. Flying for travel is encouraged and the development of "aerotropolis" city centers have provided Rahlonians the upmost convenience when it comes to air travel. Flight training is highly sought after and as common as driver's ed, with almost every town and city in Rahlon featuring its own airfield or two alongside its standard rail and highway systems. Rahlon truly is the pilot's paradise of the Aerodisè region.

Sports in Rahlon

Rahlonians have a great love of sports in addition to aviation. Baseball, Soccer, and various forms of Motorsports claim the attention of Rahlon's citizens during weekends or other off time. Various tournament games for soccer and championship baseball events take place across the country in beautifully constructed venues. The motorsports fanbase, though, blows the other two out of the water. Various forms of motorsports attract millions of viewers; from quick, high speed, high adrenaline air racing events to fast and focused stock car races and long enduring sports car events, Rahlon has it all for the racing fan.


(don't sue me, I don't really know government stuff. Just cherrypicking from wikipedia articles of what sounds right)
The Republic of Rahlon's is comprised of 6 states and a federal district in the capital of Matelieri, which each having voting rights on federal officials and issues. The country has a set of three governmental branches; legislative, executive, and judicial, similar to some other major nations around the world. The country is led by a President elected every four years, able to be reelected for an extra four year term. Legislation is conducted by a congress, and the judicial branch is run by federal courts.


The Rahlon Defense Forces & Rahlon Air Defense Force

The Rahlon Defense Forces, or RDF, traces its origins to the pre-nation days where the various settlements in the area formed small militias to protect their sites from creatures or any possible native threats from the east. As the country developed the military became a valuable and powerful force, keeping the nation safe and also providing assistance during any natural disasters. As aviation engulfed the minds of Rahlonians, the Rahlon Air Defense Force, or RADF, was formed. This group of brave individuals took to the skies providing the same defense and assistance their ground based brothers and sisters provided but in the modern age.
Men and women of all races serve in the RDF and RADF since the founding and have served side by side protecting their great nation from threats. All citizens serve in a mandatory two year period of civil service at age 18, with most choosing military service in the RDF. Many choose to stay enlisted and proudly serve their country for many years.

Pixy Industries

Even with the strong nationalism and mandatory service of Rahlon's citizens, Rahlon had a smaller defense force compared to surrounding nations in Aerodise. This has prompted the Rahlonian government to request the assistance from outside forces for extra defensive capabilities. Mercenary group and military equipment producer Pixy Industries stepped up to the challenge in 2022 and has become a staple of the country's defense forces, providing pilots, ground crews, and equipment to the RDF. The entirety of the RADF fleet is Pixy Industries equipment produced under license, and can go toe-to-toe with the most modern pieces of aircraft engineering. Pixy Industries has even been reported to be testing armored walker technology in the northeastern corner of the country, though the reports (and the thoughts of if such a technology are being produced for the Rahlon Defense Forces) are unconfirmed.


The population of Rahlon is decently diverse racially. Roughly 55% of the population is classified as white, 30% black, 10% native Aerodisèn, and 5% are of other races. The nation has been lucky to have mostly established harmony between all different racial groups and backgrounds since the original settling of the area. Thankfully most of the area Rahlon was settled in had not been claimed by native Aerodisèn tribes, and the few groups that were in the area had cooperated and eventually agreed to assimilate into the new nation. The settlers worked with the natives to produce the formal Rahloni language, which incorporated the Aerodisèn tribe languages into it.

The topic of religion was never really a major issue in Rahlon; religious freedom is encouraged. The prevailing religion is Voloism, a polytheistic faith based on a set of air gods, but various others are practiced across the nation. This includes modernized versions of original Aerodisèn tribal religions that have existed for centuries. Practicing nearly any faith is accepted in Rahlon, as long as it does not harm or violate the rights of other citizens of the country, such as in cases of sacrifice or torture.

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