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Hate Speech Laws and the Protection and Recognition of LGBTQIA+ Identities.

Legislation has been passed in regards to the Protection and Recognition of LGBTQIA+ Identities and Hate Speech against Protected Groups* (see below) in Queer Birds.

In Queer Birds, all citizens and non-citizens are recognized as accurately being the a/sexual and a/gender identity/ies that they identify for themself and the LGBTQIA+ community are recognized as a protected group* (*see below). This includes honouring the following legislative rules in regards to a/gender and a/sexual identities:

1) Hate speech is against the law in Queer Birds. Hate speech is defined in law as speech and/or action within a public forum/setting that is discriminatory in nature and/or poses violence or threats towards protected groups on the basis of a/genders/sexuality, race, ethnicity, disability, and/or neurodiversity.

2.) Those with protected identities cannot be discriminated against on the basis of a/gender/sexual identity in or by the workplace, in or by schools of any kind, in or by healthcare settings, AND/OR on the basis of housing, right to disability application or any other formal legal or governmental application, access to service work, or access to any public space/forum/setting. Discriminatory acts on the basis of a/gender or a/sexual identity are punishable by law.

3a.) No documents may demand information on biological sex unless for the purpose of healthcare and only after a patient has undergone proper karyotyping. Biological sex is no longer referred to or understood as a binary by government, education, or healthcare and is instead recognized as a collection of a group of attributes including chromosomes (example: XX or XY or XXY etc.), genitals (the anatomy of an individual's reproductive system), sex hormones, and other secondary sex characteristics.

3b.) The words male and female are no longer used to describe biological sex (see above), and intersex individuals are protected by law from having non-consensual cosmetic genital altering surgeries (these surgeries which around the world are largely practiced on newborns and children who, by their age, are unable to give consent to a cosmetic surgery are strictly prohibited in Queer Birds).

4a.) All Queer Birds citizens are freely allowed to change information regarding a/gender identity on ID and other identity information that includes a/gender at any time, however any further changes to information regarding a/gender cannot happen again until 12 months has passed since the previous change and reissue of identity pieces so as to allow for proper processing of information and to reduce administrative abuses.

4b.) Birth certificates from Queer Birds do NOT include biological sex in recognition that sex is not a binary and that a newborns' genitals do not inherently prove or predict chromosomes or future hormonal reactions. Birth certificates from Queer Birds only describe the following:
-Date of Birth
-Name(s) (surnames are not necessary in Queer Birds but names must have at least one letter in them.)
-Place of Birth
-Registration number and date of registration (for administrative purposes and to keep census information on number of newborns in Queer Birds)
-Parent(s) or guardian(s) names and birthplaces

5) Polyamory and marriages between consenting polyamorous adults is legal. Polyamorous adults may also raise a child together and more than two parents may be recognized as legal guardians.

6) Sex and sexual activities between consenting adults in private cannot be punished by law. Sex and sexual activities in public can result in a warning or fine. Any kind of sexual activity or recording of sexual activity involving a non-consenting adult or minor is strictly prohibited and punishable by law, and the offender must begin rehabilitative counselling and holistic rehabilitation immediately.

*Protected groups are groups that we would once refer to as marginalized at a systemic level based on identity, but in recognition of Queer Birds' continued effort and goal to protect marginalized people from systemic harm and properly redistribute power and undo societal and systemic marginalization and discrimination on the basis of identity, the term marginalized groups is more commonly denoted as protected groups.