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The League | World Assembly Program

Office of the Consulate and World Assembly Delegate
World Assembly Program
ENDORSE Paleocacher

  • Introduction

  • World Assembly Program

  • Involvement & Positions

  • Program Goals


The League's World Assembly Program is sponsored by the Office of the Consulate to improve Leaguer awareness, involvement, and interest in World Assembly affairs.

The program aspires to bring community members to another aspect of the NationStates experience through The League, encouraging them to find methods of World Assembly involvement that interest them and bring new activity in that field to the region.

World Assembly Program:

The program is headed by the Office of the Consulate, the regional Heads of State, per Article II Section II of the Constitution of the Republic, "The Consulate of the Republic may establish further institutions under its direct management in an effort to better aid and develop the region and its functions."

Functions of this program are primarily executed on behalf of the Republic by Paleocacher, who serves as World Assembly Delegate.

Involvement & Positions:

The World Assembly Program is a casually structured Consulate-derived government institution. Anyone may join the program by requesting masking on the Discord server for it so long as they meet the basic requirements. The requirements for participation in the program include holding Leaguer citizenship and possessing a World Assembly nation in the region (exceptions provided for deployed members of the regional military).

Those who participate in the program gain access to a channel for voting and debate on World Assembly proposals, resolutions, and general affairs. The Consulate will open voting on proposals at their discretion via the AugustinAndroid. Any individual participating in the World Assembly program will have the ability to vote and debate in that channel, though the majority's directive will be legally non-binding, the Consulate and World Assembly Delegate will carefully monitor the advice provided. Consulate discretion on vote opening will be determined by the legality, visual quality, and likelihood to reach the quorum of a proposal, as well as any perceived vested regional interest in it.

Program Goals:

  • Director collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs, especially on Security Council matters.

  • Interregional collaboration following comfortable establishment.

  • Stronger focus on Security Council affairs with potential branching out to General Assembly affairs after further establishment.

  • (Internal) Development of a WA affairs opt-in role for members to vote (via AugustinAndroid) on and discuss proposals in the queue or on the forums.

  • (Internal) The eventual appointment of a "World Assembly liaison" type position to have a direct hand in the organization of the program, as well as coordinating Leaguer WA efforts on behalf of the Consulate.