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LCN | Server Moderation Team and Out-of-Character Moderation

The Republic of The League of Conservative Nations
Discord Server Moderation Team and Out-of-Character Administration

  • Introduction

  • Administration

  • Roster

  • Server Moderation Team Rules of Conduct

  • Server Moderation Team Warning Protocols

  • Discord Server Rules


The server administrators oversee the Server Moderation Team and set its general directives and rules. The administration has full authority over the server and its management. Imminent issues regarding server administration and moderation should be directed to one of the administrators. The Consuls also handle out-of-character administration on the regional message board and any other relevant regional properties.

The administrators are Quebecshire and Terranihil.


The Server Moderation Team (SMT) is an extra-governmental or out-of-character institution managed by the server administrators to serve the region and its populace as moderation on the relevant platforms, as well as to maintain order in the Republic of The League of Conservative Nations's offsite property of the Discord Server as laid out here as best as possible. The Server Moderation Team is made up of equal members, excluding the administrators, who oversee and manage the Server Moderation Team.


The roster includes those who serve on the Server Moderation Team.

Server Moderation Team Rules of Conduct:

This is the conduct guide of members of the Server Moderation Team drafted by the administrators.

1. The Server Moderation Team is an extra-governmental department mandated by the Consulate's authority as regional administrators and is therefore expected to report to the Consulate and abide by their stipulations.

2. Always provide at a minimum the server rule which is being invoked when giving a user a warning or mute.

    2.1 Further public or in-command elaborations that do not republish the rulebreaking content is ideal but the statement of the rule involved is mandatory.

    2.2 It is encouraged that the warning moderator explains the incident in fair detail to the administrators in the private channels of the Server Moderation Team after an action is taken. This becomes mandatory in the event that the action is appealed by the person it was taken against.

3. Do not argue with individuals over warnings in #moderation-reports. Appeals are to be handled by the Consulate administrators.

    5.1 Behave professionally in #moderation-reports.

4. These conduct expectations can be edited as deemed necessary.

Server Moderation Team Warning Protocols

  • Provide a bot warning for any rulebreaking content published by a user.

  • Server Moderators are expected to mute a user upon the second infraction in a day. In the event of the rulebreaking appearing known and deliberate, a mute may be delivered on the first infraction. The first mute in a day given by a moderator should be 30 minutes and doubled for each following necessary mute.

  • Follow special protocols over standard protocol for any users that have been placed on one.

  • Note: The Consulate administrators reserve the authority to issue mutes or actions deviating from the standard protocol as they are the oversight administration. Actions by a Consul may be subject to review by the broader group of administrators.

Discord Server Rules:

The Server Rules, mandated and enforced by the Consulate as server administrators and the Server Moderators as the server moderators, will be posted here for ease of access. These rules can be edited as deemed necessary.

This is a server largely composed of minors for a simulation game. These rules are expected to be followed to maintain what has been and continues to be a safe community and environment. In the context of Discord Server Rules Moderator/Moderation refers to the SMT and its members, and Administrator/Administration refers to the Consulate.

  • 1. Server Moderators have the authority to enforce these rules at their discretion when they feel it is best for the discord server, the users, and the region at large. They are accountable to the administrators and by extension the people when they exercise this mandated authority.
    --- 1.1 Rules function as intended.
    --- 1.2 Rules may apply differently between text and voice channels. This is up to Consular/SMT discretion.

  • 2. Server Moderator actions are definite, if you have any further issue with it you can contact a Consul. However, arguing with them over it in the moment is a waste of time.
    --- 2.1 The #moderation-reports channel is not for debating moderators or administrators regarding punishments or rule interpretations. It is for concisely making reports or appeals. Further discussion of alleged moderation error or misconduct should be respectfully taken to #capitol.
    --- 2.2 If you are filing an appeal, this is the proper way to do so >appeal caseID# reason. Condense all of your reasoning and evidence in the command and do not argue further, wait for a Consul to respond.

  • 3. These rules apply to all members of the Discord Server.
    --- 3.1 The speed at which punishments are applied to you may depend on your status in regards to the region, specifically between Citizen, Stayer, Diplomat, and Visitor.

  • 4. NSFW content is not allowed. If you are unsure if your content is NSFW, you are simply advised not to post it. If you want to, contact a member of the Server Moderation Team regarding it, however, you accept a risk of punishment for ambiguous content.

  • 5. Use channels appropriately.
    --- 5.1 No spamming outside of the #meme-spam channel.
    --- 5.2 Do not use bot commands outside of #bot-commands unless the bot command is only feasible to be in that channel. This is up to Consular/SMT discretion.
    --- 5.3 Professionalism/respectful behavior is expected within government channels. This is up to Consular/SMT discretion. See Rule 9 as well.

  • 6. Donít harass, flame, or flamebait fellow members of the server.
    --- 6.1 Those who feel as if they have been harassed or mistreated and do not believe it has been sufficiently addressed should consult #moderation-reports and tag the @Consul of the Republic role, or, if they feel that would incur more harassment, privately DM the Consuls.
    --- 6.2 Heated arguments and general insults on their own are not flaming. Repeated abusive language intended towards another member is. This is to moderator discretion.
    --- 6.3 Flamebaiting is defined as using language designed to deliberately coax another user into a heated or emotional response to start a flamewar. This is to moderator discretion.

  • 7. If what you are posting could poorly reflect on our community and region (or any region or group you represent), or cause unintended consequences, reconsider if itís helpful or necessary (basically, be mindful of your actions). This is up to Consular/SMT discretion.
    --- 7.1 By making potentially offensive comments, you accept the liability that the recipients of said comments may perceive them to be hateful or discriminatory and thus entitle you to consequences.
    --- 7.2 Comments perceived to be hateful or discriminatory by SMT moderators should be handled as rule violations and left for any further handling by the Consulate.
    --- 7.3 This rule does not exclusively apply to hateful or discriminatory content.

  • 8. Private organizations within the LCN may define rules for their channels and categories in addition to those already provided by the server. These rules are inferior to server rules and may not contradict them, nor the rights of members of the server and the region.

  • 9. Abuse of, or misconduct within State and Government related channels and resources may result in restriction of access or similar consequences.

  • 10. All applicable LCN laws must be followed by all members of this server.

  • 11. Do not post sensitive information to the LCN in inappropriate channels.

  • 12. Do not disseminate any personal information for which you have not been given explicit permission to disseminate. This applies to any method of dissemination. Punishment severity depends on the information in question and the spread thereof, and any other relevant factors.

  • 13. Server nicknames (and if relevant, usernames in general) count as content. Please ensure they follow all of the above rules, do not attempt to impersonate others, and are not otherwise disruptive.