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The Worker's Daily (News)

The Worker's Daily

Large Aluminum Deposit Found in Terken - Day 46, 46 PU - The remote island of Terken is looking increasingly viable for exploitation as the nearby seabed contains a rich vein of bauxite. The Material Commissariats for Mineral Production is examining the region for exploitation, and projects if the vein can be tapped the region could be home to 30,000 workers in the mines, foundry, and support and consumer services.

Unified Fire Agency Expanding Drone Roll Out - Day 26, 46 PU - With the success of aerial and ground drones in the Thol Apartment Fire, the government has plans to expand drones into all major regional commands.

Ronom Airport to Receive Dedicated Cargo Terminal - Day 7, 46 PU - Previous mixed use facility at Ronom has become over crowded andto be replaced. Ronom is a vital stop from the west coast of Dee to Satnom and carries large amount of vital goods to the city.

Serial Rapist Convicted - Day 275, 45 PU - After a series of 18 brutal rapes, the perpetrator has finally been caught. The perpetrator, one Nuk Lolmo, has been entranced to 18 counts of Life in prison for his crimes.

Fire Engulfs Apartment Block; 4 Dead, 47 Injured - Day 255, 45 PU - Apartment block in downtown Thol has become a towering inferno, leaving several dead and many more injuries. Regional assistance from local fire departments has been called in including aerial support from drones. Despite this the fire still rages out of control. Department Chief warned the structure is severely weakened and collapse can not be ruled out. Structural Engineers are on scene assessing safety for continued operations.

New Regional Airport Breaks Ground in Zamthor - Day 238, 45 PU - Plans for regional airport receive go ahead in marshland off of Zamthor. This 3 runway mixed cargo/passenger airport is designed to integrate air travel in a region severely devoid of it. Greens continue to resist expansion in the Zamthor River Watershed, what they proclaim is a highly endangered biome.

Heavy Lift Engines Undergo Final Test Before Certification - Day 211, 45 PU - The Heavy lift engines designed as the first and second stage of the booster for the Moonshot Program undergo final test. Once complete the engines will be certified and the construction of the stages can begin. Program Director says they are on schedule to meet the 48 PU landing deadline, if not exceed it.

5 New Heavy Presses Built in Hinterland - Day 198, 45 PU - 5 Forging Pressing ranging from 8,000 to 50,000 tonnes these presses are instrumental in manufacturing complex parts from lightweight alloys necessary in military and civilian industry. The Ministry of Metal Products believes 20,000 new jobs will be added in the sparse region of Lemosa.

Rail Traffic Congestion on the Aleza Corridor - Day 171, 45 PU - The Aleza Corridor has become gridlocked with traffic causing hours of delays and the paralysis of the cargo industry. Plans for expansion are underway to increase the two track to four high speed tracks, but progress as stalled as . The corridor is one of the busiest transits in the Union, moving 8 million TEUs a year.

Hydrocarbon Tax to Raise to 75 Scripts per Liter - Day 155, 45 PU - The largest single increase in the hydrocarbon tax is underway, raising from 50 to 75 scripts per Liter. Primer is quoted as saying that this is a move to ween the nation off oil fuels to permit greater volumes of plastics, rubbers, lubricants, and other useful good rather than wasteful, polluting fuels.

Planned City Opens, 10,000 Residents Lined Up - Day 139, 45 PU -

Locomotive Plant Opens outside Tanton - Day 113, 45 PU -

11 Arrested for Plotting Terror Attack - Day 97, 45 PU -

No New Locality Pay - Day 75, 45 PU -