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Siranthirion Global Information Survey

A. Overview

Full Country Name: Hauyna Siranthirion
Short Country Name : Siranthirion
Date of Foundation: XX/XX/27 BFC
Internet Top Level Domain: SR
Capital City: Tal Caedirin
Largest City: Tal Caedirin
Demonym: Siranthai

B. Government

Head of State: Eil Es Alatar
Head of Government: Eil Es Alatar
System of Government: Democratic Tribal Confederacy
Power Structure: Federal
Legislature: Hauyrili Council
Highest Court: Hauyrili High Judiciary
Voting: Compulsory
Minimum Voting Age: 20

C. People and Society

Population: 205,000,000
Life Expectancy: 107
Literacy Rate: 99
Direction of Traffic: Right
Capital Punishment: Legal and used
Abortion: Legal (for any reason)
Marriage Equality: N/A
Healthcare System: Universal
Religion: Lunysticism 85%, Cult of Ascension 17%. Atheism 12%. Lunysticism and the Cult of Ascension are not mutually exclusive religions and there is a degree of crossover between them.
Languages Spoken: Sila Caedri
Most Populated Cities: TBD
Demographic Composition: 90% Caedri, 7% Lysean, 3% Human

D. Economy

Gross Domestic Product: 81 trillion
Currency: Neri
Inflation Rate: 1.25%
Unemployment Rate: 7%
Poverty Rate: 11.03%
Industries: Automation technology, Military production, Cybernetic Research, Spacecraft research, Luxuries

E. Military

Military Expenditure: 3.95%
Military Service: Mandatory (alternative service allowed)
Active Personnel: .95%
Reserve Personnel: 4.25%
Service Branches: Regulars, Alsiy Corps, Technician Corps, Navy, Skyfleet, Starfleet

F. Space

Colonisation Policy: State-Sponsored
Fleet Policy: State-Owned
Space Expenditure: 4.5%