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Playoff Performances in NS Sports Competitions

Play-In of sorts
•AOCAF 53 (AO Football)
•AOCAF 60 (AO Football)
Round of Sixteen
•Di Bradini Cup 38 (U21 Football)
•HWC 17 (Handball)
•Handon Open (NSTT Tennis)
•Cup of Harmony 68 (WCC Football)
•Ethanian Open (NSTT Tennis)
•IBC 22 (Basketball)
•2017 Antilla Masters (NSTT Tennis)
•2017 Nova Lisboa Open (NSTT Tennis)
•World Cup 82 (WCC Football)
•WVE X (Volleyball)
•AOCAF 64 (AO Football)
•RTC U18 World Cup 15 (U18 Football)
•Di Bradini Cup 52 (U21 Football)
•Vika Open I (NSTT Tennis)
•Cup of Harmony 82 (WCC Football)
Quarter Finalist
•Electrum Slam III (NSTT Tennis)
•IBC 21 (Basketball)
•Mercedinian Open (NSTT Tennis)
•Magr Masters (NSTT Tennis)
•Di Bradini Cup 39 (U21 Football)
•IBC 23 (Basketball)
•Di Bradini Cup 40 (U21 Football)
•Cup of Harmony 72 (WCC Football)
•Baker Park Open Cup 2 (Assoc. Football)
•AOCAF LIX (AO Soccer)
•WLC 31 (Lacrosse)
•NS World Cup of Masters III (35+ Football)
•Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy II (Assoc. Football)
•Black Arrow Classic II (Archery|Men’s Individual)
4th Place
•Baptism of Fire 63 (WCC Football)
•WLC 26 (Lacrosse)
•South Toronto Invitational Cup (Assoc. Football)
•AOCAF LV (AO Football)
•AOCAF LXV (AO Football)
3rd Place
•Maple Leaf Bowl V (Canadian Gridiron)
•HWC 18 (Handball)
•HWC 19 (Handball)
•AOCAF LXVI (AO Football)
2nd Place
•NSAO 1 (Archery|Individuals)
•2017 Griffencrest Paradise City Open (NSTT Tennis)
•Royal Judean Archery Cup (Archery|Individuals)
•AOCAF LXII (AO Football)
1st Place
•Cup of Harmony 69 (WCC Football)
•Keystone Bastion Open (NSTT Tennis)
•WLC 27 (Lacrosse)
•Cup of Harmony 70 (WCC Football)
•Black Arrow Classic I (Archery|Men's Team)
•Jenna Raven Cup II (Women’s Football)
World Cup Qualifying
76- 5th -=-Eliminated-=-
77- 4th -=-Eliminated-=-
78- 3rd -=-Eliminated-=-
79- 2nd -=-Qualified-=-
80- 2nd -=-Eliminated-=- (Playoffs)
81- 2nd -=-Qualified-=-
82- 2nd -=-Qualified-=-
83- 1st -=-Qualified-=-
84- 2nd -=-Qualified-=-
85- 2nd -=-Qualified-=-
86- 3rd -=-Eliminated-=-
87- 4th -=-Eliminated-=-
88- 5th -=-Eliminated-=-
89- 4th -=-Eliminated-=-
90- 4th -=-Eliminated-=-
World Cup Proper
79- Group Stage (4th)
81- Group Stage (4th)
82- Round of Sixteen (0-1 Apox)
83- Group Stage (4th)
84- Group Stage (4th)
85- Group Stage (4th)
Olympic Record
AeropagXI (Summer)- 2G 2S 0B
PrescottXII (Winter)- 1G 0S 0B
Novonaya/ProvinskXII (Summer)- 0G 1S 1B [1DG]
Terranean Coast/BanjulXV (Summer)- 1G 1S 1B
Vilitan Mountain Games- 0G 1S 2B
AOlympics- TBA