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The Royaume de Nettoyage of
Compulsory Consumerist State

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Introduction to the Royaume de Nettoyage of Purgatio


Welcome international observers, historians, academics and foreign diplomats! The Royaume de Nettoyage of Purgatio represents the ultimate historical narrative of a decadent, backward and complacent nation that eventually progressed into a fascist nation fully-dedicated towards the consistent and perpetual self-improvement of humanity.

The Republic of Purgatio was once a liberal democracy and a constitutional republic, founded on liberal Enlightenment principles and values with a Parliamentary democracy, but which fell into disarray and chaos around the 1980s in the Great Recession. Economic crisis, unemployment and poverty resulted in a significant spike in support for the Purgation National League (PNL), a fascist, authoritarian and most importantly, a eugenics-oriented political party, running on a platform of restoring 'law and order', which was particularly attractive owing to the massive spike in violent crime, juvenile delinquency and criminal syndicates operating during the Great Recession of the 1980s. Once the PNL seized control, emerging as the largest party in the November 1987 general elections, a series of emergency measures were passed which rolled back civil liberties and other constitutional limitations. The PNL began arresting troublemakers, violent criminals, dissidents and insurgents who sought to undermine Purgation national unity and solidarity by fostering discontent amongst the population. Once the PNL had completed the good work of liquidating undesirable political elements in our society, the PNL Secretary-General, Chalon-Arlay De La Fayette, took upon himself the title of the Magnificus Dominus, his sister, Jeanne-Emmannuelle De La Fayette, was appointed Premier of the Purgation National Congress, and his wife, Geneviève De La Fayette, was appointed the ruthless High Inquisitor of the PNL Inquisitorial Committee of Order and Security (PICOS), which became the Purgation secret police and primary law enforcement unit. On top of maintaining internal security and general law and order, the main task of PICOS was to begin the solemn campaign of engaging in the genetic testing and registration of the entire society, creating a national DNA database.

The purpose of the DNA database, ostensibly, was to fulfill the PNL's campaign promise for a society of 'law and order', enabling the efficient and effective investigation of crimes. In reality, De La Fayettes, also known as the Founding Couple, had much grander ambitions in mind. Their motivations were for the creation of a perfect, flawless and eugenic society, a society free of any and all social ills and diseases - conflict, violent crime, civil and domestic strife, terrorism and insurgency, vagrancy and wastrels, persistent-unemployment, indolence, ignorance, stupidity and disability. Once the national DNA database was finally completed, forensic epidemiology was used to compare the DNA of the entire population, against the DNA of terrorists, criminals, political dissidents, the physically and mentally disabled, the genetically-diseased, the insane and psychologically-disordered, the persistently-unemployed and other asocials. By comparing the aggregate DNA of the population against the aggregate DNA of such undesirable elements of society, the Founding Couple believed that by examining the genetic codes of all persons, one could reasonably-predict such a person's inclinations towards criminal and deviant behaviour, or tendencies to undermine social harmony and order. The DNA database came to be called the Auspex Operandi. Eventually, laws were passed designating sections of the population as 'genetically-healthy' and 'genetically-disordered', the latter making up roughly 15% of the population.

At first, the 'genetically-disordered' were only banned from procreating or marrying, and then later were denied entry into most jobs and educational institutions, but eventually it became the mission of PICOS to arrest and detain all 'genetically-disordered' persons, and eventually this transitioned into extermination, with 'liquidation camps' established all over the country, run and administered by PICOS guards and paramilitary soldiers loyal to the PNL regime, to facilitate a Final Solution to the Question of the 'Genetically-Disordered'. The fanatical Purification Order, a non-State paramilitary organisation, arose to aid and abet the PNL Government's efforts to track down, locate and detain all 'genetically-disordered' persons, to be handed over to the State, and spread information about the danger posed by the 'genetically-disordered' community. By 1999, the Final Solution had been accomplished at long last, after which, in September 1999, the Magnificus Dominus and the High Inquisitor finally enacted PICOS Order No. 344, which mandated genetic testing of all foetuses and newborns. 'Genetically-disordered' foetuses were to be aborted, 'genetically-disordered' newborns were to be euthanised, and any person who had produced more than three 'genetically-disordered' foetuses or newborns in their lifetime were to be sterilised.

Since any future criminals, vagrants, wastrels, persistently-unemployed or 'work-shy' persons, disabled or mentally-insane persons would be registered, and their DNA coding entered into the Auspex Operandi, the model produced is an 'iterative system' that is, by its very nature, self-corrective. Genetic disorders which were not detected in earlier records would be accommodated and added to the Auspex Operandi over time. The Magnificus Dominus, Chalon-Arlay De La Fayette, preached that this was a process of 'Automatic Purification', as time went by previous errors were corrected in an 'iterative process' and the Auspex Operandi only became more and more refined and accurate as more DNA of 'undesirables' were recorded. After more than three decades of PNL one-party rule by De La Fayette Founding Couple, the Royaume de Nettoyage of Purgatio is a changed society, a perfect and flawless society undergoing constant purification and self-renewal. The dominant religion is the ideology of the State, Mandatum Est, based on the writings of the High Inquisitor, Geneviève De La Fayette, in her famous manifesto, La Solution Finale, published in October 1981 before the PNL ever came to power, and which outlined the ideology of Mandatum Est, which preached that humanity was charged by Nature with a 'Mandate of Purification', which the PNL and the Purgation people had solemnly fulfilled. PICOS continues to survey the population, using a massive surveillance apparatus to weed out Gene Traitors, political dissidents and individuals who harboured or hid the 'genetically-disordered', particularly parents who concealed their 'genetically-disordered' newborns. The DNA of Gene Traitors are also added to the Auspex Operandi, in the hopes that they may be eliminated and liquidated in full, sometime in the future.

The Royaume de Nettoyage of Purgatio is in a state of perpetual, defensive war against its neighbours. The Royaume de Nettoyage is now a perfect and flawless utopia, free of crime, internal disorder, civil strife or the burden of wastrels and 'work-shy' persons, but what about the Royaume's neighbours? Outside the borders of Purgatio teemed billions of 'genetically-disordered' persons, still 'un-liquidated', societies which remained 'un-purified', 'genetically-unclean' societies whose members posed a continuing and existential threat to the existence of a Clean and Beautiful society like the Royaume de Nettoyage of Purgatio. Alas, much to the reluctance of the Magnificus Dominus, the Royaume de Nettoyage of Purgatio had to enter several defensive wars with her neighbours, in the First Cleansing War of 2000-2002 and the Second Cleansing War of 2006-2009, invading 'genetically-unclean' nations, isolating the 'genetically-disordered' persons in those communities and continuing the good work of Mandatum Est. Officially, the Royaume de Nettoyage of Purgatio is always in a declared state of war with all her neighbours, but in actual practice, military conflict and fighting flares up and then subsides in a periodic fashion. Whatever the case is, the national and external security of the Royaume de Nettoyage of Purgatio is under constant and persistent threat from the 'genetically-disordered' persons outside her borders, threatening to destroy the perfect and flawless society from the outside. Fortunately, the PICOS police force is always able to swiftly and efficiently locate the Gene Traitors within Purgation society, collaborating with the 'genetically-disordered' persons of the outside world to undermine Purgation internal security from within with their treachery and espionage.

Perfection comes at a cost. A utopian and flawless society must come at a price. The people and the Government of Purgatio understand this, which is why the national motto of our country, The Final Solution for a Flawless Society!, and our national anthem, entitled Purgatio, Pure and Free!, preaches the everlasting aim and objective of the Royaume de Nettoyage of Purgatio itself, dedicated towards Mandatum Est at all costs.

Long live the Royaume de Nettoyage of Purgatio: The Final Solution for a Flawless Society!


Alain De Corday
Secretary of State for Foreign Relations
The Royaume de Nettoyage of Purgatio