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Sucre OS

Sucre Operating System (OS)

President: Barrio Velasquez

Sucre OS, but simply referred to as Sucre, is an operating system for phone devices designed in the Bolivarian Republic of Puertollano. It was created in party by the Bolivarian Ministry for Communications and other state-controlled telecommunications industries such as TeleConnex. Sucre is named after Antonio Josť de Sucre, a revolutionary leader in the Puertollanoan War of Independence. He later served throughout South America.

Sucre is widespread in the Bolivarian Republic, the Federation of Nativist Islands and Japan. It also has a presence in many Orostani SSR native communities based in the Amazon. Sucre sponsors a humanitarian aid program in the Amazon to the native populations there to provide them telecommunications connections. Further, Sucre has been heavily involved in the establishment of telecommunications lines in the Federation of Nativist Islands to improve connection via satellite.

Sucre is banned in Italy and is currently being considered being barred from operating in San Martinia.