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The Luxan Empire (FT)

"The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones;
free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and reveling in joy.
Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves,
and all the earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom."

The Holy Luxan Empire


"Cstell'bsna ch'syha'h hupadgh chtenff dho-hna."
"We pray to travel eternity and find the
force that will give our species meaning."



Official Language: Aklo

Demonym: Luxan

Government: Devoluted Federal Meritocracy
-Heirophants: Vulgtm Gnaiih Slago'htgh,

Currency: Throne


The Luxan Empire is an expansive group of territories, nations, and organizations which delve into over 510 different universes. Most of these universes are composed of Alpha-matter and contain 1 temporal dimension and 3 spatial dimensions, nearly thirty percent, however, are made of Beta, Gamma or Delta Matter and do not conform to the 1 Temportal-3 Spatial Norm.

Most Luxan territories are individual star systems aligned to the Empire or Galactic Tentacle Conglomerates. Occasionally they consist of larger Galaxy spanning groups or smaller nations confined to planets. The majority of the citizens of the Luxan Empire are post-humans colloquially referred to as Luxans, but there is a significant portion that has no human ancestry.

The Luxan Empire is united under the principles of seeking metaphysical transcendence, intellectual revelation, and worship of the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods. All Luxan Imperial territories are organized with the end goal of shedding or transforming their physical forms into more powerful hyper-physical bodies and altering their states of consciousness to become as close to the servants of the Great Old Ones as possible. For the Luxan Empire, there is no cost too high and no act too depraved to reach this goal of cosmic enlightenment.


Universal Sphere Segmentations
  • Kether : 1 Core Luxa, 0 Peripheral Luxas

  • Chochmah : 8 Core Luxas, 24 Peripheral Luxas

  • Binah : 5 Core Luxas, 24 Peripheral Luxas

  • Chesed : 4 Core Luxans, 30 Peripheral Luxas

  • Geburah : 5 Core Luxans, 27 Peripheral Luxas

  • Tiphereth : 3 Core Luxas, 26 Peripheral Luxas

  • Netzach : 3 Core Luxas, 17 Peripheral Luxas

  • Hod : 4 Core Luxas, 36 Peripheral Luxas

  • Yesod : 6 Core Luxas, 31 Peripheral Luxas

  • Malkuth : 36 Core Luxas, 220 Peripheral Luxas

While the ever shifting form of the Beyond One is impossible to truly grasp or map, and because The Luxan Empire exists in so many locations within Yog-Sothoth it is impossible to give coordinates for any or all of the empire. Instead by using the classical universal-sphere map we provide a list of each universal sphere and the number of Core and Peripheral Luxan universes within that sphere. A Core Luxa is one which has achieved a perceptual gravity mass that creates a significance schwarzschild radius covering at least 51% of the universe it resides in. Peripheral ones have not reached a level of cosmic importance to eclipse all other entities within their respective universe. Note that this categorization doesn't include any colonization efforts, only territories that have totally pledged themselves to the Luxan cause.

Each of the ten spheres represents a set of Universes with similar or identical laws of nature which make them easily compatible. These universes tend to share the same number of space and time dimensions as well as possessing similar types of matter. Travel between universes within the same sphere is much easier than between different spheres which require that the traveler radically changes their nature in order to survive in the new environment. Travel between territories in different universes is usually accomplished through the hyperdimensional nature of the Beyond One, travel within a universe is typically done using faster than light servitor races or short ranged event horizon space-time warpages.

Communication between different spheres and Luxas is a much simpler and more streamlined process. A series of well-proliferated tomes have been dispersed that grants most Luxans or higher Luxan officials the ability to communicate with nearly every kind of creature and territory in the Luxan Empire. Tunnels of Set and system of instantaneous dipole communication allow for individual Luxans and the territories to exchange information and more importantly knowledge at lightning fast speeds. If the Crawling Chaos looks favorably upon it a new fact can spread to every Luxan government official within a week and to all of its citizens within a month regardless of the universe that fact was discovered in.


Luxan history is a convoluted and nightmarish thing to explain because of the fractal multidimensional and spatial aspects of the whole. In some universes, reality changes history to suit eldritch laws and in others, multiple time dimensions allow for history to be true and false in strange ways. Because of this a total complete account of the entire Luxan Empire is impossible, rather using broad strokes one can gain an understanding of the Luxan Empires past present and future through the use of the following cyclical narrative.

Luxan history follows a pattern of infection, growth, and consumption before repeating the process. At some point in time immorable or removed their was phase of Inception that triggered the cycle, what will end the cycle is unknown. This model can be applied at most levels of Luxan history, to individual territories or even to the entire Empires expansive and strengthening policies. Depending on the exact senario and level it is applied to the stages can vary in length and intensity.

The very beginning of the entire Luxan Empire's history is impossible to define. Partly because in the beginning Luxans were not aware exactly what they were creating and partially because of the diffused nation of the Empire across time and space. There are many universes that claim to be the Primordial Luxa from which all others sprung and none have been able to provide evidence to support this claim. However, the title of Primordial has been granted to one of the Tiphereth territories for very singular accomplishments.

However, while the exact nature of the Empires beginning is vague there are still some well-known details. The Luxan Empire began an organization of mages, cults, and scientists from different dimensions within Malkuth experimenting with meta-universal communication. Through alliances and appeasement of the Outer Gods, these individuals were able to create a web of contacts between themselves and were able to share knowledge and exponentially increase their power. Slowly the network expanded drawing in powerful alien entities and government representatives until it was quite staggering in size. Occasionally travel was possible between these universes but usually for only short periods of time and with high costs.

Eventually, some members of the organization began to use the knowledge and power they amassed to take control of their native universes. The names of these individuals have been lost but there are tales of wizards who summoned powerful deities to help them change reality to suit their whims. These initial military engagements were wildly successful and what had started as an organization of scholars studying the fringes of science suddenly became an organization of conqueror supplying secrets to those who would subjugate planets in their name.

Eventually, though a new thought germinated in the mind of the early Luxans, surely they could conquer their own worlds, but could they conquer worlds in other universes?

Following the initial Inception and the various Consumption stages, Luxas enter an infection stage where they seek out universes without Luxan territory and attempt to establish themselves. This infection can be official actions taken by the Luxan government or unofficial colonial efforts conducted by upstanding Luxan citizens. Luxans tend to gravitate towards universes that are easily accessible and that have denizens which are willing to aid Luxan expansion. Most of the territory and resources gained during the Infection phase are the result of people within the non-Luxan universe developing multiversal communication or travel and attracting Luxan attention. The Empire is also more prone to target Earth-like planets and civilizations with human features, this makes the initial spread easier and grants the Luxans a familiar canvas with which to work.

Once contact has been established and locals are found that are willing to ally, the Luxans will provide these collaborators with advanced technology and science which will put them far ahead of any other technological or metaphysical power around them. These collaborators will then be encouraged to spread Luxan influence as far as possible through military, cultural, mental and/or political means. Straightforward allies will use their powers to unleash monsters and destruction. Crafty collaborators will slowly change the norms and culture of the home universe until it is identical to Luxa. Pragmatic leaders will try to bind the territory together into a centralized organization before then taking control of that organization for themselves. Truly the tactics used by collaborators will vary and Luxa's may play a direct role appearing in person or providing more in-depth assistance if the case requires it.

If no collaborators can be found but a territory draws the attention of the Empire then other strategies are employed. Some Luxans will physically enter the targeted territory and begin the colonization process. Some Luxans pose as deities and prophets to take advantage of faith. Others create religions, wait until they cover the globe and they arrive as their final revelation. Occasionally Luxans will present world leaders with the opportunity to ally with them in exchange for resources and weapons, if so there is always the requirement that the factions that ally with Luxa force others to submit to their ideology and might.

During this stage, if Luxa encounters resistance from native residents or the strange nature of reality in the new universe to such a degree that their powers and efforts prove useless then the Luxans will attempt to cause as much destruction as possible. This destruction will be targeted at those opposing the Luxans and will usually make the land and laws of physics inhospitable to the enemy as well as the Luxans.

While during the infection stage the Luxan Empire seeks to establish a foothold in another universe, during the growth stage they seek to fortify and expand this position. The Luxan Empire becomes wary of counter-attacks during this stage and halts its initial aggressive expansion to fortify it's territorial and psychological gains against potential enemies. Increased civil rights and subjugation are useful tools to keep the populace from turning against their new lords and it is during this stage that natives will be modified into Luxans to encourage racially integration and corruption. To protect from existential threats Luxas will begin industrializing and modernize their military and science abilities. With a stable base, other Luxan territories can ship in goods and resources that would be too risky to send during the infection phase. The Luxan colony is able to make massive improvements in this phase that solidify their gains.

It's during this period that a Luxa will begin to develop its own unique culture and systems of governance. Many Luxas start as highly libertarian absolute monarchies in this stage. This focus encourages norms of hedonistic freedom, self-sufficiency, and production early on which will allow the Luxan ideals to take hold of the population and give the Luxans the ability to make moderate territorial and economic expansions. Meanwhile, the focus on an absolute monarchy provides the early Luxan leaders with a high level of control that will allow them to lay the groundwork for future growth, institutions, and systems that will work the way the greater Empire needs them to.

Following this phase, the Luxa will tend to shift its economic and government systems to become more supportive and restrictive without corrupting the libertarian core. The monarchies tend to become ceremonial titles or take on less prominent roles, which local leaders are elevated and occasionally elected by the public to grant increasing levels of public input. The government will also tend to begin funding more and more public services, this tends to take the form of a massive public education system and universal critical injury healthcare, but the libertarian core is never forgotten and the intent behind these changes is to support individual choice and responsibility.

Not ever Luxa follows this political trend exactly, some remain libertarian monarchies and others start out as totally seperate entities. But all strive for similar end goals, the spread of Luxan cultural values, increasing Luxan security and wealth and supporting the rest of the Empire.