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The Progress Of The French Revolt (Part III) in Preussen-Nassau

The fighting in Preussen-Nassau continues, as the Preussisch-Nassauischen soldiers in Wilhelmusburgh / "Ville Franšaise" hear the sounds of tanks approaching: The 32. Tank regiment from Clever has been brought to the city via one of Preussen-Nassau's carriers to support the landing and help recapturing the country's historic capital. The Fench Revolutionary Forces start using their artillery against the tanks, though to little avail, as the tanks rush through the city and overrun their enemies. This blitzkrieg is supported by the naval bombardment, the planes that try to assist the ground troops from the contested sky and arriving soldiers from Clever's 12. and 7. Battalion that continue to land in the city's ports.

Meanwhile, outside the city of Dukesburgh, the trench warfare between French Revolutionary Forces and the Royal Army of Preussen-Nassau goes on, as about 80,000 soldiers from Clever approach the battlefield and start breaking through the enemy's defense lines. The Preussisch-Nassauischen troops begin storming the French trenches as well, thus kicking off "Die gro▀e Gegenoffensive", The Great Counteroffensive, steadily reconquering former Preussisch-Nassauisches territory from the French and forcing the French Revolutionary Forces to retreat.
The liberating forces are welcomed by a majority of the citizens, especially by members of the Innenwehr, while many French citizens flee the country for the 1st French National-Soviet Republic, with the outlying islands under French control being especially popular destinations.
Even the French government, seeing that Wilhelmusburgh is about to be under Preussisch-Nassauischer control soon, has left for Oranje-Vrijstad, a city located on the island of Western Orange. Some members even left their country entirely and went into exile like many of the Syndicalist revolutionaries already did.