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The Progress Of The French Revolt (Part II) in Preussen-Nassau

After several days of brutal fighting, the French Revolutionary Forces manage to capture the now devasted city of Dukesburgh, forcing the Preussisch-Nassauischen soldiers to retreat.
The government in Kingsburgh desperately waits for the reinforcement troops from the other STUPID member nations, as finally several squadrons of planes from Neutral-Moresnet arrive. The planes are not in a very good condition, most of them had only been used in government ceremonies before. The squadrons consist mainly of Fokker D.XXI fighters, Fokker T.V bombers and Supermarine Spitfires. Not long after the arrival of the aeroplanes, some battalions of ground troops from STUPID, mainly from the Democratic Republic of Noovistian, reach Kingsburgh.
Not long after this, the Minister of Defense and the Lord Royal Chancellor instruct the reinforcement troops on their missions.

A few hours later, bombs start falling on the former capital of Wilhelmusburgh, now under the occupation of the 1st French National-Soviet Republic called "Ville Française", Dukesburgh and some other cities that have been conquered by the French Revolutionaries. The French government reacts immediately, ordering to clear the sky of all enemy aircrafts.
The bombing and fighting begins; Once again, Dukesburgh is at the very core of the conflict, as both party's soldiers have entrenched themselves outside the city after the retreat of Preussen-Nassau's troops. While trench warfare continues to dominate the ground, the air is filled with planes, bombing the trenches and fighting each other.

Meanwhile, the Innenwehr, the underground resistance movement of Preussisch-Nassauischen and Moresnetian citizens in the territories occupied by the French, increases its terrorist attacks against the French government.
During a speech of the Commissioner for the Defense of the Revolution, several Preussisch-Nassauers and Moresnetians start installing bombs in the building next to parliament. As the Commissioner ends their speech, the bombs detonate, completely annihilating the building they were placed in and severely damaging the parliament, killing several French parliamentarians and injuring the Supreme Revolutionary Leader.

Additionally, the Königliche Marine, Preussen-Nassau's navy, starts blockading and bombarding Wilhelmusburgh while smaller ships start evacuating civilians while also landing a few Preussisch-Nassauische battalions in the city. The landings don't go unnoticed for too long though, and the troops are quickly forced to entrench themselves in the city to defend themselves against the French Revolutionary Forces.

While the outcome of this war is still undecided, the assistance Preussen-Nassau has received has improved its situation significantly.