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The French Revolt in Preussen-Nassau

After many French pro-independence mass-protests took place in Wilhelmusburgh in the past few days and the French Democratic Party had been founded, the government of Preussen-Nassau decided to crack down upon these French nationalists after the "Nationalist-Agitation Prevention and Eradication Law" had been passed by the STUPID Assembly.
However, shortly after the Assembly decided in its latest meeting that Confederation-Camps are to be established in order to help members of the French minority to adapt to their country's culture and language more, thousands of French people have decided to take up arms against both the government of Preussen-Nassau and the STUPID Assembly itself.
The Lord Royal Chancellor, the head of the government, has ordered the Royal Army of Preussen-Nassau to put an end to this French Revolt, though a sizeable portion of soldiers has deserted and sided with the revolutionaries.
Street fights have sprung in many major cities, including Wilhelmusburgh, thus forcing the government and the king to relocate to the small town of Kingsburgh near the border between Preussen-Nassau and Neutral-Moresnet.
Meanwhile, the French revolutionaries have declared the "First French National-Soviet Republic" (FFNSR) and started forming a provisionary government of their own.
The outcome of this revolt is still unclear, as the government of Preussen-Nassau is still waiting for support from the STUPID government and its fellow STUPID member nations.