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The Politics of Preussen-Nassau

Preussen-Nassau has been a parliamentary monarchy for a large portion of its existence. The parliament, named "Generalstaaten", traditionally consisted of 2 chambers, the "Oberhaus" (Upper House) and the "Unterhaus" (Lower House); The latter used to be elected by the people of Preussen-Nassau, using a system of proportional representation, while the members of the Oberhaus were appointed by the king.
However, this construct was later on abolished, causing the Unterhaus to be the only chamber of the Generalstaaten.
This left the king without any legislative power and soon, a law was passed by the Generalstaaten that caused the king to loose all of their royal privileges. Nowadays, the king of Preussen-Nassau is both de-jure and de-facto just a normal citizen of Preussen-Nassau, who sometimes leads certain governmental ceremonies.

The most popular political parties in Preussen-Nassau are the "Sozialdemokraten" ("Social-Democrats"), "Der Linke Block" ("The Left Bloc") and the "Zentrumspartei" ("Center-Party").
The Sozialdemokraten is both the oldest and the most popular party in Preussen-Nassau; They are supporters of the parliamentary monarchy, strengthened the power of labor-unions and established massive reforms regarding the democratization of businesses. In addition to this, it is often said that they single-handedly created the welfare system of Preussen-Nassau during the "SocDem-Term" - a period of 5 years very early on in Preussen-Nassau's history in which the Sozialdemokraten managed to get 54% of the seats in the Unterhaus.

"Der Linke Block" is a newer party which formed a bit after the "SocDem-Term" as a more left-wing alternative to the Sozialdemokraten. However, despite the differences between them and the Sozialdemokraten, they often worked together as coalition partners. Some voters even went so far as to call them the "Sozialdemokraten-Partner Party".
The party has not been as successful as the Sozialdemokraten in elections, but still usually gets between 10 and 20 percent of the votes.

Last but not least, the "Zentrumspartei":
The Zentrumspartei is the only major party in Preussen-Nassau that is not on the left of the political spectrum (as suggested by its name, "Zentrumspartei", English: "Center-Party").
It usually gets about 10% of the votes and rarely ever left its traditional position as the main opposition party.
The Zentrumspartei formed shortly after the Sozialdemokraten as a pro-monarchist party, but over time it turned into more of a liberal/conservative party.