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A succinct history of the Rise of PQ Forge

Seven was small for his race, but made up for the lack of size with an unusual level of intelligence for a land squid. While the rest of his family excelled at the heavy work required to maintain the Ancestral Forge, Seven was the first to go to business school and get a degree in marketing. He was a natural, and for the first time in millennia the land squids bought their way out of slavery and ran the Forge as an independent business.

The profits were channeled back in to the business, and used for expansion. And business was good. Now that they had control of their own forge, the land squids created alloys that made the armour and weapons of the day truly impressive. But that was only the beginning.

These days the Ancestral Forge is a temple, the great furnace still stoked and the mighty hammers still pounding, but the items created are ceremonial. Production has been moved to huge factories, technology has been embraced, and the land squids are overseers rather than producers.

The millennia of slavery has not been forgotten. The long lives of the land squids means that most now alive were born free and enslaved young, and vengeance has been exacted on their previous captors, now referred to as Slave Labourers. Thanks to Seven, a new form of warfare was enacted -economic warfare. And in the lands of PQ Forge, victory is absolute.

But a new day is here. The previous international neighbours have been bought out due to defaulting on the payments from their arms purchases and folded into the corporate assets. New neighbours are at the expanded borders, and new markets are always welcome.