by Max Barry

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The Socialist Commonwealth of
Left-wing Utopia

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PWA at a glance or the chap behind the nation

Biographical details


Sex and Gender:
Born Male, mostly presents Male,
though I reject many elements of
"maleness" as they exist.

Asexual, Biromantic (with a strong Hetero lean)

Student/Wage Slave

American (US) (Big Shocker)

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Political Affiliation:
Socialist Party USA,
Democratic Socialists of America

Religious Affiliation:
Agnostic Atheist

Schools of Thought:
Utopian Socialism, Secular Humanism,
Philosophical Taoism, Romanticism

Immanuel Kant, Eugene V Debs,
Howard Zinn, Rosa Luxemburg

English (Native), Spanish (~4 years),
Mandarin Chinese (~1 year)

I kinda saw a bunch of these things going up and I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon. As a result this is a personal factbook instead of a national one.


My interests are many. When feeling of a more intellectual bent I generally am interested in Linguistics, Sociology, Classical Literature, Philosophy, and Mythology, Other Philosophy, and Speculation about scientific advancement. When I give in to my baser passions I enjoy writing and listening to music (most commonly a bizarre hodgepodge of modernist orchestral, Latin jazz, and symphonic metal), roleplaying of the tabletop, live action, and online varieties, video gaming (mostly Grand Strategy, Roleplaying, or unusual First Person Shooters), and card games. Occasionally I mix these because why not?

A few of my favorite things

Favorite Film: Children of Men
Favorite Television Serial: Babylon 5
Favorite Piece of Literature: The Forever War, followed closely by the Inferno (Divine Comedy)
Favorite Song: Keiki Kobayashi, Zero (for epicness), Nightwish, Ghost River (for fun), Sergio Mendez y Brasil '66, Mas que Nada (for chilling)
Favorite Musical Group: Nightwish
Favorite Piece of Musical Theater: Chess
Favorite Piece of Non-Musical Theater: Macbeth

A Note About my RPing style

For those who wish to RP with me two very important things should be known.

One, my availability to actually post fluctuates wildly from week to week, or from semester to semester. There are some times when I can manage a post a day, and some times where I struggle to put up a post a month, generally during normal school months (early September to early May) one should not be worried if I do not post for up to a week. I prefer quality over quality which sometimes aggravates this problem (I can be a raging perfectionist scrapping what I wrote multiple times). That being said I will try to make posts in a timely fashion.

Secondly, I am not one to care too much about "realism". As my stylistic notes (found on the paragraph below) say, I will try to be internally consistent, and I do practice pop capping and I do actually care about logistics tails and other things that would be associated with the "realistic"sphere, I quite frankly do not care a damn for the technical "realism" that everybody seems to be fawning over these days. I am perfectly happy mixing techs and throwing fantasy elements into RPs. While I will acquiesces to reasonable restrictions (no magic, keep it human only, power armor is vebotten etc.), I will be very very cross if for example someone attempts to avoid taking losses over insipid technical details. In every case I value the drama of the story over cold hard technical facts.

RP Stylings:
I play descriptively and arealistically, what that means is that Drama trumps Realism. That being said I will try to keep my technology, society, and other things internally consistent and not too implausible given my own (admittedly limited) knowledge of economics, science, or what have you. The nation that I RP with primarily (this one) is a Post Modern nation put into an alternate future Post-Cyberpunk setting. What sets the Commonwealth apart from Modern tech nations primarily, is the fields of medicine, biotechnology, and energy. In particular, cybernetics and bionetics (genomic enchancements) are pervasive, electronics are highly miniaturized, and most energy is provided via "Warm" Fusion. There is artificial intelligence, but it is very tightly regulated. Weapons technology remains mostly the same (except that it is perhaps more efficient). There are fantasy elements in the Commonwealth (magic, portals that allow for interdimensional [or perhaps interplanetary] travel, nonhuman sentient races, etc.) but this can be reasonably segregated away from a particular RP if required (unless I am being invaded in which case I will use anything in my nation, as the state would reasonably do).

In terms of science fiction hardness I try to aim for a 4.5 or 5 on the Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness, but given my incredibly limited knowledge I'm probably more in the 3-4 range. I try to keep everything internally consistent, and to me getting things consistently wrong is better than being inconsistently right.

The Obligatory For and Against List

For: Democratic Socialism, Market Socialism, Social Democracy, Republicanism, Racial Equality, Gender and Sexuality Equality, EU, Eurofederalism, Left-Wing Nationalism, Secular Humanism, Multilateralism, UN.
Neutral: Trade Protectionism, Social Capitalism, Russia, China, Keynesian Economics, NATO, US, SJWs (As in the type that seek to break down barriers by making more boxes, instead of eliminating the boxes entirely), ERF Feminism, Volunteerism, Restricted Monarchy, Environmentalism.
Against: Theocracy, Stalinism, Unrestrained Capitalism, Fascism (Neofascism more than Classical Fascism), Imperialism, Objectivism, Classical Economics, Absolute Monarchy.

Test taking results

4 Temperments: LinkMelancholic
Meyers/Briggs: LinkINFP/Healer Idealist
Type X (Nonsexual) on the Kinsey Scale
LinkLawful Good Alignment (with a Neutral Good lean)

Political Compass Result: Link-9.13, -7.08
More Different Political Compass Result LinkLeft 7.42 Libertarian 4.89
Political Objectives Test: Link86% Equality, 64% Liberty, 29% Stability (Utopian Socialist)
Link7 Axis Political Test

5 Point Political Compass Result
You are a: Communist Pro-Government Interventionist Bleeding-Heart Libertine
Collectivism score: 100%
Authoritarianism score: 17%
Internationalism score: 33%
Tribalism score: -100%
Liberalism score: 100%

I Side With (US)
Green Party - 95%
Socialist Party - 92%
Democratic Party - 87%

I Side With (UK)
Green Party - 90%
Labour Party - 87%
Liberal Democrats - 87%

LinkEquality, Humanity, Socialism